How to Play Among Us on Chromebook (No Sus Tutorial)

So, you want to play some Among Us on your Chromebook.

Are you itching to sneak up on that unsuspecting Crewmate and hit that “kill” button (then dodge into the vents)?

Or are you looking to practice your awesome ultra-awareness of who was last in O2?

Whatever the case, Among Us definitely CAN be installed and played on Chrome OS- as long as your Chromebook meets some minimum requirements.

In this complete tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • What you’ll need to run Among Us on Chrome OS
  • Different ways to install, download, and play the game on a Chromebook
  • How to optimize the game (keyboard mapping, voice chat, etc.)
  • Common issues and problems that occur and how to fix them easily
  • And more

Sound good? Let’s send you into Polus right away!

Things you should know

Play Among Us on Chrome OS - Colors meme.
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Here are some basic things to note:

  • This works best on newer Chromebooks (2018 and newer- don’t know when yours was made? Find out your manufacture date)
  • You may need to code if you have an older Chromebook
  • Keyboard controls are possible, but only if you pay for the game
  • You may need to make a backup of your files, so have a flash drive handy or use Google Drive.
  • This will take anywhere from 5-60 minutes, depending on the path you take. So set aside some time!

System requirements

Among Us can run on a potato.

Even the earlier Chromebook models should be able to run it easily.

The question is if your Chromebook is NEW enough to run it, rather than if it has the hardware to run it.

Sound confusing? Let me explain. (Or just skip to the next section if you don’t care.)

Newer Chromebooks have built-in access to the Google Play Store, which is where you can download the game.

If that doesn’t work, they also have Linux built-in by default, which makes downloading the game through WINE, Lutris, Steam, etc. much easier.

Older Chromebooks have the hardware to run it, but may not have access to the Play Store. Linux also requires Crouton to install, which makes it more difficult.

The game only requires 1GB of RAM and 250MB of disk space. It doesn’t even need a dedicated graphics card (which is nice, since Chromebooks don’t have them).

But again, the system requirements are the least of your worries.

How to install Among Us on Chromebook

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Here we’ll cover the various ways you can download and play Among Us on Chrome OS.

We’ll start off with the straightforward way of getting it. If it doesn’t work, we’ll try a slightly different method that’s slightly more difficult.

Dand we’ll do this until we find one that works. If you get stuck, post a comment and ask in the section below.

Ready to call that emergency meeting after seeing a body in Electrical?

Let’s rollout, Crewmate!

Play Store

This is by far the easiest and most straightforward way to get the game running on your Chromebook.

All you need is to head over to the Play Store (Android app store), find the game, hit that install button, and launch it. That’s it.

If you’re new to Chrome OS, here’s how to do it:

  • Click the Launcher button at the bottom-left of the screen.
  • Look for “Play Store” or search for it and launch it.
  • When the store opens, search for “among us.”
  • Find the game on the search results and click on it.
  • Click the big green “INSTALL” button at the top right of the screen.
  • Wait patiently for the game to download.

The game will appear in your Launcher library of apps when it’s installed. Open the Launcher to see it. Click on it to play!

That’s it. Easy, right?

Can’t get it working?

Here are two common scenarios of why you can’t install Among Us:

Your device isn’t supported

If your Chromebook can’t run the game, you’ll see a grayed-out install button with a warning message that reads:

“You don’t have any devices.”

The first thing I’d do is check if your particular model is on the list of supported devices.

If you don’t know your model, here’s how to find out.

If you see it there, you can see the status of it- will it be getting it in the future? Did it already get the Play Store? Or will it never get it?

Next, if it’s on the list but it’s currently scheduled for a future release, you may be able to force the update now. (Be sure to make a backup of your important files because this will wipe everything).

(Or if it’s already released and stable, you need to update your Chromebook!)

If it’s not on the list, this means that the game isn’t compatible with your Chromebook and there’s nothing you can do.

The Play Store and its apps are selective- meaning that some games/apps work on some Chromebooks and not on others. Newer models seem to work just fine.

Older ones may have performance issues, compatibility problems, or just don’t have the hardware power to run the game.

Who knows the exact reason?

After all, the feature is largely still in beta and undergoing improvements.

It’s possible that Among Us may support your particular Chromebook model in the future. But for now, you’ll have to stick to using your phone or Windows PC.

You’re using a school or work Chromebook

If you’re on a school or work device, your admin likely blocked access to games on the Play Store- or the Play Store entirely.

You may not be able to install or download apps onto your Chromebook as this is a common setting by many schools. Imagine that.

There’s no way to bypass this. Sorry about that. Other than getting permission from the admin, you won’t be able to get the game up and running.

There are some ways you can reset the Chromebook, but this only works under certain conditions.

Plus, if it’s an active borrowed Chromebook from your school/work, it’s probably breaching some agreement you have.

So I wouldn’t suggest it unless you own the device yourself and it just happens to be enrolled into a managed network.


If the easy way doesn’t work, we can use the power of Linux to get the game installed.

Depending on how new your Chromebook is (remember how that’s a thing?), this may be super easy or you might have to buckle down and type code.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered either way.

Linux will allow us to do things that we simply can’t on Chrome OS because of the restrictions.

Once you get Linux installed with a simple distro (Ubuntu), you’ll be able to do things you didn’t know you could.

Important: Backup your stuff before you do anything involving Linux.

Save your files to Google Drive, Dropbox, thumb drive, SD card, or your favorite backup hard drive compatible with Chrome OS.

Your Chromebook will be erased when you install it.

So let’s get started.

There are two ways to get Linux. Let’s start with the easy way.

Linux (beta)

This is a feature built into Chrome OS that allows you to run a copy of Ubuntu without going through any messy installations.

Here’s how you enable Linux Beta.

Follow the guide and then come back here when you’re done.

Next, we’ll want to get WINE, which lets us run Windows programs on Linux.

So basically, you’re playing Among Us through WINE though Linux through Chrome OS.

Pretty cool, right?

To get WINE, launch terminal (“CTRL + ALT + T”) and type the following commands:

wget -nc
sudo apt-key add winehq.key

Then, depending on what version of Ubuntu you downloaded, choose from the following:

Ubuntu 20.10:

sudo add-apt-repository ‘deb groovy main’

Ubuntu 20.04/Linux Mint 20.x

sudo add-apt-repository ‘deb focal main’

Ubuntu 18.04/Linux Mint 19.x

sudo add-apt-repository ‘deb bionic main’

Lastly, you’ll need to download Among Us for PC. Download it then install it on your Chromebook.

You’ll find the icon for it under Menu > Applications > Games > Among Us. Click it on and play! Off to MIRA HQ you go.

Linux (crouton)

Can’t get the beta version of Linux up and running on your Chromebook?

Then use the old-fashioned, trusty Crouton method!

This is what we had back in my day, on our older, Play Store-less Chromebooks. Times were simpler back then.

Anyway, this method should work no matter if you’re using a new or older model.

The process is as follows:

You can also get Ubuntu, then Steam, and log in to your Steam account and play that way. Click on each step above for a detailed guide.

Steam Proton 5

Steam makes playing Among Us easy. It’s also the only way to use a WASD keyboard and mouse controls on a Chromebook.

Steam Proton allows you to play Windows games on Linux. It’s built by Valve, the same company behind Steam (which you can also download on your Chromebook).

The latest version (at this time) is version 5.0-9.

So if you don’t want to use a gamepad or touchscreen, go with Steam Proton.

If you’re unfamiliar with Proton, it’s a Steam launcher that plays Linux games at its core. You can read about it here if you’re interested.

But we’re not here to discuss launcher history. We’re here to play Among Us!

Here are the steps:

  • First, install Linux and Steam on your Chromebook if you haven’t already. Refer to the previous sections for details.
  • Sign in to your Steam account.
  • Go to Steam > Settings > Account > Beta Participation > and choose “Steam Beta Update” then hit OK.
  • Steam will restart.
  • Go back to Settings and find the “Steam Play” menu option on the left.
  • Click on it and enable these options:
  • Enable Steam Play for supported titles
  • Enable Steam Play for all titles
  • Use this tool instead of game-specific selections from Steam
  • Change compatibility tool to Proton 5.
  • Click OK.

Now that you have Proton enabled, you should be able to launch Among Us straight from your game library.

Note that this does require you to buy and own the game on Steam.

But for the small price, you’ll have a working copy that allows for keyboard controls on your Chromebook.

It should work with Mint 19, Ubuntu 20.04, Debian, and Manjaro.

You can also try running an earlier version of Proton, such as Proton 4 rather than 5 by toggling the drop-down menu selector on the game properties page.

If it doesn’t, try using a previous version of Proton, such as 4.11-13.

You can change the version by going to:

  • Among Us > Properties > Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool
  • Choose Proton 4.11-13
  • Apply and save.

The game should now start correctly and not hang anymore.

If the game doesn’t launch or you get kicked out, try the following:

  • Right-click on Among Us.
  • Go to Properties.
  • Find the startup option filed.
  • Type in:
    • Startup option = PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%
  • Apply and save.

This should fix the issue.


Lutris makes it extremely easy to launch Among Us. Think of it like a game library manager similar to Steam or some other DRM platform.

You just need to install Lutris first, then add Among Us to your game library.

After that, it’ll automatically do the rest.

You’ll need a copy of WINE to use it, so make you have that already installed.

Here’s a brief guide detailing the install process:

Download WINE here.

Choose the version of Ubuntu you have (or whatever another distro you’re using) and install it using the command. Follow the instructions on that page.

You can also follow this guide if you get stuck. It’s written for World of Warcraft, but just skip to the section about installing WINE.

After you get WINE, the next step is to download Lutris.

All you need to do is use terminal and type the following command (works with Ubuntu and Linux Mint):

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lutris-team/lutris
  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt install lutris

This will install and update Lutris on your Chromebook.

The last step is to download Among Us. You can grab the game from the library here.

Just hit the “Install” button and you’re good to go!

You can choose between Steam or Steam Proton.

Both should be working at this point.

After you install, the game should show up in your game library in Lutris. That’s it!

Go ahead and slice and dice those Crewmates.

Chrome Remote Desktop

When you need to get your Among Us fix and Linux, Lutris, and the Play Store all fail to work, your last choice is to use Chrome Remote Desktop.

The way it works is that it mirrors your Windows PC and lets you play it on your Chromebook.

Well, technically you’re just “viewing” the game using your laptop as an external monitor.

You can control it from your Chromebook’s keyboard (be sure to use an external mouse, unless you like gaming with a touchpad).

You may be thinking: Why would I play through CRD on my Chromebook and mirror it when I can play directly on my PC?

This is for people who absolutely have to play it on their Chromebook for some reason.

  • People who are out and about (and bored) at school, work, or waiting for the next bus.
  • People who don’t want to play with a tiny phone screen.
  • People who are obsessed with their Chromebook/Chrome OS and want to do everything on it.

The nice part about using CRD is that it works anywhere in the world as long as you have a WiFi connection.

So you’ll be playing across the country and streaming from your PC to your Chromebook as long as both have access to high-speed internet (and your PC’s powered on).

And it’s all free with nothing to install but a Chrome Web Extension. Nice.

Of course, if you have high ping or latency, you’ll be kicked from the game. This depends on upload speeds and download speeds at both endpoints.

If you want to try it regardless, here’s how:

  • Download Chrome Remote Desktop on both PC and Chromebook.
  • Use your PC as the host computer and get the key.
  • Plug the key into your Chromebook’s session.
  • Enable a connection.

That’s it. Easy.

If you get stuck, here’s a complete guide on setting up a remote desktop between PC and Chromebooks.

Getting the most out of the game

Among Us meme.
Every game. (imgflip)

Here are some extra goodies on maximizing your entertainment on Chrome OS with this game. Learn how to get keyboard/mouse controls, voice chat, and more.

Keyboard controls

Downloading the game from the Play Store will have mobile controls by default. If you have a touchscreen Chromebook, this is no problem.

You can play as you would on a phone by using the touchscreen.

Among Us has three different control inputs:

  • Touchscreen (Android and iOS)
  • Keyboard/mouse (Windows PC, Steam, Linux)
  • Gamepad (Android, iOS, phones, tablets, PC, Steam, etc.)

But if you’re used to playing the game on a PC or you want to use your keyboard/mouse combo to play it on your Chromebook, here’s how to switch from mobile to keyboard controls on Chrome OS:

First, this only works with the Steam version of the game.

If you bought the game off Steam, set up Proton, and did all the work to get it installed, you’ll have keyboard controls (WASD) automatically.

You can use your Chromebook’s keyboard and an USB mouse to play. If the controls aren’t registering, check the game settings and switch it from gamepad to keyboard/mouse.

If you got the game through the Play Store, sadly, there’s no way to use keyboard controls. You’ll have to stick with the touchscreen.

If you don’t have a touchscreen or you hate it, then you can use a compatible gamepad to play.

Check out popular gamepads on Amazon.

You can use an external gamepad on any device. You can use the touchscreen on phones and Chromebooks.

But the keyboard/mouse is limited to just the Steam version (which requires the $4 bucks).

So if you want it on your Chromebook, you’ll need to cough up the $4, set up Linux with Steam/Proton, Lutris, or whatever another third-party launcher you choose.

Need a good keyboard to play games on your Chromebook? Check out these external keyboards that are all compatible with Chrome OS:

Voice chat

The game currently doesn’t support voice chat, but you can use a few handy workarounds to play with your friends (or strangers).

Communication is key if you’re trying to work with your Crewmates to find the Imposter.

And talking is just easier than typing every single line. You can even just set up voice chat with your friends to work together.

The most popular choice right now is Discord. You can just add your friends on Discord, set up an audio call, and all jump into a game.

Discord is readily available for Chromebooks through the app or website. Of course, this is a third-party solution and you’ll have to do it through a chat room off the game.

This means that those who don’t have or use Discord won’t be able to participate.

Communicating in real life is a lot different than typing. You can read tones, emotions, and even see who has the best poker face- err, poker voice.

You may even get into a tense argument with your friends and never talk to them again. Mario party style.

Discord works across all major platforms, so even if you’re playing on your Chromebook and using your phone for chat, you can find a way to set it up.

You’ll have to use the honor system to play though- players who are killed by the Imposter should mute themselves so they don’t spoil the game.

(Hate the Chromebook’s internal mic? Need a new pair of headphones or earbuds so your Crewmates can hear you with crystal clarity? Or so you can hear the last shrills of one before you slice them up? Check out this list of the best headsets for Chromebooks.)

Use a different voice chat platform

If Discord doesn’t work for everyone, there are tons of third-party programs you can use to chat with your friends.

Some of the most popular are TeamSpeak, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Messenger. I suggest running the game on your laptop and using your phone to talk to your team.

If you want to run both on your Chromebook, you can change Among Us to windowed mode so you can easily switch between your chat platform and the game.

Mute yourself if you get slain by that Imposter (or silence yourself when you need to sneak up on that unsuspecting Crewmate in Cams).

Setting up a microphone on your Chromebook is easy. And if your sound is blurry or crappy, here’s a guide on getting the best sound quality out of your mic.

If you’re a Twitch streamer, you may be interested in getting a high-quality microphone and webcam that’s compatible with Chrome OS for streaming on your Chromebook.

Proximity chat

Proximity chat is a feature that’s released specifically for select users (some streamers) but will be available for everyone soon enough.

The feature only lets you hear players that are nearby, just like RL.

This makes Among Us add a whole new layer of complexity and strategy. Someone will be running down to Electrical and all nearby Crewmates will hear the yells only to check it out.

The sound also goes through walls, which makes the Imposter’s task of killing the Crewmates a lot more difficult.

Common problems

Among Us meme.
The more you know. (imgflip)

Here are some common issues with getting the game to run on a Chromebook and the process to troubleshoot them.

Loading forever

When you launch the game, you may see a black screen that just hangs and loads forever. This usually happens when you try to create a lobby.

You may also see the loading animation spin and spin forever when you try to connect to a game.

This is a very common issue that seems to be fixed for most players in the last few updates (as of 2020.9.9), but if you still have it, here’s how to fix it (for Proton/Linux):

Method 1:

  1. Install wine-valve
  2. Install Proton
  3. Run wine64 Among\ Us.exe
  4. Launch the game
  5. Change the location of the server to anything but North America (assuming that’s where you live)
  6. Change it back to North America
  7. Attempt to host or connect to a game
  8. This should fix the loading problem.

Method 2:

When the screen turns black and then takes forever to load, switch out of the game (ALT + TAB), and then go back. This may resolve the issue. If the screen is ever blank, try this for a quick fix.

Method 3:

  • Navigate to: ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/945360/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/LocalLow/Innersloth/Among Us/
  • Find and delete serverInfo2.dat

This works on older versions and is obsolete at this point.

Kicked out due to high ping

If you get kicked out of the game when you try to join, it could be because of high latency.

Among Us will boot players that have a high ping so you need a fast internet connection to join. If this happens to you, it could be because of your game region or high server capacity.

The main error for the lag is

“You disconnected from the server. Sent 6 pings that remote has no responded to.”

Derpy server.

Try the following to fix the issue:

  • If you’re using a VPN, switch your region to the region you’re located in.
  • If you’re in NA, then use an NA server.

If you’re in Asia or Europe, then use those servers. You can also try other servers if your home server is full or overloaded.

If you get kicked out before you can even change the game region, use a VPN to change your home region.

There are a few free VPNs that work on Chrome OS. You may change your game region to see if it fixes the problem.

Note that server overload was a temporary problem that’s largely resolved now.

The game exploded in popularity out of nowhere and topped the charts on Twitch, but now I rarely see the game over 100K viewers as it was a few weeks ago. So the servers may be more stable now.

Get decent WiFi. If you have a slow connection, it doesn’t matter where your region is.

The game servers are sitting in CA and TX and players from those states will have the lowest ping, assuming all other variables are equal.

WiFi can be slow enough to block the game connection.

You can use a VPN or just get a speedy connection to solve the problem.

The servers can get bobbed down during peak hours and you can get 1000+ ping at those hours. Playing off-peak should also help.

Play local games. You can host games locally to play with your friends and avoid the whole slow connection thing entirely.

Fixing Among Us lag is pretty hit or miss. The servers aren’t the best and using some free VPN is what most people do to resolve it.

School Chromebooks

If you’re on a school Chromebook, you likely can’t download Among Us from the app store nor can you get Linux, so you’re completely blocked from installing it.

There’s no way around this other to get permission from the admin or just buy your Chromebook.

Among Us doesn’t require a beefy computer to play and there are plenty of good Chromebooks for students that can be had for cheap.

Other games you may like

If you went through the process of getting Lutris/Steam, you can also play these games now that you have everything set up:

You can search for your favorite games using the search bar at the top of the page. I probably have a tutorial for it. If not, just drop a comment on any post and let me know.

Did you get Among Us working on your Chromebook?

How to play Among Us on Chromebook.
Let’s go. (Pinterest)

By now, you should be able to play through Polus, MIRA HQ, or even The Skeld with ease on your Chromebook.

For most modern devices, you should be able to download the game directly from the Google Play Store with no problem and it should work perfectly.

But if you’re running an older Chromebook, you can try to get the game through Linux, Steam, or Lutris!

What do you think? Were you able to get it working?

If you get stuck, post a comment and let me know. I’ll try to help you out.

If you found this tutorial helpful, please let me know as well!

Tell your buddies so you can all pair up as Chromebook Crewmates and find the Imposters together!

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