Best Chromebook Mouse (or “Mice”) in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

So, you just got your brand-spankin’ new Chromebook (or maybe you’ve had it for a while), and now you want the best Chromebook mouse to complete the set.

I’ve gathered the top 5 best mice for Chromebooks to save you time and make your quest for the perfect mouse a lot easier.

This list was compiled from dozens of reviews around the web (and personal experience).

You can’t go wrong with any of these mice on this list.

Take a gander and see what fits your needs and find the very best one.

Right, let’s get on with the list. We’ve got a lot to cover.

Last updated: 3/6/23. This guide is constantly updated with new mice that are compatible with Chromebooks in 2023.

The Top 5 Best Chromebook Mouse (or Mice)

Product NameWireless ConnectivityNumber of ButtonsMouse PrecisionSee Price on Amazon
AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse with Nano ReceiverYes3BetterCheck Price
AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired MouseNo3BetterCheck Price
TeckNet 2.4G Nano Wireless Gaming MouseYes5GoodCheck Price
Logitech M325c Optical Wireless MouseYes3 (with tilting mouse wheel)BestCheck Price
HP X4000 2.4GHz Wireless MouseYes3BetterCheck Price

Best Chromebook Mouse #1: AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver

The AmazonBasics mouse for Chromebooks just works out of the box.
It’s your basic wireless mouse that just works. No special setup instructions needed. Just plug and play.

All the mice here should work for whatever model you have, but just be sure to do your research before you make the purchase (which if you’re reading this article, you already are).

The mice on this list should work for the majority of Chromebooks.

Thankfully, a Chromebook mouse works pretty much the same way as any other computer mouse. A basic USB-powered mouse will work on most Chromebook models, or you can go for a wireless mouse as well.

This model by AmazonBasics is the one I use with my laptop and is probably the best one I’ve tested so far.

If you’re looking for a cheap WFH mouse to complement your CB, this is an easy buy. It’s cheap, easy to replace, and good for a beater mouse. No worries if you smash it because you just got assigned a new project from your boss.

It’s a basic wireless mouse for Chromebooks that just works. If that’s what you want, this is it. It’s cheap, affordable, and reliable.

It’s branded under AmazonBasics, which is basically amazon’s generic brand.

But generics don’t have to be cheap quality- in fact, this is probably the most accurate one out of this entire list. You can move the cursor with pinpoint accuracy for gaming, work, and more.

It’s cheap, affordable, and has a good return policy if it doesn’t work out for you. If you’re in the market for a cheap mouse to work with in your new work from home office, then this will do. It’s reliable, plug and play, and works with Chrome OS.

Perfect for a mouse that you don’t mind breaking. If you don’t take care of your electronics or lose your mice in public, this is a good beater mouse. It beats the price of the pricier Logitech mice, but doesn’t have nearly the same level of ergonomics.

But it beats using the touchpad all day, any day.

It features your basic optical tracking with left and right buttons, along with a smooth-scrolling center wheel. You get a nano receiver that you plug into your Chromebook’s USB port for the wireless connectivity. Your Chromebook will detect it automatically and requires absolutely no additional setup.

The receiver is tiny and easily fits into any USB port, and also stows into the bottom port for easy storage and portability.

The receiver is rated at a 2.4GHz speed, which is powerful and reliable. There’s no lag between your hand movements and the cursor on the screen. If you’re a gamer, you’ll be pleased to know that you can definitely game with it on your Chromebook. 

If you’re new to using a wireless mouse on your Chromebook (or wireless mice in general), you may dread the fact that most models require batteries to operate. This mouse is no exception.

Wireless mice? I’m not really a fan because I hate replacing batteries. But this one lasts a long time.

However, the batteries last much longer than you’d expect. You can get over a month of constant usage with this model without ever turning off the device.

If you turn it off when you don’t use it, you can easily double the use. Considering that going wireless makes it a lot more convenient for laptop owners, it pays for itself.

If you still can’t stand going wireless, consider going wired. There’s a wired version of the same mouse (#2) that can check out below.

What I liked best: The mouse wheel is super silent. Some wheels make an obnoxious noise when you scroll the wheel, but this model is almost silent. The precision is also on-point and accurate.

Check out the AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse for Chromebooks on Amazon.

Best Chromebook Mouse #2: AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Mouse

The AmazonBasics wired mouse will connect to your Chromebook without a problem.
This model features a wired USB connector. It’s as basic as you can get.

This is the exact same model as the wireless model above (mouse #1), however, it’s wired.

If you don’t want to buy batteries or deal with replacing them, then I highly recommend this mouse. It offers the same smooth and accurate scrolling, along with a 1000dpi optical tracking laser.

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, which is basically a measurement of how sensitive and accurate the mouse is.

In other words, it provides a highly responsive cursor to your hand movements that’s accurate and precise.

It comes with your basic standard left and right button setup, along with a wheel for easy page scrolling. The wheel is silent just like the wireless model.

The wired USB plug fits into any of your Chromebook’s USB ports and is about 1.5 meters long. Your Chromebook will automatically detect it and you’ll be ready to go.

It’s easy to set up and easy to use. There’s literally nothing more to say. It’s a mouse. It’s cheap. It works. This is like the most basic you can get.

For those who don’t have time to waste and just need a reliable external mouse for their laptop, this is it.

What I liked best: I use this mouse on my Windows desktop since I don’t need the wireless capability since I obviously won’t be moving my desktop around much.

However, after using both the wireless and wired ones, I much prefer the wireless AmazonBasics mouse (mouse #1 above) so I don’t have to deal with wires at all.

Either way, it offers excellent precision and reliability for a cheap price.

See the AmazonBasics wired USB mouse on Amazon.

Best Chromebook Mouse #3: TeckNet 2.4G Nano Wireless Gaming Mouse (5 Button)

TeckNet offers an awesome gaming mouse for Chromebooks.
The TeckNet wireless mouse comes with 5 buttons and a mouse wheel- convenience at its finest.

If you’re a power-user and use your Chromebook for more than just browsing, you may want to check out TeckNet’s 5 button model.

It’s loaded with a 2.4GHz wireless receiver that’s super tiny and fits into any of your Chromebook’s USB ports.

It has a working distance of up to 15 meters, which is more than you’ll probably need. You can use this for a multitude of reasons- Chromecast, presentations, movies, videos, gaming, and more. It’s also very portable due to its size.

The USB receiver is so small that I misplaced it twice while writing this review.

The mouse itself is finely-tuned for optical tracking. It’s super accurate and definitely a contender for some serious gaming. I play a few MMORPGs on my Chromebook and I’ve noticed my game improve during some PVP skirmishes.

Plus, you can set the dpi to 1000, 1500, or 2000dpi depending on your use. It’s one of the most accurate models you can get.

It also has their own proprietary “Tru-Wave” technology, which is basically TeckNet’s engine that gives the mouse control and accuracy over many surface types. This means you can use it on uneven surfaces, such as a wooden table or clothing.

Along with “Tru-Wave,” you also get “Co-Link” technology. How much more tech could you want from a computer mouse? Co-Link is basically another feature that automatically links your mouse if your signal is gone or your Chromebook shuts off.

Both are handy features, but I didn’t really get to test out the Co-Link tech. As for the Tru-Wave tech, I tried it on my desk, bed, and cardboard. It performs pretty well, but you still notice a decrease in accuracy if the surface isn’t smooth like you would with any mouse.

I don’t think many people would be using it in the first place if there’s nowhere to use it. So I don’t see how often you’d be able to actually take advantage of the technology.

The TeckNet sports 5 buttons- your basic left and right buttons, your middle mouse wheel, and back/forward buttons for quick browsing.

All the buttons feel right at home and the mouse wheel is silent. If you’re not used to having 5 buttons, you’ll quickly appreciate it. It’s a very convenient feature that you’ll get used to quickly and then never go back to a simple 3-button setup.

It also has an auto power-off feature which turns it off when the receiver is disconnected or when your Chromebook is off.

A single AA battery lasts 18 months. That’s plenty of time to get some use out of this beast. It also has a battery level indicator, which you’ll hardly look at since the mouse is super efficient.

As you can see, the TechNet is packed with features- probably more than you need.

What I liked best: The look and feel of the TeckNet makes it comfortable to use and looks awesome. It offers some of the pro-gaming mice features at a very cheap price. It’s very accurate, efficient, and sleek.

You’ll want to see some more pictures of this beast on Amazon.

Best Chromebook Mouse #4: Logitech M325c Optical Wireless Mouse for Chromebooks

The Logitech M325c is a Chromebook mouse that's one of the best on the market.
The M325c comes in an array of colors and has an accurate, reliable 1:1 tracking.

When it comes to computer electronics, Logitech is a leading brand.

This mouse is sort of a basic mouse mixed with premium features. It’s a hybrid.

Let me explain.

You get is your standard 3 button mouse- left/right buttons with a wheel. One special feature to note is the tilting wheel.

It can tilt to allow quick navigation between web pages and documents by going back and forth.

It’s similar to the two extra buttons offered by the TeckNet (mouse #3 above), however, it’s built into the wheel itself.

By “tilt,” I mean the wheel actually can be pushed to the left and right. This is a premium feature you don’t usually see on budget-friendly models.

The wireless connectivity works just as you’d expect. There’s weren’t any issues with lag or difficulty setting it up. You get your standard nano receiver which connects to your Chromebook’s USB port. 

It has an ambidextrous design, so you can use it whether you’re left or right-handed. 

The tracking for this mouse was spot-on. That’s one thing I did notice. It’s very similar to the TeckNet, but it feels a little smoother. The TechNet’s cursor was more jagged and jumpy. But I’m not surprised. Logitech is known for their advanced optical tracking features and quality products.

The M325c has an improved LED light positioning which makes this mouse a lot more responsive and accurate compared to traditional models.

If you do a lot of creative work like drawing, painting, or artistic stuff on your laptop, this model is ideal. You can’t beat the smooth cursor it has. It really feels like it’s 1:1 to your hand position.

It’s available in over 12 different color combos and they all have a mix of shades and tons of other color themes. It really stands out from the black, gray, and white mice you see.

What I liked best: The tracking and accuracy of it. It’s probably the most accurate model I’ve ever used on a Chromebook so far.

See the reviews for the Logitech M325c on Amazon.

Best Chromebook Mouse #5: HP Wireless Mouse X4000 with Laser Sensor

HP x4000 is one of the best mice for Chromebooks.
The HP x4000 is a very comfortable Chromebook mouse that feels like it was made just for your hand.

Last on the list is the HP 2.4GHz wireless mouse for Chromebooks.

This mouse is one of those premium models that just does everything you need it to.

The HP wireless mouse comes with a 2.4GHz wireless connection, along with a receiver that plugs into your Chromebook’s USB port. You get your basic 3-button standard setup with optical tracking in the front, along with an ergonomic setup.

It has a sculpted shape to fit your hand with exquisite comfort. The edges are super smooth along with some fancy design. I gotta say, it’s very comfortable.

The nano receiver can link up to 5 compatible HP devices to the same receiver. This means if you have an HP printer, computer, or another device, you can save USB ports.

Although this probably won’t work for your Chromebook, it can be an awesome all-in-one hub on another device since you can use the receiver on any USB port. That’s pretty impressive.

It also has a whopping 30” roaming range. This gives you the freedom to operate your laptop from a distance. You can give presentations or play movies without leaving your location.

It also has a 30-month battery range along with an LED indicator to tell you the status.

The X4000 has a strange shape that makes it stand out. It looks very jagged but it’s actually quite comfortable to hold. Don’t let the looks of it throw you off.

Again, this isn’t for everyone. But for those who want something extremely comfortable with a premium build, this is a good choice. The contours and shape of it wrap around your hand like it was custom-built for you.

What I liked best: The look and feel of it. Personally, I like the sharp edges. The ergonomics come into play and make this perfect for those who use the computer all day. You can tell from the design aspect that research was put into making the body of it.

See the HP x4000 wireless mouse on Amazon.

Choosing the Best Chromebook Mouse for Your Specific Purpose

Not all mice are created equally, so it’s wise to pick and choose one that best fits your purpose and lifestyle.

Before you buy one, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need a whole bunch of functions or do you just want something that’s easy to use and works?
  • Do you travel a lot? (Consider getting a smaller size.)
  • Do you want a wireless mouse or wired?
  • Do you hate buying batteries or does it not bother you?
  • What do you do on the computer? Games? Work? Browse? Entertain?
  • What’s your budget?

Sure, it’d be cool to buy something that has a whole bunch of buttons and looks cool, but if you never use it, what’s the point? Or what about if you’re a multi-tasker and you need something with a little more oomph?

If you travel a lot, going wireless saves space since there are no wires to deal with.

If you hate buying batteries, consider getting a wired one that plugs into your USB port. If you like wireless, but don’t want to deal with batteries, get one that’s efficient.

If you play games or do a lot of productive work on your laptop, more buttons may be better. If you just use your computer to check social media and browse the web, a simple 3-button mouse would do the trick.

If you want to spend a little more, it’s always good to invest in a good quality mouse.

I could go on and on. The point is to choose the very best mouse for your Chromebook that fits your specific situation. Don’t get something overboard that you’ll never use and don’t get something too cheap that slows you down.

Did You Find the Best Chromebook Mouse?

Well, that about sums it up.

This list was composed of reviews and sell-through rates across Amazon and the web, as well as personal experiences. I tried to get a good range of models that suit different user styles, but then again, I can’t cover everything.

I know I missed some people who want a very specific function for a very specific purpose. Let me know if there’s anything specific you’re looking for and I’ll see what I can do.

If you have a mouse that you’d like to recommend, leave a comment and I’ll take a look.

Don’t like any of the models on this list? You can browse Amazon for even more.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. For everyone who is looking for a real portable, ergonomic ‘mouse’ for his/her Chromebook, the non-traditional Pen Point 0 from Piko Technologies ( is worth a look. I am a professional programmer and this is the only ‘mouse’ that works for me and keeps me going without any problems in my wrist/arm.


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