HP Chromebook 11 G5 Preview- Price, Release Date, and Specs

The HP Chromebook 11 G5 will have a touchscreen option.

HP’s newest Chromebook- the Chromebook 11 G5 has some of the newest and best Chromebook features available on the market. The Chromebook 11 G5 firstly has touchscreen compatibility as an option. Now, many people like having a touchscreen Chromebook (me not being one of them), but for those who don’t want to swipe their fingers … Read more

How to Change and Customize Your Chromebook’s Theme

Change your theme and wallpaper of your Chromebook.

Changing the wallpaper and theme of your Chromebook is very simple. You can choose from a preset selection of wallpaper and browser themes that are provided, or you can upload your own custom wallpaper. By wallpaper, we mean the background of your desktop. Although you can’t actually place items on the desktop, it’s still nice to … Read more

Bethesda gives Fallout 4 a nosejob with 1.3 Beta

Bethesda released a 1.3 Beta update fixing bugs, quest issues, and gameplay issues. That’s not it, though. It also adds some new features, such as GameWorks effects by Nvidia. FleX and HBAO+ were two new ones. The game now supports FleX, which is basically a simulation technique for particles for real-time effects and is usually … Read more

Thinking About Getting a Chromebook in 2017? The Pros and Cons May Surprise You…

Want a super fast laptop for under $199? Heard about Chromebooks and their awesomeness? Don’t even know what a Chromebook is? We don’t care. Read on and learn. We’ll tell you all about ’em. They’re populating the educational market. Many schools in the US now have replaced their pricey Windows or Macs with these simple, fast, and affordable laptops. … Read more