ASUS C301SA Chromebook Preview – Pricing, Specs, and a Huge Hard Drive

The ASUS C301SA is the computer giant’s newest Chromebook. However, it’s been sort of a “hidden” laptop for some odd reason…

But was never really followed-up on. Now, it’s officially listed on ASUS’s website, along with detailed specs on the C301SA’s and features. It was available for preorder on sits likes B&H Photo Video and others, but only the price and ETA was listed.

Now, you can get all the juicy details about this Chromebook. It’ll run at $299 along something special that’s never been done before in a Chromebook. No, I’m not talking about something lame like the MediaTek chipset over Intel, but rather something awesome.

What’s that?

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It’ll be the first Chromebook from a premium manufacturer with a whopping 64GB eMMC storage. In other words, it’ll have quadruple the amount of SSD storage of a typical Chromebook. Most basic Chromebooks come with a standard 16GB, so having 4 times as much storage is quite impressive.

ASUS C301SA specs

The ASUS 301SA is a mid-range Chromebook with a 64GB SSD.
The ASUS 301SA is a mid-range Chromebook with a 64GB SSD.

As the storage is already impressive, you may be curious to see what else the C301SA has under the hood. It’s powered by your choice of an Intel Celeron N3060 or N3160 or Pentium N3710. Obviously, the Pentium is the premium model.

The C301SA will be available in 3 different models sporting a range of performance options. Display options will range from your basic 1366 x 768 resolution all the way up to a full HD 1080p screen. However, all screen sizes will be 13.3 inches, no matter what resolution you choose. So yeah, that’s 3 different models all with the same screen size. That’s kinda weird.

The rest of the specs are all identical between the different models. They all come with your standard 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity. As for input/output ports, they’ll come with 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 HDMI port, and 1 multi-format card reader port.

C301SA Chromebook design

The Chromebook weighs in at just over 1.35kg, which is a little over 2.5lbs. The device won’t offer any special convertible designs or anything fancy with the body.

It’ll be a regular laptop body without any weird tapering and whatnot. The body will be your basic plastic casing (sorry, no aluminum). No backlit keyboard. No backlit keyboard. Nothing special. Touchscreen is still a possibility.

ASUS C301SA battery performance

The battery of the C301SA Chromebook will run 15 hours on a full charge.

ASUS C301SA price

The base price of the C301SA will be $299. The mid-tier model and premium model have yet to be announced.

That’s about all I could find about the Chromebook that’s worth noting. It’ll be released in mid-September, according to various websites.

I expect more details to come out before it’s release, and I’ll write another article with updated information as it rolls out. For now, you can check out the C301SA Chromebook on ASUS’s website, if you please. If you plan to snag this Chromebook, you may want to check back for more information. Bookmark the Platypus for updates.

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