Cloverdale Elementary School gets Chromebooks and iPads

Another school joins the Chromebook army. This time, it’s Cloverdale Elementary School in Alabama. It’s actually the first elementary school in the whole Dothan City Schools district that provided all of its students with an electronic device such as a Chromebook or iPad. This means a 1:1 ratio. A device for every student (in grades … Read more

Google’s Chromebooks Take a Bite out of Apple

Chromebooks are beating Mac sales shown by this graph.

Google’s Chromebooks beat Mac’s iOS…it’s now confirmed with stats. At least in sales, that is. Google has been focusing on their Chromebooks for Education program with a laser-targeted demographic- students. It’s already been noted that these cheap laptops are stealing Apple’s market share of K-12 students, but now it’s even more apparent. Based on a … Read more

What Happened to Google’s Chromebook Pixel 2? It Got Botched.

Are you waiting for the Google Chromebook Pixel 2? Well, you’ll be waiting for a while… Google has recently announced that they’ve stopped production and development of the next Google Pixel. They’re leaving the reputation and name reserved for Pixel phones and tablets. As you may have heard, the Google Pixel phone is their newest … Read more

The Samsung Plus Chromebook Gets the Spotlight from Google

Google features the Samsung Plus Chromebook.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus just can’t get enough time in the spotlight. In a  recent post I wrote, I mentioned that the Plus is the “flagship” model for Chromebooks in 2017. This applies true especially to those with convertible, touchscreen designs to better integrate with Android apps from the Google Play Store. I just visited … Read more

Chrome OS Update Will Bring a New Menu, Icons, and Material Design

New menus, icons, and startup screens. Material design comes to Chrome OS.

Chrome 56 is expected to have some massive updates that you’ll be able to see- literally. First up, we have material design. Chrome OS has undergone changes already to make it appear “flat” which is the direction many developers, apps, and operating systems are moving towards. Material design makes UI easier to navigate for touchscreen, phone, … Read more

Chromebooks for Christmas 2017 – Find the Perfect Chromebook

Chromebooks for Christmas 2016 buyer's guide.

So, you want to get someone a Chromebook for Christmas. Maybe it’s your friend. Or your coworker (probably not). Or perhaps yourself? Heh. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, based on all I know about Chromebooks in general, I’ll suggest 6 amazing laptops that you can consider buying for someone (or … Read more

4 More Chromebooks Get the Android Update – Is One of Them Yours?

4 more Chromebooks get android app update- toshiba 2, hp 13, acer 14, acer 15 get play store.

New support! New support! Google releases news that covers four new Chromebook models to receive the Android update. Is yours on the list? Will you finally be able to use Play store Android apps on your Chromebook? Let’s find out.   Four more Chromebooks get the Android update Well, first, the four Chromebooks models are … Read more

Black Friday 2016 Chromebook Deals – The Best Deals I’ve Found

The Acer Chromebook 14 and 3 other Chromebooks get the Play store update.

Are you looking for a Chromebook for Black Friday 2016? Well, from what I’ve found, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few good deals to be found. After scouring the web for a bit, I’ve compiled a list of Chromebooks that’ll be on sale this coming Thanksgiving. If you’re looking to buy … Read more

Union Middle School in Missouri Joins the Chromebook Club

Union MIddle School has taken the Chromebook initiative.

The Union Middle School district in Missouri has joined the 1:1 Chromebook initiative- one Chromebook for every student. Chromebooks are an ongoing effort to offer students access to a laptop for educational districts all over the nation. Many other school districts have already taken the step already and made the switch to Chromebooks from outdated … Read more