4 More Chromebooks Get the Android Update – Is One of Them Yours?

New support! New support! Google releases news that covers four new Chromebook models to receive the Android update. Is yours on the list? Will you finally be able to use Play store Android apps on your Chromebook?

Let’s find out.


Four more Chromebooks get the Android update

Google is making efforts to push out the Android apps to more Chromebooks.
Google is making efforts to push out the Android apps to more Chromebooks.

Well, first, the four Chromebooks models are the Dell Chromebook 13HP 13, Asus C301SA, and Samsung Chromebook 3. If you happen to own any of these Chromebooks, you’re in for a treat, as you can now access Android apps by changing your channel to the most recent version of the Developer Channel.

Don’t know how to switch channels? See this guide to find out how to play Android apps if your Chromebook is eligible.

So, if you switch on over to the Developer Channel and update to the newest version, and you have one of those four Chromebooks, you can go ahead and start downloading Android apps on your Chromebook. Note that this channel is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a “Dev” channel, which means it’s full of bugs, security issues, and faulty software that may not always perform up to your standards. Or not even work. Nor function. So don’t be too surprised if things go awry.

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As these models are tested, the Android update will move from the Developer Channel to the Stable Channel, which is the default channel your Chromebook runs. This means that the majority of the bugs have been worked out, and the release is stable enough to run on your Chromebook with working functionality.

Play store update coming soon to your Chromebook

Running Play store apps on your Chromebook was announced way back then at the Google I/O Conference. Google has slowly updated and pushed for more and more Chromebooks to support the update. At first, only two of the original three Chromebooks that were announced to get the Android update first actually received the update. Then, the third Chromebook, the Chromebook Pixel 2,  got it. Afterwards, Google slowly pushed the update into the Developer Channel for more and more Chromebooks since then.

You can also check out Google’s Chromebook blog for news on updates for new models.

Now, a few of the earlier models have stable releases of the update, but for the newer ones, they’re still in “beta” testing. You can check out if your Chromebook will be receiving the Android update using this list. If you plan on trying out the update, make sure you have the newest version of Chrome OS and go ahead and switch your Chromebook over to the Developer Channel.

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that if you’re in the market for a Chromebook that can run Android apps, the Samsung Chromebook 3 is a popular Chromebook that’ll be on sale for Black Friday 2016. It’s an excellent way to get into Chromebooks for starters.

Is your Chromebook Android-ready?

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It’s nice seeing more Chromebooks added to the list. The one I’m currently using (CB3-131) to type this article out is also on the list, yet I have to receive the update. I’m excited either way. If you’re on the fence between deciding whether or not to snag a Chromebook, you may want to see the benefits Chromebooks have over Windows.

The push for more Chromebooks to run Android apps is here, with newer models being touchscreen enabled and feature a more powerful CPU and RAM to handle both Chrome OS and Android apps. Integration to run these apps on a laptop environment seems to be no problem so far for Google, and continues to improve. If you want a laptop that’ll handle the updates, go for the newer Chromebooks, as they all pretty much can handle the Android apps without a sweat.

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