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The Google Play store has finally graduated. The update is now finally available to the first few Chromebooks, but only two out of the trio. Gasp.

That’s right. Google announced that it’s bringing Android apps over to Chromebooks via the Google Play store. The update, however, has always been in the developer channel because it was never stable enough to release to the general public. It was basically still in beta testing for bugs, patches, and security issues. But now, most of those have been sorted out and the update is considered good-to-go for now. Of course, more updates will roll out to fix bugs which will be found as it’s now released to a larger audience. Not a problem though, as owners can report these issues to Google by a feedback form and have them patch it up.

The first two Chromebooks get Android apps

Asus Flip and Acer R11 are the first two Chromebooks to get the update.
Asus Flip and Acer R11 are the first two Chromebooks to get the update.

The Android update has always been in the works for a few Chromebook models, which have had access to the developer channel for a while now. You would be able to play around with the Play store update even if you didn’t have these specific models as long as you were in the developer channel. But if you wanted to be the first to get the actual update, you had to either have the Acer R11 or the Asus Chromebook Flip. There was a third Chromebook- the Google Pixel 2015 model, which was supposed to be a part of this group to receive the first Play store updates. This didn’t happen. Only two out of the three Chromebooks have received the update so far.

Now, the company has been slowly working towards bringing the update to the public. As of now, Google Play access is fully available in the stable channel for those two Chromebooks. This means, any owner of the Acer R11 or Asus Chromebook Flip can use an update to the newest Chrome OS version, which allows the use of Android apps on Chromebook.

Play store update coming to your Chromebook

The Play Store is coming to your Chromebook.
The Play Store is coming to specific Chromebooks- check out the list to see if yours is eligible.

Google stated that Google Play access should be available for the Chromebook Pixel (2015) soon and that they would add support for more devices. So if you’re an owner, fret not. The update will be released to the original trio.

If, however, you don’t own one of these Chromebooks, don’t be worried. Google plans to add support to plenty more Chromebook models from all makes and manufacturers. Check out this list and see if your Chromebook is planned to receive the Play store update.

The Play store is still pretty much in beta, and you have to manually turn it on the Settings menu. If you want to test it out since you don’t own either of those Chromebooks, you can do so. Be forewarned that the experience won’t be without error. Using an app built for a smartphone or tablet on a laptop using a keyboard and touchpad isn’t a smooth transition if you really think about it, no? Of course.

Either way, this is huge for Google. Two out of three Chromebooks have received the initial update, and plenty more are on the list. Some manufacturers are starting to use hardware built for the porting of Play store apps on Chromebooks, such as Lenovo with its Yoga Book and other brands with more touchscreen integration and tweaks to make apps a more seamless experience on Chromebooks. A small step for updates. A Big step for Google. As Chromebooks evolve, we should see them more suited for apps all around.


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