The Android Play Store Update Is Now Officially Released – Wowzers

The Play store update is now available for two Chromebooks- play Android apps on the Asus Flip and Acer R11.

The Google Play store has finally graduated. The update is now finally available to the first few Chromebooks, but only two out of the trio. Gasp. That’s right. Google announced that it’s bringing Android apps over to Chromebooks via the Google Play store. The update, however, has always been in the developer channel because it … Read more

Backspace Key Navigation Goes Poof on Chrome OS

Chrome removes backspace key.

Google wants to get rid of the “backspace” key- for navigation. Okay, for most people, you probably didn’t even know you can use the backspace key to go back. It’s true. You can definitely do it. Although it’s lesser known, it works. Try it out right now. Just press the backspace key and you should … Read more