The 3 Best Chromebooks for Kids Based on Tons of Reviews (2023)

So, you’re looking for the best Chromebooks for kids.

You’ve come to the right place!

Chromebooks are easily affordable, easy to use, fast, secure, and free from viruses and trojans that can screw up your computer (and kids probably don’t know any better).

So it makes complete sense to buy something that’s kid-friendly.

If you’re planning to buy a Chromebook for your kid or student, then this guide should serve you well.

This buyer’s guide consists of 3 Chromebooks  (and an honorable mention) that are all excellent choices for your child.

Last updated: 3/6/23. This is constantly updated so you get only the top-notch models for those who matter to you.

Choosing the best one

All of the Chromebooks on this list are kid-tested and approved based on opinions and reviews found all over the web (and my personal experience- I mean, I’m practically a kid when it comes to buying a Chromebook.)

Whatever model you may choose, you won’t choose wrong with any of the models on this list. They’re all amazing laptops that are some of the best on the market. Browse on over them and see which one piques your interest and check it out.

So, let’s get the list going.

These are the 3 best Chromebooks for kids based on research upon research scouring the web. And I ain’t kiddin’.

(Check out this list of ALL the handy keyboard commands in a printable PDF.)

1. Acer Chromebook 15

The Acer 15 has a huge screen for a Chromebook, which is perfect for kids and students to study and play.
The Acer 15 has a huge screen for a laptop, which is perfect for kids and students to study and play.

The Acer Chromebook 15 comes with a nice, big screen which any kid will appreciate so they can launch apps, browse the web, use social media, check email, do homework, research projects, or play games.

A big screen means more real estate for whatever they do online. With more students distance learning nowadays, it can come in handy for online classroom environments so they don’t have squint their eyes to see what the teacher’s doing.

Big screens are nice for sitting back and watching slides, lectures, or other learning materials. It also gives you more real estate on the display so you can put your programs in split.

Kids like big screens. It’s easier to use touchscreens, more immersive, and easier to have more real estate to see everything at once from a distance.

It probably makes it easier for you to take a peek and check on what’s on the screen as well. You know- just in case you’re the helicopter type.

(PS: Check out some of the best apps for distance learning.)

It’s very kid-friendly and does nearly everything you could ask for in a laptop. By nature, Chrome OS covers the majority of tasks any teacher would assign to their students.

The large screen is perfect for those that prefer larger text that’s easier on the eyes.

Powerful enough for work and play

So if you’re worried that Chromebooks can’t be used for school assignments, think again.

They can handle pretty much anything a Windows computer can when it comes to everyday tasks. That’s why a ton of schools across the US have already made the switch to them.

The Acer 15 is built for both work and play with the huge screen, multitasking power, and powerful processor. Acer is a legend when it comes to Chromebooks with their 11.6″ lineup. They know what they’re doing.

A giant screen for games, homework, and learning

The screen measures 15.6’’ in diameter, which is the size of a standard entertainment laptop.

It’s huge. A bigger screen means it’s makes words easier to read on a Chromebook. It also means bigger videos when full-screened. Games, movies, and images will all be easily viewable.

Coming from an 11.6” laptop, I can say that a 15.6” screen is just freakin’ huge. The extra screen space makes it a lot easier to get things done and makes reading articles, typing, and doing work a lot more efficient. It’s one of the largest diagonal screen sizes available for these machines.

You’d be surprised at what additional screen space can do for your student or kid. A bigger display means easier multitasking for research projects, homework, or even just entertainment purposes like playing games and watching movies and shows.

(Looking for a laptop with a big screen? I have another list for that.)

Bulkier than the average Chromebook

There is a drawback to having such a big screen though- it weighs the laptop down.

This laptop weighs about 4.8 pounds and measures 15.08 x 9.65 x 0.97 inches, which is on the larger side for Chromebooks.

If your child doesn’t have access to a locker, it may be pretty heavy to lug around all day in a backpack or under the armpit. It’s actually pretty bulky for the size. It’s not so big that it won’t fit in a traditional backpack, but it’s definitely bigger in its footprint compared to an 11.6” laptop.

These are two factors worth considering.

However, if you plan to leave it at home for homework and such, then it’s really not a problem. Or if your student has somewhere to store it (locker, desk, or classroom), then again, it’s no “biggie” (get it?).

(See how to improve the video quality or microphone quality for online classes.)

Plenty of power for a speedy response time

It comes with a pretty decent processor (Intel Celeron), which is a Duo Core CPU for more than enough power for any task.

Kids can also save images, videos, and other media from the web directly onto the Acer 15 with its 16GB of lightning-fast SSD storage. The CPU is strong enough to handle anything from homework to games.

The Acer 15 also comes with 4GB of RAM, which is double the standard 2GB of RAM you find on most Chromebooks.

If you don’t know what RAM is, it’s basically multitasking power. Having double the RAM, such as on this model, allows your kid to do more at once. Launching multiple apps, or multiple tabs, or have Docs, music, and games all running at the same time.

It makes it easier to switch between tasks without any slowdown. This is a nice bonus and makes doing assignments or homework a lot easier.

Multitasking power

Think about it.

If you had a large research paper that required you to go online to do research for your assignment while typing notes in a document, wouldn’t it be a pain if your laptop started slowing down because you had too many tabs open in your browser?

What if you had close some just to speed up your laptop? Or what if it crashed because it got too slow from being overloaded?

The 4GB of RAM really helps out a lot more than most people think. If you can afford the upgrade, go for it. It’s worth it.

The Acer 15 also weighs less than 5 pounds and is pretty easy to carry around. You get a huge screen without too much added weight.

All-day battery

It’s the perfect Chromebook for a kid who wants to do more than just schoolwork- who also wants to play games and have fun.

The battery is also advertised to run a full 9 hours, which should be more than enough to handle any kid before a recharge. The Acer 15 is super kid-friendly and I’d recommend to for someone who’s just getting into laptops.

The big screen is glorious

It’s easy to use and is actually the bigger brother to the one I personally use myself.

I’ve tried both and the 15’s large screen is a very nice feature of it (probably the best part).

Pros: Big screen means more real estate, double the RAM, can do more than homework and classwork with a powerful CPU, gaming-capable, stylish design

Cons: Slightly heavier than other Chromebooks due to the big screen size (at the benefit of having a bigger screen)

See the kid-favorite Acer 15 on Amazon.

Update: In 2019, this is still my favorite large-screen Chromebook. The screen is really handy for multitasking with Chrome OS’s split-screen mode for work and productivity and offers plenty of space for entertainment, gaming, and videos.

2. ASUS C201 11.6” Chromebook

The ASUS C201 is a lightweight Chromebook that makes an excellent addition to your kid's bag.
The ASUS C201 is a lightweight Chromebook that makes an excellent addition to your kid’s bag.

The ASUS C201 is a powerhouse of a Chromebook wrapped in a small package.

It has a Rockchip 1.8GHz CPU along with 4GB of RAM, similar to the Acer 15 in terms of performance. It just doesn’t have the screen size. It’s a lot more compact and lightweight.

A modest spec sheet

I’d say the CPU in this model isn’t as powerful as the Intel, however, it should still handle the majority of things your kid may want to do on the Chromebook, and it’ll put more savings in your wallet.

It also comes with a 16GB SSD for saving files and other media from the Internet, along with doing schoolwork and homework. If your student isn’t doing anything crazy, it’s more than enough power.

Super lightweight with a thin profile

The screen is 11.6 inches, which keeps the overall footprint and profile of the C201 thin and light.

In fact, this Chromebook weighs in at about 2 pounds and is only 0.7 inches thin. The dimensions are just 11.3 x 7.64 x 0.7 inches. This footprint is extremely small.

This slim profile, small size, and super light weight makes it easy to fit in any case, between books, or in a small backpack (or even binder).

And with the very light weight of it, it’s easy to transport and carry around at school without getting a dead arm. It weighs just about as much as a small 3-ring binder. That’s super light.

This Chromebook is perfect for traveling around with, as the size of it is very small and it weighs barely more than a softcover book. It’s the perfect addition to your kid’s backpack.

A 13-hour battery

The battery is advertised to run a full 13 hours, which is perfect for kids who like to browse YouTube videos or play games, along with getting homework done.

This is an excellent choice for students as it’s a very decent buy at the price point. It’s stylish and has a ton of features packed into a compact form factor.

Available in two colors

The C201 comes in White or Navy Blue, which offers some choice for the picky student. Both colors are available for the same price and look pretty decent.

They’re not too flashy, but unique enough to stand out.

Though it’s only two colors, it still offers a degree of customization. I prefer the Navy Blue just because it stands out from the onslaught of white Chromebooks out there.

All of the Acer models are pretty much exactly the same color. And if everyone’s using the same color in class, that’s no fun.

Built for educational apps, homework, classwork, and acing the class

I’d say the C201 is the perfect companion for students that are more focused on getting assignments done.

It’s built for professional use, but I can see that transferring over to a student in class. The features designed for a professional can easily be taken advantage of by a student to get more done, and perhaps maybe even do it more efficiently.

The design of it makes it extremely portable so it can be used pretty much in school and at home with ease. The snappy response and multitasking power both help any student not lose their patience when trying to load up an app or homework assignment.

And the screen is big enough for entertainment as well- Chrome games, funny cat videos, or even Minecraft.

This is the serious student’s Chromebook. It’s built for getting things done (like homework and schoolwork).

Pros: Lightweight, thin, small footprint, double RAM, 13 hours of battery, fits anywhere, perfect for backpacks, designed for professionals but a very good choice for kids and students

Cons: Smaller screen size, more fragile due to the thin build, uses a Rockchip CPU which means Linux can’t be run (for most users, this isn’t an issue)

Check out the buzz about the ASUS C201 on Amazon.

3. HP Chromebook 14

The HP Chromebook 14 is a mid-sized Chromebook that has all the basics.
The HP Chromebook 14 is a mid-sized Chromebook that has all the basics.

The HP brand has been long trusted in the computer industry.

HP’s Chromebook 14 offers a budget-friendly Chromebook- it’s honestly perfect for kids or students.

A nice speedy processor for the impatient

It sports an Intel Celeron 2.16GHz processor, along with 2GB of RAM.

The RAM is the standard installment for all Chromebooks. It also offers a full 16GB of fast SSD storage for files, images, and videos.

While this model doesn’t have as much RAM as similar competitors, I found that it’s still enough to get through the day. It’s more than enough power to handle light-to-moderate gaming, apps, and pretty much any Internet browsing.

It only starts to slow down if you have a ton of things running at the same time (I’m talking like music playing while watching a video while playing a game while trying to write an essay).

If you use it practically, it works wonderfully.

But if you really want the best,  you’ll be glad to know that the HP does come with upgrade options- more on that later.

Plenty of screen space

The screen runs at 14 inches, which puts this Chromebook in the middle of the list in terms of screen size.

The screen isn’t too big, nor is it too small. This Chromebook is good for the kid who likes to play games, watch videos, or do other things rather than only homework.

The extra screen size plays a huge role when you run videos in fullscreen, or games, for that matter.

Portable enough

It weighs 3.74 pounds and measures 13.54 x 9.45 x 0.7” in size.

For a 14” laptop, this is a respectable weight and size. It’s not too heavy like the Acer 15, but it’s not as light as the Asus 11.6”. It’s middle-of-the-road. It’ll fit in any standard backpack and isn’t too bad to carry around at school, out in public, or even at home.

Upgrade to a more powerful processor

The HP 14 also offers the option of upgrading the CPU to a Quad Core Celeron, which I’d recommend if you can afford the bump in price.

For nerds, it’s an Intel Celeron N2940 running at 1.83 GHz.

Now, before you say “that’s a lower clock speed than the Dual Core,” get this. Four cores running at a slower clock speed is more efficient than two cores running at a higher speed. Computers…whoa.

What’s the difference between the Duo Core and Quad Core? It’s simply the number of cores.

The Quad Core has double the cores of the Duo Core, which means it can execute more tasks more efficiently and quickly.

Apps, webpages, games, videos, and homework assignments (boring) will load in a snap. This means more time saved and increased efficiency and productivity.

Who has the patience to wait for a super slow Chromebook? Not a kid- that’s for sure.

The difference, however, is quite noticeable.

With a more powerful processor, it unlocks the potential of this laptop and brings it to the next level. You can multitask and launch apps much more efficiently. The performance also goes up a notch. Startup times are much shorter.

The laptop also handles games, videos, movies, music, and apps much quicker. If you can afford the upgrade, it’s well worth it. Seriously.

Go for the Quad Core if you can. I strongly recommend it as the performance to cost ratio is totally worth it- especially for a laptop like this.

A huge screen with a weak processor isn’t pretty. It’s like buying an exotic-looking car but getting the weaker engine option.

Basically, it’s faster and more efficient. Go for it if you can afford it.

Upgrade the RAM for multitasking power

You also have another option of doubling the RAM from 2GB to 4GB, which will match the other Chromebooks on this list.

If your kid does a lot of multitasking, such as listening to music while doing homework, you may want to jump for the extra RAM. It’ll help out much more than you think and it’s a reasonable upgrade.

No one likes a slow computer.

Especially when you have a lot to do with it. You can’t afford it slowing to a crawl and neither can a kid. Think of the attention span. It would be a disaster.

Again, this goes back to the same argument above. If you can afford the upgrade, the 4GB of RAM basically doubles the amount of multitasking you can do.

Your student can get things done more efficiently (or not) by having multiple apps running at the same time. Your kid can switch to Chrome to look something up and then switch back to Google Docs to write.

Do all this while listening to Coldplay in the background and chatting on Facebook Messenger simultaneously. Wouldn’t your little one be happy? I know I would (heh).

Comes in two colors

The HP 14 comes in both Silver and Sky Blue to match your child’s color. The Silver looks more stylish, but the Sky Blue stands out.

Again, both colors offer some personalization, but nothing over the top.

A Goldilocks Chromebook

Overall, it makes a nice Chromebook for students since it offers the best of both worlds- a decent size screen along with upgradable options for whatever your kid needs from a Chromebook.

Pros: Perfect screen size for both play and work, affordable customization options, stylish color finishes, strong CPU, big screen for gaming and entertainment, kid-friendly

Cons: Slightly heavy for the build, some issues with the touchpad sensitivity (but nothing that detracts too much from the experience)

See the awesome reviews about the HP 14 Chromebook on Amazon.

Honorable mention: Lenovo 300e Chromebook

Lenovo 300e.
The Lenovo 300e Chromebook offers everything a student could want at an affordable price.

The Lenovo 300e is one of Lenovo’s newest kid-friendly laptops in 2018.

It’s pretty much everything a kid could ask for packed into a cheap and affordable Chromebook.

Fully convertible without the huge screen

The display is an 11.6” 1366 x 768 HD IPS multitouch panel with an anti-glare coating. It’s fully convertible to 360 degrees so your kid can use it in one of four modes- laptop, tablet, tent, and stand.

Chrome OS will automatically adjust to whatever position it’s in so they’re always connected.

Plenty of power

For starters, it’s powered by an ARM Quad-Core CPU clocked at 2.1GHz, which is plenty of speed to load up apps (whether they’re educational or not), games (that’s the good stuff), webpages, social media, videos, images, and homework assignments in a snap.

Quad-Core processing offers many times faster loading compared to Dual-Core. This means fewer tantrums over loading times.

It’s equipped with 4GB of RAM for multitasking and 32GB eMMC storage for saving assignments, homework, classwork, projects, reports, or funny cat videos.

Play Store integration

It’s also completely integrated with Chrome Web Store apps and Google Play STore apps as well.

This means your child can choose from thousands of free and paid apps available for download. Get educational apps like LucidChart, Geogebra, Activity Learn, Alma, School Loop, Kahoot!, and even Khan Academy. Anything that runs on Android phones should run on this Chromebook.

(Did you not hear the news? Chromebooks can now run Android apps.)

Durable and rugged design

The design is also very durable and kid-proof.

It features military-grade features like rubber bumpers, reinforced ports, and a hinge that’s built to withstand constant wear and tear. It’s even compliant with MIL-STD-810G standards and resistant to liquid spills on the keyboard and touchpad and drops up to 75cm- which is about the height of a desk at school. Perfect.

The keyboard is full-size and resists up to 330ml of liquids. The keys are also anchored in so they can’t be removed or stolen. And the touchpad is fully-sealed so no liquids will damage it as well.

Good connectivity, lightweight, and runs all day

It also has modern connectivity. It’s got USB-C ports for connections to pretty much everything- external drives, phones, and even streaming devices.

It has a single USB 3.0 port, a single USB-C port, Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI port (for connecting to a computer monitor or TV), and even an SD card reader. It also has your basic 720p HD webcam.

It measures just about 11.50 x 8.00 x 0.83 inches and weighs just shy of 3 pounds so it’s easy enough to carry around and fits right in the bag.

The battery is advertised to run a full 10 hours on a single charge. This is enough for a whole day at school, after-school activities, and homework at home (followed by some social media, games, and cat videos).

The Lenovo 300e is one of the most feature-packed Chromebooks built just for students to date. It takes all the good stuff and packs it into an affordable laptop that any kid will appreciate.

And so will you because it’ll last even the most careless students- unless they treat it more roughly than they do in the military!

Check out the Lenovo 300e on Lenovo’s store.

Did you find the best Chromebook for your kid or student?

Well, there you have it.

These Chromebooks were chosen based on reviews and opinions around the web for the absolute best Chromebooks for kids and students.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these. It’s just up to you to choose exactly what your kid wants in a Chromebook.

Or you can browse all of the best Chromebooks on Amazon.

If you have any other awesome laptops to suggest, please leave a comment and let me know.

If this list has helped you, please leave a comment. Also, tell a friend =].

Thanks for reading.

About Andy Z.

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21 thoughts on “The 3 Best Chromebooks for Kids Based on Tons of Reviews (2023)”

  1. I had a question regarding the Acer Chromebook 15, I am looking for a computer for my 11yr old. I need something that can handle school work and she wants something that can handles the games she plays (ROBLOX, Minecraft and Sims). I am also looking for a computer that will last more than a couple of months. I have gone to a couple of stores but the salesperson seems more interested in making a sales. I like the Acer Chromebook 15, I would love to get your recommendation.

    • Hey Leslie,

      The CTL line of Chromebooks are definitely a force to be reckoned with. I think the durability of them of their design makes them perfect for anyone who needs a literal solid block of laptop for everyday use- kids, teens, and workers that work in extreme conditions (like construction, business, or constantly on-the-go).

      If you’re looking for a durable Chromebook with a little premium for the build quality, CTL is worth considering on your shopping comparison list.

      However, other than the build quality, they do seem to suffer from poor internal components. Things like the battery, screen angle viewability/color/contrast, and even resolution have all been reported as not-so-user-friendly from my experience.

      For example, in the CTL J2 (probably the most popular model and I believe it’s the newest one you’re referring to?), the contrast can get so ridiculously low that it makes it hard to even distinguish lighter font colors like gray on white or other contrasting colors like highlighting text, bright fonts, and even some bright backgrounds. The screen size also seems to have some issues displaying pages correctly as the edges of the screen get cut off and you need to zoom in or out using the default UI to see it. It’s pretty annoying and I’ve only run into this issue with CTL series Chromebooks.

      Other than those reasons, it’s a decent buy for the price. But you will pay a premium for the durability. You could call them personal preference, but it seems like their quality control isn’t very strict. Some people have good experiences with them and others don’t. In my opinion, CTL is still new to the market and has a ways to go before perfecting a kid-proof device that functions how it should. There are already a lot of durable and rugged Chromebooks on the market that is solid buys and don’t’ suffer from the same issue as the J2.

      You may be interested to give a quick glance-over:
      Acer 11 C771
      Acer 11 N7
      HP x360
      5 of the best Chromebooks in 2018

      And if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask =].


  2. Thanks for the useful reviews. I’d love to know more about how rugged and durable the above models are. I’m shopping for my 5th grader and with her, durability is my number one concern. I can tell her the rules of safe laptop use and impose all kinds of consequences but the second I look away she will be up at the top of the treehouse or out in the middle of the cotton field with the chromebook in the basket on her bike. Should I just buy a really heavy duty case?

    • Hey Berri,

      No problem. Glad to help.

      If durability is your priority, there are a few specific Chromebook you can look into.
      Some of them have the basic necessities like a spill-proof keyboard, scratch-resistant screen, and rubberized edges all the way to military-standardized shock/drop/hot/cold/weather-tested design and even super durable lids that can withstand a full-sized textbook drop.

      I like the scenario you drew out. I think if you really want to protect the laptop, your best bet would be to get a model designed with durable features and get a nice case to go with it.

      You have a lot of options.

      Here are a few pages you may want to check out:
      Acer 11 N7
      Play Store compatible models
      Acer 11C771
      Models with smaller screens
      And some of the newest models

      And here’s a list of some good Chromebook cases.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hello. Thank you for this helpful review. I read it too late and bought my 11-year-old a Samsung b/c it was a good price. However, what I don’t understand is how he’s supposed to sign in with a gmail account when Google won’t let him have an account because he’s under a certain age. Why are Chromebooks marketed to kids if you can’t set up an account for kids? Am I missing something? Any ideas how to work around this? He’s using my account at the moment – which is linked to my profile. Thanks again!

    • Hey JAM,

      Sadly, this is just one of those tidbits that’s pretty deep within Google’s Terms and Conditions (and for many sites on the web).

      You’re not missing anything. These laptops are marketed towards the younger generation, and many kids in elementary schools are using them. In fact, school districts are the dominant market for Chromebooks in the US.

      Schools, however, to my knowledge, use a managed enrollment system that allows them to filter student activity on their Chromebooks. This offers some degree of web filtering and protection.

      There’s a children’s privacy act governed by the FTC called “COPPA,” which in a nutshell makes it very difficult to create products that willingly are marketed towards children under 13 years of age. Its aim is to protect the privacy of children online. You can read more about COPPA here.

      Any Google product requires that the user be at least 13 years of age or else they won’t be able to use it. You can read their statement here.

      So, besides using your account, there isn’t much you can do at this point to get him a personal account. This has actually be an ongoing issue, so you’re definitely onto something. It’s been discussed about for years in various Google forums. Here’s a shining example.

      The only working method is to use Supervised User mode or set up a Family Link account. You can find out information about both of these using the previous link to the Google Forums. But even then, the methods stated in that forum thread are hit-or-miss. Some users seem to have success with it, and most don’t.

      This is an issue that will probably be addressed soon, as many news sites speculate that kids will be able to get their own personalized Google Accounts in the very near future.

      If you have any other questions, let me know.

      And thanks for the kind words =]. Happy holidays!

  4. Can you download Roblox on Chromebooks? I have a 9 year old whom has asked for a laptop, however she says in school they draw on the screens using Chromebooks. I don’t know what to do.

    • Hey Shonda,

      It’s possible, but at the same time it’s pretty difficult.
      Older models require a lot of tweaking to get the game working. You basically have to hack your way through it in order to run it.

      If she has a newer Chromebook that has access to the Google Play Store (Android apps), she may be able to download Roblox directly to the device like an app to a smartphone. Newer ones tend to have the Play Store already installed. Older ones don’t.

      I’ve written a guide about getting Roblox you may want to check out.

      As for drawing on the screens, she could mean that they just have touchscreen versions available. With these, you can use your fingers to navigate, draw, and interact with it pretty much the same way you do with a smartphone. I wrote about some touchscreen Chromebooks you can check out if you’re interested.

      If you have any other questions, just let me know.

  5. Which 11.6 chromebook were you suggesting for a 6-7 year old. This would be his first type of laptop, and I wanted him to use it for games and educational apps. I would like something not heavy and just a good starter! Thanks!!

    • Hey there,

      I’d go with the tried-and-trusted Acer CB3-131 series. Hands down.

      It’s actually the Chromebook I primarily use- just because of the fact that it’s super lightweight and I can bring it anywhere.
      And because it’s only 11.6”, it also has a very small footprint that makes it extremely portable.

      If he’s new to laptops, I think it’d make a decent starter laptop. It’s simple and easy to use with all the necessities for connectivity and enough hardware power apps, games, videos, and pretty much anything a 7-year-old would want to do. It also isn’t bloated with fancy features that will probably go unutilized and only add to the price either.

      If he’s using it just for some gaming and educational apps, it’d be a nice electronic companion. Chrome OS by nature is very secure, fast, and easy-to-use. So he’ll probably get right into the groove.

      If you’re looking for a Chromebook based on its size and weight, I actually wrote a buyer’s guide for the smallest Chromebooks you can check out (if you’re interested). The specific Acer CB3-131 model I’m talking about is listed in that review article as well.

      If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’d be happy to answer them =].

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Great Review. I am a Mac person and this was my first foray into chrome books. I did lots of research and ended up buying the Acer 15. It has fabulous reviews and really was the best bang for the money. It is awesome except — huge downside for kids though is that it is REALLY HEAVY. Like 2.5 Lbs heavier than the ASUS 11.6. Obviously it is bigger which I would want as an adult ( who wants to look at an 11 inch screen ) but after a month of school my 6th grader complains daily about how heavy her backpack is and she is a competitive athlete. These days many kids don’t actually get lockers so she is lugging it with her all day along with all her books. We are going to now leave the Acer 15 at home for home use and get the ASUS 11 inch.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you decided to give these little (or not) laptops a try.

      I can totally see where you’re coming from with the Acer 15 being bulky and heavier than other laptops- especially the 11.6-inchers. I actually use an 11.6” myself and the screen is annoyingly small at times to get productive work done.
      A bigger screen really improves the experience whether it’s for work, entertainment, or whatever else. The Acer 15 isn’t the most portable thing on the list, and I see how for some students it could be like lugging an extra textbook (or two) around.
      Perhaps it’s better suited for use around the house (just like you’re doing), like homework and research projects, huh?

      I actually did take laptop weights and dimensions into consideration in another article I wrote about the smallest and most portable Chromebooks.
      And now, because of your comment, I’m going to update this guide with more details and input and their weights to help out any other readers- thanks for pointing that out =].

      Thanks again for your comment.

  7. I have been researching chrome books for what seems like days and this was the best review yet. Really took it down to 3.
    I just have one question that I would appreciate your opinion.
    I want to buy a chromebook for a 5 yr old for educational apps not games. Yes I said 5!
    I like the features of the HP 14. But it that going overboard and better to stay with the 11.6 inch at her age?
    Of course I like the sky blue color I have a bad habit of going for the diamond level so I maybe need a practical opinion.

    Thanks, Nancy

    • Hey there,

      At that age, going with the 11.6” is a wise decision. I can see your reasoning behind your decision and it’s totally valid.

      The HP 14 does have some fancy features and a bigger display, but it’s not really necessary for someone that young and probably just getting into the world of laptops. It seems like an overboard device with a bloated design for someone of her age. In fact, it’s probably a lot heavier on the arms just to lug around. A lot of kids in primary school are completely comfortable with smartphones and tablets- and those are a lot smaller than 11 inches and they seem happy with it.

      If features are a must for you, then you should reconsider your decision. But I think a 5-year-old would be satisfied with the fact of getting and owning a laptop in the first place (but that’s just my opinion), unless she’s really picky and things like colors are a big deal. Then and only then it may be worth it. And if you’re comfortable with shelling out the premium on it.

      Sometimes it’s a good idea to go for the best if it’s a big purchase and you expect it to last. Other times, it’s fine to get the one that gets the job done especially if you plan to upgrade later on.

      I’d say the 11.6-inch is a good choice to start out with. You can always upgrade to a bigger screen, get more features, get custom colors, and everything else down the line. Plus you stated that it’ll be for educational apps, so a larger display isn’t really needed. Those are suited better for gaming or entertainment purposes. Chromebooks themselves are very versatile and you can use them for a variety of different purposes.

      If you have any other questions, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you =]. And thanks for your kind words about the review- this is why I write.

      Thanks again for your comment =].


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