The Samsung Chromebook Pro Is Almost Here. Will It Impress or Disappoint?

Samsung’s Chromebook Pro is almost here, and it’s already making big waves just like the Plus. The Samsung Chromebook Plus just came out, and it left many with simple awe in their faces. It’s a new, innovative Chromebook with a revolutionary design. It features a powerful spec sheet, a stylus pen, and an all-metal body. … Read more

The Samsung Plus Chromebook Gets the Spotlight from Google

Google features the Samsung Plus Chromebook.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus just can’t get enough time in the spotlight. In a  recent post I wrote, I mentioned that the Plus is the “flagship” model for Chromebooks in 2017. This applies true especially to those with convertible, touchscreen designs to better integrate with Android apps from the Google Play Store. I just visited … Read more

Well…It Looks Like the Samsung Plus Is the Big Kahuna in the Chromebook World

Samsung Chromebook plus is sold out.

Samsung’s new Chromebook Plus is a major hit. Online retailers Amazon and Newegg are both officially “sold out” as of this writing. They have options for notifications for when the Samsung Plus Chromebooks are back in stock, however, who knows when that’ll be. You can find estimated stock dates on their respective sites. But just … Read more