Cloverdale Elementary School gets Chromebooks and iPads

Another school joins the Chromebook army. This time, it’s Cloverdale Elementary School in Alabama. It’s actually the first elementary school in the whole Dothan City Schools district that provided all of its students with an electronic device such as a Chromebook or iPad. This means a 1:1 ratio. A device for every student (in grades … Read more

Union Middle School in Missouri Joins the Chromebook Club

Union MIddle School has taken the Chromebook initiative.

The Union Middle School district in Missouri has joined the 1:1 Chromebook initiative- one Chromebook for every student. Chromebooks are an ongoing effort to offer students access to a laptop for educational districts all over the nation. Many other school districts have already taken the step already and made the switch to Chromebooks from outdated … Read more

Chromebooks for Students and Schools Everywhere – Portage, MI

A Chromebook for every student- a real 1:1 ratio.

Another school has approved and taken initiative for the Chromebooks for students program. The school district is located in Portage, MI. It’s another school district that has decided to ditch the outdated, sluggish, and expensive operating systems and make the switch to Chromebooks. Chromebooks are taking the educational system by storm. Chromebooks for students- a … Read more