What Happened to Google’s Chromebook Pixel 2? It Got Botched.

Are you waiting for the Google Chromebook Pixel 2? Well, you’ll be waiting for a while…

Google has recently announced that they’ve stopped production and development of the next Google Pixel. They’re leaving the reputation and name reserved for Pixel phones and tablets.

As you may have heard, the Google Pixel phone is their newest “big thing” and is was a decent success. Google is pushing for their new Pixel line of phones and also backing it up with their name- specifically saying that their phones are “made by Google” in their advertising campaigns. You can see this in any modern commercial Google has produced.

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If you’ve been following Chromebooks, Google has made only one Pixel Chromebook so far. Back then in 2013 when it was released, it was a top-of-the-line Chromebook in terms of features, specs, and performance. It was basically the “Apple” of laptops in the Chromebook world.

It was a Chromebook that was referred to as the gold standard- a laptop with all the power and features you could want. A big screen, a powerful CPU, more RAM and storage, and the reputation of Google powering your device. And it cost a lot, too.

Based on the success of it, you’d think the Pixel 2 would follow soon after.

The Chromebook Pixel 2 was rumored and then put into production. However, it was soon discontinued without any replacement, as reported by several news sites.

The “made by Google” branding is now only on their Pixel Phone, seemingly:

Google Chrome Pixel 2 has been discontinued

Apparently, instead of making the Pixel 2 Chromebook, the team decided to make a Pixel C tablet. The Chromebook variant was an anticipated model, as the original Pixel was a beast of a Chromebook.

Now, Google seems to be stopping Pixel production altogether for Chromebooks- but this time with confirmation.

A representative for Google’s Pixel team stated that Google has “no plans” to make the next Chromebook Pixel, based on an article by TechCrunch.

Chromebook Pixel was one of the best Chromebook. No news about Pixel 2.
The Chromebook Pixel was the standard when Chromebooks came out. And the Pixel 2 has been discontinued for now.

So, if Google isn’t going to support their own line of Chromebooks, who will? It looks like they’re leaving it up to third-party developers, such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, and the recently-much-praised Samsung with their Samsung Plus Chromebook. In fact, Google even advertises the Plus Chromebook on their landing page.


Is this a smart move?

You have Google supporting Chromebooks on one hand, but then again they don’t’ want to make their own line of devices.

Chromebooks have gained a huge crowd, especially in the educational market. They’ve even taken over Mac sales for a quarter. But apparently, it’s not good enough for Google to invest in it with their house brand.

But if you were really looking forward to the Pixel 2, it may still come out. The spokesperson stated that Google doesn’t have any plans to discuss at this time.” This means, later on, Google may see the value behind their Pixel Chromebooks to add to the Pixel family and continue production.

Then again, it could also mean that they’re working on something else but not ready to make it public yet. It could just be their Chrome OS to tablet addition, which was recently discovered in the Chrome repository. Or it could just be a few words to calm the masses for now.


Plenty of Chromebooks to go around

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If you’re a fan of Chrome OS, you can look forward to plenty of Chromebooks being built by other laptop manufacturers. Many of these Chromebooks are top-notch and continue to be extremely innovative. Everything from touchscreen input to ruggedness to gaming– there’s a model for everyone.


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