How to Play Fall Guys on Chromebook (Easy Tutorial)

So, can you really install Fall Guys on a Chromebook? Will it even run? Can you even play it on ChromeOS?

Or is it just a piece of garbage machine that’ll have you lagging on Speed Circuit?

Let’s dive in and get your questions answered with this tutorial.

What’s Fall Guys?

Fall Guys on Chromebook tutorial cover art.
Playing Fall Guys on your Chromebook? No way!

I assume you know by now this if you’re reading this guide.

Fall Guys is the latest mini-game party game from Mediatronic built with Unity!

It’s trending on Twitch because of its simplicity, but difficult-to master-gameplay. It’s been “knocked off” on phones already with similar clones popping up.

Now it’s time to get it on your Chromebook!

S1 is free to play. S2 just released and is called Satellite Scramble.

FG is free to play from the Epic Games Store so now you can party cross-platform- Chromebooks possibly included.

System requirements

Fall Guys has system requirements to run. Even if you find a way to get it working, you may have a poor experience.

So check out the minimum specs:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950.

Chromebooks don’t have video cards, so that already makes them run on integrated GPUs only. 8GB of RAM is tough. 2GB of disk space is easy.

The GPU varies, but most budget Chromebooks don’t have Intel Core i5s or higher. Consider if it’s still worth your time to try to play Fall Guys on your Chromebook. You’ll need a beefy machine to get it running.

Can you play Fall Guys on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks can’t run Fall Guys on their own.

ChromeOS (the operating system that runs your Chromebook) doesn’t have support for third-party apps other than apps you download from the Google Play Store.

So even if you download Fall Guys, your Chromebook won’t be able to install it.

So the short answer is a resounding “no” because the game can’t be run on ChromeOS. Therefore, you can’t play it without tinkering.

Now, on the other hand, if you’re desperate to play the next round of Blast Ball, there are some workarounds that can work.

I can’t say for sure whether or not it’ll work for your specific Chromebook because the game does have some minimum requirements for it to run.

But if you’re feeling up for the challenge, why not? Chromebooks can easily be restored to default settings if you break something.

But first, make a backup to save your important files (just in case).

How to get Fall Guys on Chromebook

So the magic key to making this all work is the power of Linux. The game plan is to simply install Linux, then install the game, then launch it!

It’s a bit more complicated than it sounds, but it’s worth it if you want to knock out your friends on Slimescraper.

Remember that ChromeOS by default will NOT work. This is why we need Linux. It’s a kernel that ChromeOS is built from so you can play it.

It’ll never work on Chromebook without Linux unless you install some kind of Windows emulator like Parallels.

Install Linux

Right, so the first step is to get Linux.

You’re probably already familiar with the built-in Linux offered by Chromebooks which installs it and then launches it in a neat little tab in Chrome.

Sadly, this won’t work well with what we’re doing. So you need to get Linux using the Crouton method. Do that, then continue. Linux will let you do all sorts of neat things, like playing Crab Game or Genshin Impact or even installing Stardew Valley.

Install Lutris

Now you should have both Linux with Ubuntu and ChromeOS running side by side. Sweet. Can you feel the Power Trip?

Next, we’re going to install the Epic Games Launcher from Lutris. Lutris is a library similar to Steam or EGS. It makes installing on Linux super easy.

Go here to get Lutris. Then install the Epic Games Launcher. Once it’s done, go into the Epic Games tab inside the Lutris program. Search for Fall Guys. Then install it.

When it’s done, navigate to the directory where Fall Guys reside. We need to do some changes to the code in order to get the application path corrected.

It’s important to be careful when you edit the lines because one mistake will cause the game to crash or fail to launch.

Look for the “~/FallGuys/FallGuys_client.ini” file. Launch the ini.

Then the first line you should see should be deleted. Replace it with:


Save the file.

This will make the game launch correctly as it specifies the right path.

If the game doesn’t start or crashes immediately, it may be because of this step. Make sure you type it in exactly as shown without quotes.

Next, go to


Paste this inside the file:


Save the file.

Next, we’re going to get Proton. Download it here. It should be at least version 7. The file name I’m using is “lutris-GE-Proton7-16-x86-64.”

Download it through Lutris. This is what we’ll use to actually run the game.

After you’ve installed Proton, disable Esync and enable EAC. These will both need to be configured properly in order to play it online with multiplayer.

Configure Fall Guys to run dxvk-1.10.1. Here’s a video that shows you how.

Launch Fall Guys! The game should start up on your Chromebook and you should be able to play online.

Problems getting the game to run?

Game crashing. If your game starts but randomly crashes, it’s probably due to Esync. This needs to be DISABLED within LUTRIS before you play. Restart the game if changes are made.

The game fails to start after updates. If the game suddenly doesn’t work, try launching the .ini file and then edit it by adding a random character. Save it. Then open it again and delete the character you added. Save it again. Then try launching Fall Guys again.

Game is too big. If FG takes up too much space on your Chromebook, you can install to an external storage drive. SD cards are cheap and can be played. Get Heroic Games and then launch the game off of the SD card rather than installing it on your Chromebook’s SSD.

EOS overlay is black. If it’s either a blank or black screen, you need to use Winetricks to install the corefronts.

Game crashes or suddenly freezes during the first black loading screen. Go to settings in Heroic Games, then enable “Run in Game Mode” in the “Other” section. Restart the game.

Should you get it on Epic Games or Steam? What’s the difference?

Epic Games vs. Steam. The two versions are different. Fall Guys was originally available on nothing but Steam during its popularity.

But when it went free to play, it moved to the Epic Games Store (EGS). If you get it on Steam, you have to pay. If you switch to Epic, it’s F2P.

This guide is for the EGS version since most people won’t pay to play now that’s completely free and has cross-platform.

Heroic games with Steam Deck

Heroic Games is another launcher that can be used instead of EGS, Steam, or Lutris.

Heroic Games has had positive reception among the Fall Guys crowd, so it’s a good backup option if Lutris doesn’t work out for you.

Install Heroic Games 2.4.0 or higher. 2.4 is the stable version at the time of this writing. Install it with Discover.

Find Fall Guys in the Heroic Games library in your default folder. It should install to /home/deck/Games/Heroic unless you changed it. Remember this location because you’ll need to edit it in a bit.

Find the plugins folder at “<FallGuys>/FallGuys_client_game_Data/Pl ugins/×86_64/“

Paste the following .so file into it “«FallGuys>/EasyAntiCheat/easyanticheat×64. so”

Save the file.

Click on the Fall Guys game in Heroic. Go to the Tools menu then click on “Enable EOS overlay.”

This will then show the overlay every time you play. If you want to launch it quickly, just add a shortcut to it by clicking on “add to Steam” so you can easily navigate to it.

Go to the settings page, then Wine extensions. Look for the “DXVK” installer. Check the box.

Do the same for EAC Runtime.

Play the game. It should start up without issue. If you already have Fall Guys S1 installed, you may get an error because of the S2 update. Go to the “Other” section in settings and choose “select an alternative EXE” then add this path:


Save the path.

The game should be playable.

Note that GE-Proton7 works with Heroic. This is all you need to launch the game for most people. Try to start it and see if it’s playable.

EOS Overlay with EGS

This section covers steps to install EOS overlay on Epic Games Store through Linux. If you’re using Lutris, you don’t need to do this. It’s one or the other.

Launch Heroic, then click on Fall Guys to bring up the game launcher.

Go to Settings, then click “Other” and find the section for specifying a path. It’s called “Alternative EXE to run.” Click on the entry field.

Type in the following file path:


Save the changes.

Go to the game arguments field. Enter the following argument:

/ install productId=bd7ac06f80546181e967691e5e9436 /quiet

Save again. Then exit the settings page.

Run the game by hitting “Play Now.” Nothing should happen. This is normal. The game won’t launch.

The button text will change from “Playing” back to “Play Now” in a few seconds when it fails to launch.

Go back to Settings > Other > Alternative EXE to run. Then erase it. Save it.

Launch the game again. You should see the EOS overlay show up in game.

You’ll need at least Proton GE 7.20 or higher. You also need to be connected to WiFi.


If neither of the options above works for you, you can try using WINE.

It’s pretty straightforward and will let you emulate games from Windows to your Chromebook. Check out this guide for more details.


Parallels is a program that lets you install Windows on your Chromebook. It does require some technical prowess to work:

See this guide for checking your Chromebook specifications.

It requires a ton of space, which 99% of Chromebooks will fail to have enough of. Most only have 16-64GB, so that’s why this option isn’t ideal as many other bloggers recommend.

Only a few models actually have that much disk space.

If your machine meets the requirements, you can give Parallels a try. Parallels makes it easy to run Windows-native programs on the Chrome platform.

Note that Parallels is not free. It’s a paid app that offers a done-for-you solution.

There IS an educational version that you may be able to buy, but it’s not gonna work on a school Chromebook.

Besides, you won’t be able to play games on school loaners because they block them.

  • Download Parallels for ChromeOS.
  • Enroll your Chromebook into enterprise management.
  • Launch Parallels > Install > set up Parallels Desktop
  • Follow the prompts
  • It’ll install which will take few minutes. When it’s complete, click the Launch button. This is done on your Chromebook, not on your PC by the way!
  • Click the Launch button to start Windows on your Chromebook.
  • Install Fall Guys through Parallels (Epic Games Store)
  • Play the game!

As easy as it sounds, it’s more about having the disk space to get the OS installed because it’s so big in file size.

But if your Chromebook meets the requirements, Parallels may be worth a try.

Chrome Remote Desktop

The last resort is to use Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD) to stream your game from your PC to your Chromebook.

You basically have the PC do all the processing work and you play Fall Guys using your Chromebook remotely. It works with a good WiFi connection, but obviously, you’ll need to have your PC running at home at the same time.

The cool part is that you can be anywhere away from home desktop with your laptop.

If your WiFi is slow, you’ll have a bad time because as you know Fall Guys is skill-based. Lag will get you DQ’ed.

If you’re interested, you can set up a remote connection to your PC. It’s free and requires only one app download.

Did you get Fall Guys on your Chromebook?

We went through all the options for installing Fall Guys on a Chromebook that are practical.

If you have any other alternatives, please let me know by posting a comment. If you need help with a step, ask away.

Thanks for reading.

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