9 Best Headphones for Chromebooks (Budget-Friendly!) – 2023

So you’re looking for a new pair of headphones for your Chromebook (or earbuds).

Whether you want Chromebook-compatible headphones or earbuds, Bluetooth or wireless, I gotchu!

I’ll try to make your search a little easier and save you some time.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll cover a few different types of audio devices:

  • Headphones
  • Earbuds
  • Wireless headphones and earbuds

All of them work with Chromebooks.

This is really a moot point though since pretty much any standard device is compatible (3.5mm audio jack). But we’ll cover that in detail later.

By the end of it, you should have a good idea of what’s on the market for your next purchasing decision.

Sound good? Let’s dive in!

Last updated: 2/14/23. This list has been reviewed for accuracy and compatibility with Chrome OS.

Review methodology

These headphones and earbuds were chosen using a combination of online reviews, personal experience, or comparing specs.

Your results may vary. I’ve also owned the majority of these brands with similar models, so I’m familiar with the make, build, and sound quality for most of these.

Disclaimer: This site is supported by readers. So if you click on a link on this page, I may receive a small commission for your purchase. This doesn’t affect nor bias my opinion of these headsets.

Many other “review” sites out there operate under a similar business model, so it’s really no surprise (unless you never knew that).

This is also my 300th post on Platypus Platypus, so I thought I’d take a break from the “how-to” guides you all know and love =]. I’m on an EDM thing now, so I wanted to write about audio devices for a change!

Specs at a glance

Here’s a quick table to see what we have lined up!

Best Headphones for Chromebooks

NameProsConsCheck price on Amazon
JVC Foldable HeadphonesCheap
Good sound output
Foldable for storage
Not too durable
Sound quality is average
Check Price
OneOdio DJ HeadphonesBassy sound
Dual-channel output
More suitable for audiophiles
Casual users have no benefit
Check Price
Vogek HeadphonesSmooth, rich sound
Built-in controls
Not for long-term wearCheck Price
Panasonic ErgoFit EarbudsProven earbuds that do the job
Comfortable to wear
Excellent sound quality
Easy to break
Color fades
Check Price
1MORE Triple Driver EarbudsAmazing sound quality
Professional tuning
Premium sound quality
Not for everyone
Check Price
Sony Extra Bass HeadsetTrusted brand
Extra bass indeed
Premium sound output
Portable with in-line controls
Tangle-free cord
Limited ear tip sizing.Check Price
Mpow 059 Bluetooth HeadphonesGood sound output
Works with Chromebooks
Sleek finish
Comfortable to wear
Battery life could be betterCheck Price
VEATOOL Bluetooth EarbudsSleek case with display
Plenty of battery
Sound quality is decent
Ear tip sizes could be betterCheck Price
Boltune Wireless HeadphonesSleek design
Fast charge
Sound quality is averageCheck Price
A buyer's guide for the best budget headphones that are Chromebook-compatible.

And now let’s go over the detailed review.

1. JVC Foldable Headphones (HAS160A)

JVC Headphones for cheap that are Chromebook compatible.
Cheap and Chromebook compatible!

Let’s start off with a pair of headphone tech I’m familiar with- regular, corded, headphones!

Nothing special about these. Been through a few pairs of these myself and use them for new workstations.

They’re just a solid pair of headphones that are extremely cheap and affordable. I’ve been through 3 of these on multiple devices already (two on my Windows PCs and one on my Chromebook).

They just work.

Plug and play. No drivers. No tuning. No installation of anything.

Perfect for students practicing remote learning. It works with all online class apps that port audio through the standard 3.5mm jack.

For those who don’t want something super expensive and are just looking for a budget headphone that’s Chromebook compatible, check these out.

The cups are soft and fit well. The outer build is stainless steel, which is a nice upgrade from traditional plastics. The earpieces also rotate for easy storage. If you’re always moving around, these headphones fit nicely into most Chromebook cases.

You can rotate the cups so it sits flat for storage. It’s only about 1” thick when folded.

The headphones deliver a nice bassy sound. But nothing too amazing.

Then again, they’re super cheap and do the trick. 30MM neodymium drivers that lean towards the bass 105 dB/1 mW sound sensitivity with a 200mW maximum input. If you don’t know what these numbers mean, don’t worry about it.

The sound is crisp and clear enough for most everyday tasks (listening to music, watching movies and videos, etc.). If you’re a producer making music on your Chromebook, you’ll want to skip these because they’re not true fidelity for audio. For casual use, they do the job.

These come in a few different colors: pink, blue, white, red, black, purple, and more. The audio jack plugs into your Chromebook’s port with a 3.94’ cord. The cord is the perfect length.

When you’re on a laptop, you don’t need a long cord. This just leads to tangling and an extra cord dangling all over the place.

Overall, a solid buy for some Chromebook-compatible headphones. Perfect for students, teachers, or just everyday use.

After using these for most 2021 and into 2022, they’re still cheap, affordable, and perfect for music, movies, and games. If you just need some basic headphones for everyday use, these are it. No audiophiles needed. Keep one at hem for personal use and one at work.

You can check out the reviews for the JVC headphones on Amazon here.

2. OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Stereo Headphones

OneOdio DJ headphones review.
Bassy and smooth sounds make this surprisingly decent for the price.

No. You don’t need to be a DJ to use these. If I had to pick a “premium” pair, these would be right on my list.

The studio-quality headphones from name brands like Bose or Audio Technica (which both can easily range over $300+). But these are a premium “budget” headphones that work flawlessly on Chromebooks.

The best part about these is none other than the cups. They’re very comfortable and offer some very crisp sound. Out of all the headphones here, these have the best sound balancing, treble, and bass. Hands down.

The 50mm speaker unit drivers deliver some sharp vocals. I’m a trance/house guy myself so vocal trance sounds amazing.

The ear cushions are comfortable to use all day and have decent noise canceling. They don’t fit perfectly, but are “good enough.” There’s a small gap at the bottom when I put them over my ears. Or maybe I just have big ears. The headband is also adjustable and you can stretch to fit your size.

One thing about this is that it comes with two audio jacks- one in each cup. One is a 6.35mm jack and the other is a 3.5mm. This means you can technically adapt to your Chromebook, phone, tablet, PC, Mac, guitar, or other audio interfaces.

You can even listen to two sources of audio input at the same time. This comes in handy for those to produce music. Pair it with some music making software and you’ve got a cheap DAW station on your Chromebook. Awesome.

The earcups also swivel so you can use just one ear if needed.

Mixing music, casual listening, or just all-day work will be perfect usage scenarios. If you’re in school or at work and you need a pair of headphones that are comfy all day, check out the Onedio monitor headphones.

These are fancier and not for everyone- but for those who make music, use a DAW, or produce on Chrome OS, they’re a budget alternative. If you break your headphones often, these are easy to replace.

See the OneOdio DJ headphones over on Amazon.

3. Panasonic Full-Sized Headphones (RP-HT161-K)

Panasonic headphones for Chromebooks compatible.
Comfy earcups with balanced sound.

These are pretty much somewhere in the middle between the Mpow and JVC headphones.

This one I already had on my other workstation. I tested them on my Chromebook and they work no problem. Since I have personal experience with the Vogek headphones, here are my thoughts.

The drivers are 30mm and deliver a smooth, bassy sound. Just like most headphones, trebles and mid are lighter whereas bass always reigns supreme. They’re comfortable on the ears and head, but the sides do get somewhat annoying after a few hours. They’re soft plush and look heavy, but are actually very lightweight at 0.66 pounds.

The padding only covers the ear cups and headband, but there’s a plastic region that connects the ear cups to the headband that’s not covered. If you have a big head, this may get painful after a few hours. The shape of the headband doesn’t conform well.

For a Chromebook, these headphones are 100% compatible. The connector is a sturdy and durable metal connector that works perfectly for Chromebooks. No complaints. Just plug and play.

The cable is 6.5 feet meters and is tangle-free. I only like the extra-long cord length which gives you freedom of mobility, which is the only reason I bought this. And yes. It really does keep the cable from forming kinks and tangling. Less clutter means more happiness.

It comes in sleek black, pretty much as basic as it gets.

And there’s a 3-month warranty, which is pretty cool. The construction of it is built to last. I’ve been using these for over a year and the only part that’s showing wear are the cups themselves.

They get scratched up from constantly adjusting them, but they work just fine and the sound quality is on-par. The earpads are protein leather and are quite nice. No professional studio quality, but decent enough for everyday casual use.

The folding design also lets them collapse for easy storage or portability.

Overall, I have no complaints about the Vogek headset. They’re budget, cheap, and are compatible with Chrome OS. perfect for student headphones or other “all-day” usage scenarios.

Check out the bassy Panasonic headphones on Amazon.

4. Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds

Chromebook compatible earbuds from Panasonic.
Sleek, comfortable, and cheap. (There are a bunch of different models, so your color, design, specs, and results may vary).

In this section, we’ll cover some of the best Chromebook-compatible earbuds. Personally, I’m a headphone fan. But earbuds are a must for travel and easy portability.

There’s also a built-in mic, but this isn’t made for computers or laptops. If you plan to talk on your phone, the built-in mic comes in handy. There are also in-line controls for easy answering calls, but only works on phones.

These have long been my “go-to” earbuds for many years now. I currently have 4 pairs of them for different workstations and phones.

These are one of the most popular earbuds on the market because they’re extremely affordable and offer a lot of value for the price point.

And with everyone moving to a work from home environment, including students, participating in conference calls require good sound.

Pair this with an external microphone and fine-tune it to work with your favorite video conference apps (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.).

Then you have a full WFH audio workstation ready to go.

They’re super cheap, comfortable, and have crisp sound quality. They’re made by a leading brand and boast a “one size fits all” kind of deal. And they really do.

They have an ErgoFit design, which I assume is Panasonic’s fancy buzzword for a comfy fit.

They come in small, medium, and large ear pads that allow you to play around and choose the best in-ear fit that’s comfortable for you. I think the small and medium will work for the majority of people out there.

The large is pretty big and out of the few I’ve gifted to friends, only 1 person actually uses the large size.

These headphones come in a variety of colors:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Orange
  • Lavender
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Clear
  • Matte black
  • Rose gold
  • And more

You can also choose from “with mic” or “without mic” versions, depending on if you plan to use these for your phone, tablet, Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.

For a Chromebook, these earbuds are compatible and work perfectly. As long as you have the standard audio jack, you should be fine.

The cord is 3.6 feet long, which is just the right size to accommodate both laptop and phone usage.

Each driver allows a 20-20KHz frequency response. The sound quality is bassy and rich, with lighter mids and high trebles. These are wired earbuds and plug directly into your device.

I have no complaints with these for the price point. I don’t expect studio-quality sound nor a piece that’ll last forever. Each pair I’ve had lasted about 1-2 years under super heavy usage and zero care. For the price, you really can’t complain.

They’re simple, basic, and cheap. And if that’s all you want for a pair of earbuds to use with your Chromebook, these do the job.

See the list of Panasonic earbuds on Amazon.

5. 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earbuds

1MORE earbuds for Chromebooks.
Premium sound for the semi-audiophile.

For those looking for some premium earbuds without paying a crazy amount, these in-ear earbuds seem to fit the bill. They’re advertised to be tuned by a Grammy Award Sound Engineer Luca Bignardi to tune these, which is pretty crazy.

They have 3 drivers with two balanced armatures and a dedicated dynamic driver. All of them work together to deliver some near studio-quality sound. My untrained ears could tell the difference between these and a cheap pair right away.

As I mentioned earlier, I listen to trance/house most of the time. The downbeats were heavier. The trebles were crisp. And the vocals were like angels whispering in my ears. I guess you really do get what you pay for.

1MORE also goes all out with the bud fittings. You get 9 sizes included to get the right ear tip fit. You’ll need to spend some time trying a few of them out to see which one fits your ears perfectly.

And you can mix and match them if you have different sized ear canals. They’re a dedicated in-line remote to let you take calls, skip tracks, and control the volume.

The built-in mic is decent, but nothing surprising from people I called. They said I just sound “louder” compared to other times when I called them using a cheap pair.

There are also “crosstalk” elimination features and background static reduction features. Both of these I didn’t really see how they work, but I guess they’re kind of just always in the background and you don’t notice them.

Sound quality is superb. Construction is clean and expensive-looking. And the supplied ear tips are plentiful. No complaints. You get 6 ear tips made from silicone and 3 ear tips made from foam. That’s 18 total pieces.

There’s also a handy travel case, a solid storage case, and a dual-prong adapter for airlines. Plus a shirt clip so it doesn’t rub on your clothes.

They’re also the world’s first THX-certified headphones. I guess the triple drivers are what deliver that crisp sound, plus the professional tuning by Luca Bignardi. The species are 20-40,000 Hz frequency with 32 Ohm impedance and 99 dB sensitivity.

They weigh 18g with a cord of 125cm length. The MEMS microphones look sleek with a metallic silver finish and the cord is sturdy and durable. The aluminum alloy body with a sandblasted texture makes the thing just shine. And the cord is wrapped around Kevlar fiber so it’s some tough and durable wiring.

The jack is 3.5mm and works with Chromebooks, phones, tablets, computers, laptops, game consoles. Pretty much any standard device will work. The packaging for this is fancy. Perfect gift.

I have no complaints about this set. If you want a premium sound experience through earbuds on your Chromebook without breaking the bank, take a peek at this pair.

See the reviews of the 1MORE earbuds on Amazon here.

6. Sony Extra Bass Earbud Headset (MDRXB50AP)

Sony earbuds for Chromebooks reviewed.
Extra bassy for EDM to get your beats on.

These are right in the middle between the budget Panasonics and premium 1MORE earbuds. Sony’s “extra bass” earbuds do exactly what they say.

The brassy tones are slightly more noticeable compared to the 1MORE earbuds and less compared to the Panasonic ErgoFits.

These are wired earbuds with a sleek finish with a built-in microphone and playback controls. They’re lightweight with 0.47mm neodymium driers and 12mm driver units.

The ear tips are silicone and the cord is tangle-free. The ear tips work, but I think more sizes would be optimal.

Nothing special, but they work with Chromebooks and they’re mid-range in price. Still, a budget earbud set by all means, but perfect for someone who wants quality earbuds without spending too much. Nothing much to say. These are Chromebook compatible and do the trick.

They sound awesome for bass-heavy tracks, like EDM. There’s also a free carrying-case which is nice for packing in your Chromebook sleeve when you’re traveling. Available in red, blue, and black. Perfect for mid-range sound quality at a cheap price.

See Sony headsets on Amazon.

7. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones

Anker Bluetooth for Chromebooks.
One of the most popular and highest rated wireless headphones that work with Chrome OS!

Now, let’s cover some of the best Bluetooth headphones that are compatible with Chromebooks. This is the last section. And we’ll start off with the Anker Q20 headphones.

These are highly rated online from the reviews I scoured.

The only reason I knew about these was because one of my colleagues uses this brand and recommended it. I had the privilege of trying them out at work and they’re pretty decent.

I’m not a fan of Bluetooth, but I can say for sure that these will please anyone who’s a fan of wireless headphones over BT.

The noise isolation on these headphones is nuts.

Again, I tested them at work in a pretty noisy environment. Once you put them on, all other sounds go numb. They feature 40mm neodymium drivers with premium hybrid active noise cancelling chip. The sound quality sounds crisp and more towards the bassy side with 40kHz output.

Enhanced with more bass and 4 ANC microphones with a 90% reduction in outside noise. These are quality headphones for a cheap price compared to bigger brands.

I bought these for a relative and they can’t stop telling me how much clearer they are compared to generic cheapo brands.

The cups are comfortable with a plastic adjustment band and memory cushion for comfort against your skull. The headband is plastic, but it’s also padded for softness. The cups are large and soft.

As for the battery, the Bluetooth mode supports up to 40 hours of playtime on a single charge, which is probably more than you’ll need for a typical day, right?

It’s advertised to run for 4 hours from 10 minutes of charging, which is pretty decent. You can also use them wired if you’re like me.

This way, you can keep going even if you’re out of batteries. As an extra, the headphones come with a carry bag which is pretty cool.

There’s also a built-in mic and the connector is a standard 3.5mm jack that works with most laptops, TVs, phones, and other devices.

No complaints here. It comes in a variety of headphone colors like black, blue and white. Wireless and works with Chromebooks via Bluetooth.

See the incredible Anker Q20 Chromebook headphones over on Amazon!

8. Occiam Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds for Chromebooks with charging case.
The LED is the selling point.

These are pretty fancy for a generic brand.

They’re you’re standard run-of-the-mill earbuds with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The most striking feature is the case. It looks like some high-tech charging case from the future with a digital battery meter display.

The case shows the remaining battery percentage and you can always see at a glance the exact charge remaining. This is pretty sleek and offers a nice breakaway from other standard charging cases.

With one step pairing, background noise reduction, and independent buttons on each piece, it offers a lot of value for a cheap price.

Yes, it’s a generic brand. And there are a ton of them. So you can probably find clones for cheaper.

The earbuds are multicolored- one is red and the other blue. They’re extra-bassy, similar to the Sony earbuds above. Sound quality is decent and I have no complaints.

Each earbud is advertised to run up to 48 hours of playtime if you charge it 6 times. They sync to your Chromebook via Bluetooth and I had no problems getting them paired wirelessly.

I think the best part about these wireless earbuds is that the charging case can charge the earbuds up to 6 times, so you don’t need to constantly charge over and over. Each earbud runs for 8 hours before needing to be charged again. The LEDs tell you which one is fully charged or needs charging by flashing. Powered by 600mAh battery case.

So in total, you’re averaging about 48 hours of playtime per case charge. Their earbuds also have volume controls, take/reject calls, voice functions, and next track.

Although these are mainly geared towards phones, you can still use them on your Chromebook.

The functions don’t really work half the time. But if you need to sync them to your phone when you’re not using your laptop, there you go. You have a dual-purpose set of earbuds for portability and versatility.

I have no complaints about these other than the price. The ear tips could use more sizes as these were too small and constantly got “loose” during basic walking. Maybe I’m not using them correctly.

These are supposedly “sport” designed so they don’t fall out. The silicone hooks are easily adjustable, but they didn’t have a right fit that was comfortable yet firm. IPX5 splashproof for sweat resistance.

Even though this is a buyer’s guide for the best budget earbuds that are compatible with Chromebooks, I had to put these in. They’re pricier, but still not crazy expensive. The charging case is just nuts. Super convenient and sleek.

Comes in different colors to suit your style-

Note that I didn’t personally buy this set. I had the opportunity to review and test it from a colleague if that matters.

Check out the Occiam Bluetooth earbuds on Amazon.

9. PowerLocus Bluetooth Foldable Wireless Headphones

PowerLocus headphones Bluetooth for ChromeOS.
Stylish design that just screams “gamer.”

Last up, we have the PowerLocus wireless headphones.

These wireless stereo headphones connect to your phone, Chromebook, or computer via Bluetooth 5.0. If you happen to step away from your Chromebook a lot and don’t want to stay “tethered” to it, these are what you need.

They pair instantly or can be used with the 3.5mm jack. It has basic noise reduction and can also handle calls just fine. For example, those who leave their laptop on playing music, a movie, or even a podcast while doing something else may find this feature useful.

Sporting a design that reminds you of gaming chairs, the leather is foam which is soft to wear for hours. They weren’t nearly as tight as I thought they’d be with that headband. Pretty comfortable. It also comes with a carrying case.

Maybe you’re cleaning your room.

Or exercising at the gym.

Or maybe you’re listening to a lecture.

Whatever the case, being able to step away from your device helps.

These are a little cheaper than the other earbuds because they run up to 8 hours of playtime. Charge time is 2.5 hours with MicroUSB plugins with a 400mAH battery.

The headphones feature 40mm speakers with 20KHZ response frequency. Music playback is rated at 14 hours or so, but you’ll find they barely last half of it. That’s the main gripe. The built-in 42db mic features noise reduction with CVC dual mic profiles.

The sound is stereo HD and fits right in the middle in terms of quality. Bass isn’t overblown but troubles seem muffled in my opinion. Foldable for easy carrying. Compatible with SD/TF cards, or FM radio.

If you’re looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that are Chromebook compatible, these should do the trick. They’re budget, but have decent sound quality and plenty of playback time. The battery life proves to be lengthy for the cheap price.

Overall, I’d suggest these for someone who just wants a pair of wireless headphones that work with Chrome OS. And doesn’t want to pay a lot.

This is your “jam.”

See the PowerLocus wireless headphones on Amazon.

Other honorable mentions

These headphones may fit your bill if none of these are doing it:

Overall thoughts

Here are my thoughts to conclude this purchasing decision.

Hopefully, it’ll help you narrow-down your choices out of some thousands of audio devices out there.

JVC Headset – Best budget headphones

The JVC headphones. Hands-down. They work with Chromebooks. They’re cheap. And they’re decently-rated online. Personally, I’ve been through multiple pairs of these and when I need a cheap headset on a new workstation, I just order these.

No need to think or do research because they work with pretty much any modern device, have decent sound quality and don’t run your bank account dry.

Check ’em out here.

Panasonic ErgoFit – Best budget earbuds

They’re proven to be a workhorse and they don’t cost a whole lot. If you’re not an audiophile and you’re just looking for a budget pair that you don’t have to really take care of, the ErgoFits do the job.

Whether you’re a student, employee, or just looking for a pair so you can listen to music, watch videos, or play games on your Chromebook, these are easily one of the best choices.

Products that last a long time and don’t cost a lot are ideal. They’re easily replaceable so no need to worry about losing them or damaging them.

This is especially important for students or younger Chromebook users who may not always take care of their electronics. These are the cheap pairs that you can’t go wrong with.

See various Panasonic earbuds on Amazon here.

Did you find the perfect pair?

That’s all I’ve got for you.

By now, you should have a good idea of the best headphones or earbuds on the market for your Chromebook. Are you in audio bliss yet?

I hope this buyer’s guide made it a little easier to narrow down your options.

Have another pair to recommend? Leave a comment and I’ll check it out.

Thanks for reading!

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    The ones I have are MPOW flame sport stereo wireless and the other ones are Anker direct Soundbuds Skim workout. Do you think that the Boltune Wireless Headphones are better for zoom? I don’t like the headphones over my head for several reasons, therefore looking for earbuds type and would like them to be wireless.
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