Neverware and CloudReady for Microsoft Office 365 Connects to OneDrive

Turn Mac or Windows computers into Chromebooks.

A software company well-known in the Google world…ditches Google. Kinda. Do you have a computer or laptop that’s just lying around because you’ve upgraded? Turn it into a CloudReady computer. You may have heard of a little company called Neverware. Specifically, that’s Neverware for Chromebooks. It’s a software company that’s built up a nice reputation for … Read more

Cloverdale Elementary School gets Chromebooks and iPads

Another school joins the Chromebook army. This time, it’s Cloverdale Elementary School in Alabama. It’s actually the first elementary school in the whole Dothan City Schools district that provided all of its students with an electronic device such as a Chromebook or iPad. This means a 1:1 ratio. A device for every student (in grades … Read more

The Samsung Chromebook Pro Is Almost Here. Will It Impress or Disappoint?

Samsung’s Chromebook Pro is almost here, and it’s already making big waves just like the Plus. The Samsung Chromebook Plus just came out, and it left many with simple awe in their faces. It’s a new, innovative Chromebook with a revolutionary design. It features a powerful spec sheet, a stylus pen, and an all-metal body. … Read more

Google’s Chromebooks Take a Bite out of Apple

Chromebooks are beating Mac sales shown by this graph.

Google’s Chromebooks beat Mac’s iOS…it’s now confirmed with stats. At least in sales, that is. Google has been focusing on their Chromebooks for Education program with a laser-targeted demographic- students. It’s already been noted that these cheap laptops are stealing Apple’s market share of K-12 students, but now it’s even more apparent. Based on a … Read more