Chrome OS and Android Aren’t Merging- Google Andromeda Isn’t Happening

Google Andromeda goes bye-bye. If you had some wishful expectations for it, don’t worry. It doesn’t really change anything. Seriously. It doesn’t.

Just back then, Andromeda was rumored but never confirmed.

One news outlet speculates on the possibility of Google Chrome OS and Android merging into a whole new Google OS dubbed Andromeda. With Android apps being made available on Chromebooks, and being wildly successfully, rumors spread that an entirely new OS would be created that’s made with full integration between the two.

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Of course, this spread like wildfire. News sites all wrote about Andromeda (including PlatypusPlatypus), and gave their thoughts on Google’s new OS. The entire tech industry was shaken. Well, maybe not. But it was still…stirred.

And for what reason? What solid proof was there? Why would Google be in the works for a new OS?

It was all based on rumors, and none of it was confirmed. I don’t even know where it all started, but it snowballed into a huge ball of speculation that was trampling any evidence against it. So then the whole interwebs starting believing it.

It’s kinda like high school rumors again. Spreading around town. Based on nothing but speculation.

Last updated: 6/1/17.

Google Andromeda canceled and debunked

Now, Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer has built a giant wall and stopped that snowball in a recent interview.

Lockheimer appears in an episode of All About Android, which is a show where people discuss random tidbits, facts, and rumors about Android. In this episode, Lockheimer debunks Andromeda with fact rather than rumor. In the video, many different facets about Android is discussed, but right around twenty-six minutes, the possibility of merging Chrome OS and Android is directly addressed, and Hiroshi declines it.

Lockheimer states:

“there’s no point in merging them. They’re both successful. We just want to make sure that both sides benefit from each other.”

And then he addresses how you can basically access Andromeda already:

“So, that’s why we brought the apps…Google Play from Android over to Chrome OS and then for instance, the update mechanism from Chrome OS to Nougat…”

And then hints at further integration of Android apps on Chrome OS:

“You’ll see a lot more of that happening, where we’re sort of cross-pollinating, but not a merge.”

He then talks about what the differences between Android and Chrome OS are, and then register writes the fact that merging the two won’t be happening- and it “wouldn’t make sense.”

Chrome OS and Android – keep ’em separate, please

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Think about it.

The two platforms are huge in their own way. Android has a massive global share and merging that with Chrome OS is giving up a lot.

I doubt if a merger were to happen, Google would continue working on Android and Andromeda and have them be separate platforms. After all, a merger is exactly what it sounds like…a merge. Android would “merge” into Andromeda, and that would mean taking a huge risk if it fails.

Chrome OS and Android aren't mergeing to form Andromeda- Google's rumored new OS.
Chrome OS and Android aren’t merging to form Andromeda- Google’s rumored new OS.

Then you have Chrome OS and Chromebooks. Chromebooks already dominate the educational market, and even outshipped Macbooks in Q1 2016. That’s a lot of users.

Why would you merge this with Android? Both these properties are huge. Putting them together may wreck it all.

Besides, you can already use Android apps on your Chromebook with the Play store update, so there’s no real reason to make a whole new OS that does the same thing.

The only reason to merge the two is to use apps on your laptop, right? You can already do that on many different Chromebook models already, especially the more recent ones due to their processing power and design (touchscreen input with a convertible body). So, it makes sense not to merge the two in Andromeda and keep them separate platforms.

With no more Andromeda, it’ll quiet down the Internet for Google nerds.

It doesn’t really matter, either way, you can already do what Andromeda was rumored to do. Right now. On your Chromebook. (Assuming it’s Play-store ready).

You can check out Google’s blog for official news regarding new Chrome OS updates. You can also see the list of Chromebooks that are scheduled receive the update.

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