Chromebooks Get Clever Badge – Fun and Easy Logins for Students

Students using Chromebooks will be happy to hear the news.

Two new features have been added that makes logging in easier and also makes the whole process more…fun.

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Google has announced a new feature called “Clever Badge” which basically allows students to login to their laptop with ease and simplicity.

Clever Badge is software hosted by a company called Clever (isn’t that clever?), and GOogle has gone ahead and partnered up with them.

So, what’s this badge thing do exactly?

Let’s find out.

Last updated: 8/28/17.

Chromebooks get Clever with Clever Badge – secure and easy

Chromebooks are easier to unlock with Clever Badge making it easy for kindergartners.
Chromebooks are easier to unlock with Clever Badge making it easy for kindergartners.

It basically acts like an ID card you wave at the office keypad to get in. Or like waving your phone at the checkout to pay. Or like waving your credit card at the machine to pay via RFID.

Clever Badges work the same way- a student will be able to wave their badge to their Chromebook to login, rather than using the traditional username and password. Chrome OS recognizes the QR code on the badge and reads it via webcam.

This is nothing new in the tech world, but putting this function within a Chromebook is. I mean, think of how many laptops actually utilize this technology. Not many. And having Chromebook to be one of the first widespread installations of the software is a pretty big win.


What’s the point of this?

Well, it allows younger Chrome OS users to easily log into any Chromebook without needing to use and remember login credentials.

This proves to be efficient, easy-to-use and just saves time overall.

Obviously, this is an effort for Google to push these laptops to the educational market, which they’re already currently dominating. This allows new students who have never used a computer before to easily login without having to take additional steps. It breaks a barrier that’s unnecessary and makes access to education, entertainment, and technology much easier. Sure, it’s pretty much just flashing an ID card at a computer. It’s nothing new. But isn’t it cool?

For most laptop users, this is pretty much just another cool feature to brag about and something Chrome OS has to offer.

However, according to Google’s blog, it may have an impact for kindergartners. It’ll ease the login process to where no adult assistance is required. After all, user IDs, especially numeric ones, aren’t the most appealing thing to memorize. Google says this will allow students to be able to securely use their laptops and it’ll be an important milestone for them as well.

With schools adopting these laptops all over the nation, it’ll be a huge aggregate time and headache saver for students and teachers literally everywhere in the United States.

“I can’t tell you enough how awesome it is to watch my learners logging into Chromebooks with their little piece of ‘magic’…says Mrs. Kiefer in an interview speaking with Google.

It seems that both students and teachers are impressed with this technology, as Mrs. Kiefer states:

“…and the teacher’s face of absolute relief as to how easy it is…”

If both parties are impressed, and login is secure and easy, it seems like a well-crafted and integrated piece of technology.

Here’s a video demonstrating Clever Badges in action:

Pictures replace passwords for unforgettable login credentials

Going along with the Clever Badge login is another form of secure and ease-of-use function- a super simple login system that utilizes students to create their passwords, with no risk of forgetting said passwords.

How do you create an unforgettable password? You don’t use a password. You use a picture.

That’s right. Google has a new feature called the “Cool Picture Login” which lets students make a password by choosing a slideshow of pictures. Isn’t that cool?

This technology comes from a Netherlands company called Cloudwise. Again, the idea isn’t that new, but the application and integration within a Chromebook is indeed a new innovation. Targeting schools and students is also an excellent medium to implement this new tech as well.

The idea is simple, so why haven’t big software companies (or even startups) put this concept into action? It should be one of those things that you’d expect to be mainstream tech by now.

Cloudwise director of Margrietschool in Woerden, Netherlands states:

“This login enables all students to easily and safely log into their Chromebooks. Teachers can focus on teaching…”

This is an ideal which fits perfectly with the dominant market of the current generation of users- students in primary education.


Chrome OS has undergone crazy changes

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With these functions added to Chrome OS, the laptop just keeps getting more and more secure. With fingerprint scanners, voice input, and PIN unlock on Chromebooks, how much more secure could you get?

Anyway, it’s nice to see that these little laptops are getting some attention and making strides. If companies are willing to partner with Google to make Chrome OS easier to use and more user-friendly, that’s a big step. This will garner attention from the media and help them just snowball into the next mainstream gadget.

Everywhere you look, Chromebooks are still relatively new. Not everyone knows exactly what they do, and they still have a bad reputation of being pretty much useless without a WiFI connection.

But then again, don’t all laptops render themselves useless as well? It’s nice to see that Chrome OS is constantly improving itself and changing for the better.

Way to go, Google.


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