How to Play PUBG on Chromebook (Ultimate Tutorial)

So, you want to play some PUBG on your Chromebook.

Well, my friend, this can be done very easily within minutes.

If it sounds too good to be true, it depends on what kind of Chromebook you have. That’s the only catch.

This tutorial will go over the requirements on getting PUBG on your Chromebook and what you need in order to download, install, and play the game. The whole process should only take about 20 minutes tops.

(With Linux Beta, the process is even faster.)

Sound good? Let’s roll and get to some loot and shoot!

Last updated: 1/4/22. PUBG hasn’t changed much, which is good because this method still works.

Can I run and play PUBG on my Chromebook?

How to PUBG on Chromebook.
Ready to get some PUBG action on your Chromebook? Let’s find out how!

This is obviously the first and most important step.

The technique we’re going to use involves using the Google Play Store version of PUBG. As you know, the game has been released on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and mobile platforms. Specifically, iOS and Android. We’re interested in the Android version of the game.

As you probably know, Google owns and operates both Android and Chrome OS, which is your Chromebook’s operating system (based on Linux). And in case you haven’t heard, they released the Play Store on Chromebooks, which means you can run and play Android games on your laptop.

This is still largely in beta and has only rolled out to newer Chromebooks.

Okay, but, how do I do that?

The method is simple: We use the Google Play Store to download PUBG and then install the app. Then we run it directly on the Chromebook as “emulation” device.

The catch is also simple: You need a Chromebook that supports the game and has access to the Google Play Store.

Not all Chromebooks have the Play Store. Older ones are in the process of getting the update, and newer ones that were made in 2018 and 2019 all have the Play Store preloaded. So it really depends on when you got your device.

But if you have an older one, chances are you’re in the process of getting the Play Store. It’ll just take time.

So, if you already have the Google Play Store, just jump to the “downloading and installing PUBG” section below. If you don’t, keep reading to the next section.

This is the end result if everything goes according to plan:

I don’t have the Google Play Store. How do I get it?

This option will get you the update before the planned release date.

The first you should know is that not ALL older models will get the update. Only SOME will. You need to be on the “list” to get the update in order for this trick to work.

You can refer to the list here.

Verify that you can find your specific Chromebook model on that list and that it’s planned to get the update sometime in the future.

If your laptop isn’t on that list, sorry. There’s really no way to force the update and run PUBG on your Chromebook at this point. Consider buying a newer one. They’re cheap and have come a long way. You can check out this list of the best gaming Chromebooks.

If you’re on the list, then you’re good to go. Continue reading to learn how to get the update early.

Okay, so now how do I force the Play Store update on my Chromebook?

Download get PUBG on Chromebook.
Getting PUBG is as simple as downloading an app.

Not too complicated, but requires a few steps.

You can get the Play Store update early instead of waiting for Google to update it by switching your Channel to the Beta Channel. By default, Chrome OS runs in the Stable Channel. Switching will get you “early access” to new features, with the Play Store being one of them.

This used to be very complicated and involve a lot of “hacking” to get around, but you can do this now with just a few clicks using the graphical user interface on the Chrome Browser.

For your convenience, you can check out a step-by-step guide on getting the Play Store on an older Chromebook. Go there. Complete the tutorial. Then come back here.

If you get stuck or have any questions, you can post them on either article and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Don’t hesitate and ask your question!

Update: In 2022, most Chromebooks should now have gotten the update. If you still don’t have it yet, your device is probably not going to anytime soon. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade?

I have the Play Store. How do I download and install PUBG on my Chromebook?

Play PUBG on Chromebook.
PUBG can be downloaded from the Play Store onto your Chromebook.

So now that you have the Play Store enabled, you can get PUBG easily by heading over to it and installing it on your Chromebook.

Here’s how to do just that:

Step 1: Launch the Play Store by clicking on the icon on the desktop or using the Launcher button (bottom left corner), or press the Launcher key (magnifying glass)

Step 2: Search for “pubg” or “playerunknown’s battlegrounds” and hit Enter

Step 3: Find the official game in the game listings and click on it, or go directly to it by clicking here.

Step 4: Click on the “Install” button.

Step 5: Be patient and wait for your Chromebook to install PUBG.

Step 6: The game will show up in your apps list. Just click the Launcher button and find it. Then click on the app to play PUBG!

Yes, you’re literally just emulating the Android version (mobile) of the game. But this method is the only way to run the game on Chrome OS other than emulating it using Chrome Remote Desktop, such as playing Fortnite.

I have the Play Store, but I don’t see the game or it’s “not compatible”

Play PUBG.
Are you getting an error?

The Play Store is still new to Chromebooks, so not all models will have the game show up when you do a search on the platform. Other Times, you’ll find the game, but you’ll see an error that reads:

  • “Not compatible with your device.”
  • “You don’t have any devices.”
  • “Your device is not compatible with this version.”

If you see any of these errors, there’s not much you can do at this point. This is because there’s some kind of integration error that makes PUBG not compatible with your Chromebook at this point.

As I said, the platform is constantly being improved to work with more devices, so you may be able to play PUBG mobile on your Chromebook eventually in the future.

There’s not much you can do at this point to get your PUBG fix. You’ll have to stick to supported platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4, or mobile) for now. We’ll have to wait until further developments take place on the Play Store to offer better integration with devices.

Use Ubuntu, Linux, and Steam

You can also get Ubuntu Linux and then Steam to play the game. Doing this will require that you put your machine into Developer Mode first.

The order is as follows:

  1. Turn on Developer Mode
  2. Get Crouton
  3. Download and install Ubuntu
  4. Download Steam
  5. Install PUBG
  6. Play the game!

You can follow each step as listed if you want to try this method. Note that you can also use Linux (Beta) which lets you skip steps 2-4. Here’s a tutorial for Linux Beta.

Update: As of 2021, Linux is the way to go, as long as your Chromebook can handle the game. Most won’t. But if you happen to have a beefy computer, using Linux > Steam is preferred.

Note that you can also try Lutris or PlayOnLinux if Steam doesn’t work. They’re viable alternatives to it.

Stream from your PC

Another method is to use your PC to do all the game rendering and port the display over to your Chromebook to actually play it.

In other words, you’ll have the game running on your PC, but remotely play from your Chromebook. This is all free to do with an app. You just need to install it on both your PC and Chromebook and then connect them with a key.

Once the connection is made, the only thing that’s stopping you is your WiFi speed. If it’s good enough, you can literally play anywhere in the world as long as you have a Chromebook, your PC’s on, and you have a good connection on both devices.

You can bring your Chromebook to school, the mall, on a vacation, hotel, whatever. You’ll be using your Chromebook’s keyboard to play. Get a good gaming mouse and a decent pair of headphones or earbuds and you’re all set.

If you’re interested, here’s a guide on setting up a remote desktop.

Or try Project Stream

Play PUBG Project Stream.
You may be able to play in the future with Project Stream!

Project Stream is Google’s new service that lets you play any game directly from their servers within your Chrome Browser. When this comes out, it’ll pretty much allow you to play PUBG (and any other game they offer) directly from Google servers with high-end graphic settings straight from your Chromebook.

This may be the future of gaming. But it ain’t gonna be cheap. There’s likely to be a subscription fee you have to pay monthly in order to keep the servers running and pay for all that bandwidth.

Your Internet provider may also put a bandwidth cap on your data because it’ll consume tons upon tons of gigabytes (or terabytes) or data every month.

Project Stream is currently undergoing beta testing and there will likely be a few months (or years) before it’s released to the public.

It probably won’t be free

The good thing is that it’ll let you play anything they offer with high-quality graphics and minimal lag on your Chromebook without having to hack around and install Linux and such.

The bad thing is that it won’t be free (most likely not) even for free games because streaming data like that is expensive.

So I can still see many gamers will try to avoid it and play games the traditional way by installing the game directly on their Chromebook and playing it directly on their Chromebook. This will keep free games free and also avoid a monthly or yearly subscription fee to Project Stream.

Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see how Project Stream turns out. It’s too early to predict anything right now. And if you want to get PUBG on your Chromebook now, this is the only way. At least until Bluehole/Microsoft releases a Chrome OS extension, mobile version, or Linux version. And I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

How do I remove PUBG from my device?

Are you done playing? Was it too laggy? Are you going to get Fortnite instead?

Here’s how you can remove PUBG (and other Play Store apps) from your Chromebook.

This is super easy to do. Just do the following to remove a Play Store app from your Chromebook:

Step 1: Press the Launcher button (bottom-left corner).

Step 2: Search for “pubg” or look for it in the list. You may have to click the “expand” arrow or swipe up if you have a touchscreen Chromebook to see the whole list of your Play Store apps.

Step 3: Right-click on PUBG and select “Remove.”

That’s it. You’ve now removed the game from your device. Wasn’t that easy? The game is gone and if you want to install it again later on, just redo the steps from earlier.

Why is the game running so slow on my Chromebook?

PUBG increase FPS/Performance.
You can get a better FPS if you just tweak some settings.

As you probably know, the game was originally made for PC, then was ported to consoles, and later ported to phones.

The game was never made for Chromebooks nor Chrome OS, so you’re basically emulating the game on your laptop using the Android version.

This will cause slowdown, lag, crashes, bugs, and game crashes. All this is to be expected and should improve over time as the platform gets optimized.

How can increase the FPS/performance of PUBG?

PUBG mobile doesn’t really have a lot of graphic settings to mess with, but you can do the following to get better FPS on your Chromebook:

  • Set Graphics to “Smooth”
  • Change Frame Rate to “Low”
  • Set Style to “Classic” or “Soft”

Just doing this should get you a solid FPS boost already! A pretty significant one!

You can also get better gameplay by using the right settings

For better gameplay performance, you can also do the following to optimize your game and get those chicken dinners:

  • Change your crosshair to something that’s visible, like green.
  • Turn on Aim Assist
  • Enable Blocked by Wall
  • Use “Tap” for Shotgun Firing Mode
  • Use “Tap” for Bolt-Action Rifle/Crossbow Firing Mode
  • Enable Peek and Fire
  • Enable Peek and Open Scope
  • “Tap to lean” Peek Options

Adjust the quick chat, sensitivity, camera settings, and the controller config to your best liking!

You can also check out videos online to help you maximize PUBG performance on Chromebook, like this one:

Remember, you’re emulating the game from Android to laptop, so the game isn’t expected to run perfectly!

You can increase the FPS and performance of PUBG by adjusting the in-game settings and that’s about it at this point.

I screwed up my Chromebook. How do I do a Powerwash?

You can do Powerwash to reset your Chromebook back to the factory settings of when you first go tit. Obviously, this will erase all saved data on it- meaning anything in your “Downloads” folder.

Anything else that’s stored online, such as your Google Drive, Gmail, and other online settings will be safe. Only the stuff saved locally on your Chromebook like your adjusted Chromebook settings, wallpaper, zoom level, and stuff like that will be deleted.

You can always create a backup, or upload your files to Google Drive to save your stuff. You can also use an external hard drive if you don’t want to use a cloud provider.

Here’s a tutorial I wrote that covers Powerwashing your Chromebook step-by-step.

Did you get PUBG running on your Chromebook?

Run PUBG on Chromebook.
Did you get your PUBG on?

Well, that’s about it.

Did you get the game running on your Chromebook successfully? Or did you run into some errors? Feel to leave a comment if you need help, but provide a somewhat detailed explanation for a more detailed response. This really helps and cuts back on the back-and-forth commenting. If you get an error code or message, post it!

If you found this guide to be helpful, leave a comment as well. Feel free to tell a friend who wants to get some PUBG action on their Chromebook.

Then you two can squad up and dominate Erangel, Vikendi, or Sanook together! On your Chromebook. Woot.

Thanks for reading!

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  3. But PUBG on the play store is the mobile version and I can’t use a mouse or fully use the keyboard. (Nevertheless I still got a 15 kill game win whilst using the touch screen, I have a Chromebook 14 touch). I have checked the settings and went to controls but it did not have an option to use a mouse or keyboard.


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