Get Chromebook Wallpapers (Free and HD) by the Thousands – 2023

I’ve compiled a list of ways you can score some sweet HD Chromebook wallpapers- all for absolutely free.

Nice huh?

Your Chromebook, by default, already has a few wallpapers built in that you can use as your desktop background.

You can easily change the background image, add your own custom image, or even randomize the image using the built-in functionality.

These can be changed very easily. You don’t need any special app or installation to do this.


What if…

You don’t like the preloaded images?

What if you wanted to get some awesome, cool, or cute wallpapers for your Chromebook?

That’s why I made this list. It’s just a bunch of different resources you can check out to grab some Chromebook wallpapers for free.

Note that you can change two different types of backgrounds on a Chromebook:

  • The first one is the actual background image on your desktop
  • The second one is the background in the web browser when you open a new tab

This article covers both methods so you can get the best of the best.

Let’s get started.

Last updated: 3/3/23. Updated and added more resources to get royalty-free wallpapers.

Get free HD Chromebook wallpapers everywhere online.
You can get tons of free HD Chromebook wallpapers all over the ‘net. This one’s actually my current one.

Changing the new tab background image

This is how you change the background on your browser.

You’ll see it change whenever you pop open a new tab. You can customize some of them to display only certain images, choose when to change the image, add your custom images, etc.

You may have to fiddle around with it if you want to customize it.

Use an app

Head on over to the Chrome Web Store and just search for “wallpapers.”

You can find a ton of free apps that give you access to hundreds of different backgrounds you can use. Some apps give you themed images you can use, like leopard, animals, nature, scenery, rustic, abstract, cars, cool, cute, dogs, cats, and more.

You’ll see an awesome image when you open a new tab in your browser.

The images you see are supposed to be where the author has granted permission to make them usable, so you should have no legal issues. If you’re worried, contact the author of the app.

Other apps even change the wallpaper for your automatically. This means each day you log into your Chromebook, you’ll be greeted with a new wallpaper instantly. How cool is that?

The best part? These apps are completely free to use. And most of the HD wallpapers are tasteful and beautiful.

Some notable ones I found are the following:

See what you like and try it out.

You can even customize your tab page.

Changing the desktop wallpaper

Get all types of desktop backgrounds or new tab backgrounds.
Do you like cute desktop backgrounds? How about nature? Cars? Girls? Beach? Space? Water? Scenery? Abstract? Animals? You can find it all.

This is probably why you’re here. You want to choose a cool new background image for your Chromebook to gawk over whenever you log in. Check out these resources.

Free Apps

Google Wallpaper Art

This is actually one of the only apps I could find that’s worthwhile.

It’s made by Google and will load an awesome artistic image to display.

It changes daily just like Bing’s homepage (read below for an actual app). If you want it to change automatically and see something new, this is an excellent app. You don’t have to mess with finding an image, changing it, or going through the process daily. Try it out here.

Wallpaper from Bing for Chromebook

This app does exactly what it’s titled.

It’ll pull images straight from Bing to use as your desktop image. If you dig Bing’s images, this is your app. It changes daily and automatically so you can awe at their awesome images. All of the HD backgrounds in this app are excellent quality. Check it out here. You can make it look just like Bing.

Free Wallpaper Directories

There are a few awesome websites I found that have loads of free HD Chromebook wallpapers that you can grab an image (or three) from to use for yourself.

Remember that the images on these sites are supposedly labeled for reuse and are public domain. If not, it could be illegal to use them.

You may want to make sure the image isn’t stolen property before you use it to keep out of legal issues.

Here they are:


You can find a ton of free images here.

They’re categorized so you can easily search for whatever you want. You can also see what’s popular and fine art by a particular author. It’s probably one of the biggest online directories for these kinds of images.

Some backgrounds are average and others are amazing. You’ll have to look through it to find what you want. There are a ton of random background images for your Chromebook. I’d suggest looking here first.

You can check it out here.


This directory has a lot of backgrounds in good quality and HD.

You can search and sort for a particular image that you’re looking for. After quickly browsing through the site, I found that most of them are modern images with beautiful scenic themes. Of course, they have other stuff too. So take a look.

This is good for those who want nature wallpapers for their Chromebook. See it here.

Desktop Nexus

If you want the most popular wallpapers, this is an awesome resource.

You can sort through the images by popularity and category. There’s a search function along with a tag cloud so you can see what’s trending. You can also explore for awesome new finds that you probably wouldn’t have known existed.

I’d recommend this site if you don’t know what background you want and just need inspiration. Check them out. You’ll find a bunch of awesome pictures to use.

Other ways to get wallpapers for your Chromebook (and staying legal)

Google Images

Of course, the most obvious answer.

You can simply go to Google and search for whatever interests you.

For example “cute dog wallpapers” or “beautiful wallpapers” and you’ll see endless results.

If you do this, it may be illegal.

Keep in mind that most of these images aren’t free to use and are copyrighted.

If you want to pull images from Google and stay legal, you can filter the images to be “labeled for reuse” to see which images you can use because the author has granted permission. Keep in mind that this system is still not fault-proof.


Flickr has an amazing community of photographers.

You can search for desktop images using their search system and filter the images by creative commons licenses so you can use them yourself.

If you’re not sure whether or not you can use an image, Flickr makes it very easy to contact the author of the image so you can ask them directly. You can also browse by many filters as well. Flickr makes it easy.

After all, they’re the photograph king. You can find a lot of nice stuff here if you look for it.


This is a royalty-free image site, meaning that all the backgrounds you find on there can be used for free.

And you don’t have to attribute the author if you don’t want to. The images are very good quality and you can do a search for “HD backgrounds” to really see some stunning ones.

Check out Pixabay.


Just like Pixabay, Pexels is a competitor that offers royalty-free images.

You can find a huge variety of whatever backgrounds you’re looking for. I’d check both sites to see if one has a better quality image compared to the other, since they both have duplicate photos.

Pexels and Pixabay are very similar and you’ll see a lot of the same images on both.


Another very popular royalty-free image site with pictures taken by real photographers. Unsplash is one of the leading sites with thousands of pictures that you can use.

You can buy premium images or find a bunch of free ones that you can use without attribution. You’re sure to find something you like for your new Chromebook background.

Or just search for it

You can also search for “royalty free wallpapers” or “public domain wallpapers” and you’ll see tons of results. Filter by your Chromebook’s resolution to get one that fits perfectly without some weird aspect ratio. Most Chromebooks are 1366 x 720 pixels and 16:9 widescreen.

You can filter image results to match these variables so you find the right size for your display.

So, did you find awesome new Chromebook wallpapers?

There you have it.

A bunch of apps, websites, and other resources to find some free HD images to use as your desktop’s background image.

If you have any other awesome ways to get more images, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

Thanks for reading.

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