6 Best Stylus Pens for Chromebooks (Buyer’s Guide) – 2023

Got a Chromebook with a touchscreen and need an awesome stylus pen?

You’ve come to the right place.

(Seriously. This is probably the most detailed buyer’s guide for Chromebook styluses on the whole Internet – no joke!)

Last updated: 2/24/23. This list has been updated for 2023. The products on this list are fully compatible with Chrome OS at the time of this writing.

Finding the best stylus pens for Chromebooks that “just work”

After getting frustrated with a crappy stylus pen that came with my Acer Chromebook, I went on a hunt to find one that just works like how it’s supposed to.

They have to be compatible with Chromebooks (of course), cheap, and offer precision accuracy for drawing, writing, and editing photos/videos.

Mine would have issues like not registering taps, under-highlighting text (or over-highlighting), or simply having to press twice (or more) on the screen just to get it to sense that I’m tapping the screen.

I got so annoyed I just threw it in the trash and used my fingers instead.

That’s when I learned that Chromebooks can be used with any generic old stylus pen- they don’t have to be Chromebook-branded or marked as compatible with Chromebooks. Any old stylus pen intended for touch screens devices will work just fine.

But then that means there are literally hundreds of pens on the market- from cheapo 99 cent pens from eBay international sellers to “executive” professional stylus pens that’ll run you up to $50 a pop. If you’re fancy like that, you have choices. Get something expensive or cheap. It’s up to you.

Having a friend in a laptop repair shop really helps. I got to play around with over a dozen stylus pens on my Chromebook and test them all out. This list contains my top 5 best picks out of them all.

And if you’re looking for the best stylus for your Chromebook, look no further.

Save yourself the time and energy and choose from the best of the best. I mean, it’s just a pen, after all. Don’t waste too much time over something so insignificant, yet so important at the same time! I hope this buyer’s guide narrows down your search for the best styluses for Chromebooks.

1. AmazonBasics Executive Stylus for Touchscreen Devices

Stylus pens for Chromebooks.
The AmazonBasics stylus pens work with Chromebooks just fine.

As boring and generic as the name sounds, this 3-pack of stylus pens work wonderfully with Chromebooks.

They’re cheap, reliable, and does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to replace. Affordable to buy multiple for home or office use. Plus, they don’t screw up your screen with scratches. These have sold thousands with plenty of user reviews to back up the build quality. Perfect for a backup or beater pair.

A pack of basic stylus pens that work with Chromebooks

You get a pack of stylus pens in 3 colors: blue, black, and white/silver.

They’re marked with the AmazonBasics logo and look like regular pens with caps. You can clip them to your shirt pocket and simply use the opposite end to write on your Chromebook screen.

They write pretty well for a generic brand

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s own brand.

While many store brands are just average in value and offerings, this pack of pens does the trick! The performance is excellent. They write smoothly and register with about 99% accuracy. They have no problem pairing with the Chromebook and almost act like they were made for it- completely compatible with Chromebooks and perform as you expect.

I tried highlighting, tapping, and even drawing (stick figures)- all worked flawlessly with no hiccups.

Portable and lightweight

Each pen measures 4.7 x 0.3’’ and are light enough to bring anywhere.

They’ll keep smudges, fingerprints, and nails off your Chromebook touchscreen and work perfectly if you need to wear gloves or mittens.

If you own an expensive Chromebook and you don’t want to clean the screen constantly from fingerprints, a stylus pen is perfect for your situation. And your device will likely have Corning Gorilla Glass or some other protector to stop the pen from damaging it. If not, you can also invest in a Chromebook screen protector to go alongside your pen.

They’re cheap enough to replace if you lose one, so you don’t have to be too careful with them. Especially if you’re prone to losing things. This just may be a good solution since you get extras pens to backup your main pen.

While they’re not exactly pretty, they look sleek enough and somewhat professional. My only gripe is that they look too much like pens rather than a stylus, but that’s just personal matters and shouldn’t affect your own opinions.

For a pack of basic stylus pens that do their job – you can’t go wrong with these

If you just want a cheap stylus that works with your Chromebook, this pack of stylus pens does the job. The only issue is that the clip isn’t removable, so you’ll have a clip to deal with if you’re the type that prefers a clip-less stylus. It hinders the pen from fitting into stylus slots that come with some models and will require you to lodge it somewhere else or clip it to your shirt or accessory sleeve.

Super cheap. Super affordable.

But then again, they’re cheap, affordable, and you get 3 of them so you can bring them anywhere without worrying if you lose one because you have a backup pen waiting for you. Or leave one at the office, the other at home, and save one for backup.

The AmazonBasics pack of stylus pens is perfect for a cheap solution and they work flawlessly with any Chromebook.

As of 2019, this is still probably the best value pack of pens you can get. They’re still highly reviewed as positive and excel in quality. If you want a pack of stylus pens that just work and are super cheap, I still recommend getting this economy pack.

Update: These are still some of the most popular sellers online and simply do the job. If you don’t want any fluff and just need a pen that works with Chrome OS, look no further. I’ve been through 2 packs of these because I keep losing them. But they’re cheap enough to afford.

You can check out on the AmazonBasics Executive Stylus 3-Pack on Amazon.

2. Milemont Stylus Pen for Chromebooks

Professional stylus pen.
The Milemont Stylus pen looks super sophisticated – like it’s from the future!

Okay, if you’re looking for something that looks like it came out of the future, this is it.

It’s definitely not for someone who loses their pens all the time. This thing isn’t cheap to replace.

This pen has a completely white finish with a silver lining on the front and rear of the pen. There’s also a small blue oval that you press to activate the pen, which just works like magic. If you want a pen and you want to look like a tech geek, look no further.

A sophisticated and cool-looking stylus pen for professionals

When I first played around with this on my Chromebook, I thought it was an Apple stylus because of the finish and the expensive look to it. I twisted it a few times, uncapped it, and messed around until I found out the “on” button is actually that small blue oval. You really wouldn’t expect it to activate anything, but pressing it activates the pen.

The 2mm rubber point of the disc tip feels like a real pen and lets you click on super small icons, text, and more with pinpoint precision. The disc is transparent so you can see what you’re pointing at- measuring only 6.8mm in diameter. The tips of both sides are also replaceable and changeable so you can flip-flop depending on your needs. Need precision? You got it. Need basic pointing? Done.

There’s no pairing needed. Just charge the battery and use it as a regular Chromebook stylus.

Pinpoint accuracy and sensitivity

This thing is super sensitive to pressure- that’s the first thing I noticed.

You can trace easily with varying degrees of force which makes it very handy for drawing apps on ChromeOS. It’s pinpoint accurate and works flawlessly. Selecting text, launching apps, or tapping buttons was near 100% accuracy with this pen. It’s probably way more fancy than what I use it for, but that’s never a bad thing, right? Now I can browse my Gmail in style!

Very long battery runtime

The pen comes with a built-in battery that lasts about 8 hours, depending on usage. I used it continuously for about an hour, took a break, then straight for 4 hours on a plane trip. It didn’t have any issue whatsoever.

There’s also an automatic sleep function so it doesn’t drain your battery while it’s idle, which is something that many stylus pens don’t have. This is pretty much a necessity. You charge with a basic USB cable, which is included with the package. The cable is a little cheap looking, but who cares.

You’re not there to show off the cable. You’re there to show off the pen! And it’s universal so you can replace the cable with another if you’re feeling pompous.

Fast charging

The pen is advertised to charge a whole 30 minutes of runtime with just 15 seconds of charging. While I couldn’t test this because there’s no way to see how much battery is left, that’s pretty decent considered that you can constantly charge it on-the-go even with a low battery.

Good for artists, photo/video editors, students, professionals, and note-takers

I tried drawing, taking notes, using various apps, writing emails, sending handwritten notes and using handwriting apps, and doing doodles of stick figure dogs.

This thing works perfectly, but it’s a little sensitive for my tastes. It doesn’t have any pressure or sensitivity adjustment, so you’ll just have to get used to it. I think if you’re an artist that uses your Chromebook for drawing, this is a perfect companion and will suit you well.

Everything you need in one box

The case comes with the pen, a charging cable, and a user’s manual. The battery is pre-charged to an extent so it’s ready to go. If you’re an artist or work with precision work on your Chromebook, definitely look into the Milemont stylus pen.

See the awesome Milemont Pen on Amazon.

3. MEKO Universal Stylus Pen

Chromebook compatible stylus.
The MEKO pen comes with a bunch of extra goodies alongside a very nice pen.

This pen is probably the only pen on the list that actually looks likes stylus pen.

Extremely comfortable to hold for long periods of time

The first thing I noticed about it is the rubberized grip, which is definitely nice to have and something you’d expect more pens to have. The fit is comfortable for medium to large hands, but if you have small hands, you should be just fine.

Keep one at home and one at work.

But you may have to grip it closer to the actual tip. The grip spans for almost half the pen’s length, so you should be fine. I think the grip was made for bigger fingers because of how much real estate it takes up.

A two-in-one stylus

Regardless, you get a lot of accessories with this pack. It comes with 2-in-1 precision discs which work with all capacitive touch screens, including Chromebooks, cell phones, tablets, Kindles, and any other screen that uses the same technology. There’s a replaceable tip that you can swap out for precision or regular usage, which is why it’s called a 2-in-1 pen.

Lots of replacement tips

You also get 6 replacement tips (that’s right, six), and 2 pens (one black and one silver). If you ever run out of replacements, I don’t know what to say.

Even if you’re the most careless person on Earth, 6 tips should last you quite a length of time. Even in my case where I tend to misplace things, I think 6 should last me at least a full 9 months (or maybe 8 months). If you’re the type that loses stuff easily, this should be a decision.

You get a ton of tips which means you have to shell out less cash overall buying replacements. Plus you get two pens. You can keep one at home and one at work, school, the office, or wherever else you bring your Chromebook. This is a convenience at its finest- in stylus from, my friends.

Smooth, precise, and decently accurate

When I tried using this on my Acer Chromebook, it felt smooth and precise just like the more expensive options on this buyer’s guide. The stylus is 5.5’’ with a diameter of just 0.35’’ so it’s comfortable to grip. The disc diameter is 0.27’’ with a 2mm rubber point that makes contact with the touchscreen.

The whole pen weighs just about two dozen grams and has a nice stainless steel finish, which is something I really appreciate because it makes it feel like a quality stylus and makes it easy to clean. There’s no plastic in the construction and it feels like writing with a real, high-quality, ball pen. The finish is shiny and has a slight luster to the overall construction of the piece.

The disc is clear just like the more expensive options so you can see through it and use precision accuracy for pinpoint markings. Taking notes, drawing, and doodling were all a breeze. Replacing the tip was simple as well, without the need for any tools. You can simply assemble it with your fingers and replace it with any of the 6 replacements tips. (Still can’t get over that.)

There’s also a clip, but it’s rather minimal and gives you just enough clearance to clip it to your belt, pant, or T-shirt pocket.

A little bit of calibration required

MekoTech is a US-based company which has been making tech products since 2011, so they’ve been in the industry for a while now. This 2-in-1 pen works just fine with Chromebooks and offers a decent experience. My only gripe is that there were some accuracy issues and will require you to get used to writing with the pen in order to “calibrate” yourself to how it works.

The mesh tip also tends to squeak every now and then and will also take some time to get used to. The precision tip feels like you’re writing on a hard, glass surface, but I expect that with time, anyone can get used to writing with this.

Overall, I’d recommend this for anyone who wants a cheap and affordable stylus for their Chromebook with surprising performance. The pair of pens also come in a wide variety of colors, such as blue, yellow, pink, purple, black, and silver, so you can get a little fashionable if you care for that.

Check out the MEKO Stylus Pen on Amazon.

4. Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen

Mixoo stylus pen review.
The Mixoo stylus pen is extremely simple and offers a two-in-one writing utensil for Chromebooks.

The Mixoo pen and the Meko pen almost look identical to the point where it makes you wonder if they’re the same company or have the same manufacturer (or they’re just ripping off each other).

Regardless, the Mixoo is much more affordable and offers just enough for someone looking for a cheap solution. For starters, it only comes with a single pen and offers 1 fiber tip and 2 disc tips included all in one package- so you get everything you need plus some extras.

A precision tip and a fiber tip in one stylus

Like the Meko pen, it’s also a 2-in-1 pen, which means you can swap out the tips as needed. If you’re drawing or taking notes on your Chromebook, the precision fiber tip offers accuracy. If you’re just playing games or browsing funny cat videos, the disc tip works just fine. It’s plain and simple.

The pen is fully aluminum with a grip base. On one end, There’s a protective cap on the precision tip that comes with a clip. This end you’ll use for precision and accuracy.

The other end has the fiber tip. This is for general purpose touchscreen usage. The cap is swappable at both ends, so you don’t have to put it somewhere and misplace it. When you use one end, you take the cap off and swap it to the other.

Comfortable to grip for extended periods

The rubber grip feels like and is probably exactly like the Meko in terms of performance. It’s comfortable and you can use it for long hours. I did a test of just under two hours using this pen in total and had no complaints. The only problem is that the rubber picks up dirt and such pretty easily, so you’ll have to wipe it often to keep it clean (if you care).

Although the pen comes showcased in a variety of colors, the rubber grip is always black. For those who are little on the tidier side, this may bug you.

Good for note-taking, sketching, doodling, drawing, or photo-editing on your Chromebook

Other than that, the pen has the same features: a transparent disc for flexibility and accuracy so you can see exactly where you’re pointing, a lightweight design, and a clip so you can clip to your pocket or carrying case. This pen works with all capacitive touch Chromebooks, which is pretty much every single one on the market. There’s also a 30-day satisfaction guarantee when I looked this thing up online.

I’d recommend this stylus for anyone who just wants the bare-bones (and just a single) pen for their Chromebook. This comes in a variety of colors so there’s a small degree of customization to match your sleeve or case. And it’s super cheap plus you get some replacement tips for the stylus. So all in all, it’s a good buy. Cheap, affordable, and does the job. What more could you want?

See the Mixoo Stylus on Amazon.

5. Bargain Depot Capacitive Stylus Pens

Chromebook pens for students and professionals.
You get a lot of pens and a lot of extras for this set. Perfect for travel or professionals and students.

Okay, if you want a lot for a little, this is it. Hands down.

This pack of Chromebook stylus pens comes with a pack of 4 pens in assorted colors. They’re all 2-in-1 pens meaning you can swap the fiber touch with precision touch depending on your needs.

You get a ton of extras

Here’s the cool part if 4 freakin’ pens aren’t enough for you: you also get 20 extra replaceable soft rubber tips.

Is that enough? You’ll literally never run out of replacement tips for quite a while. I don’t care if you’re the most careless person on the planet- 20 replacement tips will last you (at least much longer than the other options out there).

Each pen measures 5.5’’ x 0.37’’ with a rubber tip diameter of 0.18’’. The whole pen is made out of stainless steel aluminum with no plastic parts so it feels and writes like a real pen. One thing to note is that there’s no rubberized grip on these pens, so if you’ve been looking for something without the grips, this is a good buy. They’re also very easy to clean without the grip since they’re stainless steel.

Another two-in-one stylus

One end is 6mm and the other is 4.5mm. The 4.5mm end is used for precision pointing, like drawing and taking notes, while the 6.0mm can be used for general touchscreen purposes, like browsing the web or social media.

Works with Chromebooks

They work with Chromebooks and all other capacitive touchscreen devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, tablets, smartphones, and more. The two ends feature rubber tips that are replaceable without any tools- just unscrew and you’re good to go. With 4 stylus pens and 20 replacement tips, this is the best bang for your buck on the whole list.

If you just want pens for cheap (and a lot of them), this is the best deal I’ve seen from my hours of research. Save yourself from wasting more time and pick up a set of these. They’re made by Bargains Depot and you’ll get a bargain for sure.

See the value of the Bargain Depot Pens on Amazon.

6. Chromebook Stylus Pens by SyPen

Stylus pens that work with Chromebooks.
The SyPen value of pack stylus pens are perfect for Chromebooks!

Last on the list is another “value pack” of stylus pens from a brand called SyPen. Although I think you’ve seen enough Chromebook stylus pens for today from various unknown brands, let’s just get through this last one and we’re done. Promise!

A “value pack” of stylus pens

So this is another pack of pens. You get 7 this time or you can get 14- depending on how many pens you need exactly. Whether they’re for you and your friends or all for yourself (hope not), this is enough stylus pens to last you a while. This time around, you don’t get replacement tips. You just a basic pack of pens to write on your Chromebook touchscreen.

They come in a variety- a rainbow of colors. But what I like about these pens are that they have the 2-in-1 feature (but not the one you’re probably thinking) but they don’t have two sides. One end is the writing edge, and the other is the clicker.

A stylus pen and real ballpoint in one

You press it once and it’ll turn into a pen (like a literal pen with ink that you use on paper). You press it again and it turns into a stylus pen for a touchscreen.

If you’re paranoid like me, I know what you’re thinking: what if you accidentally write on the touchscreen in ballpoint pen mode?

Well, you’ll just have to be careful. As far as I know, there’s no way to switch it to only one mode. It’s constantly only interchangeable between the two modes: ballpoint and touchscreen stylus. You either have both or none.

An easy solution to this problem would be to simply get a business-class Chromebook that’s durable, or get a touch screen protector for your Chromebook. This way, you can accidentally write on the screen all you want and it won’t damage your laptop in any way.

Useful for students and professionals

But I can see this type of gadget is very useful and efficient for certain careers and professionals. Some people deal with paperwork and need to use their laptop at the same time, so this kind of setup would be very efficient for them. I tried writing with the pen on the screen and it works just fine. Very accurate and sensitive. I tried writing on paper and it writes smoothly just like any other ballpoint pen.

The rubberized grip is comfortable and has a weird look to it, but it works and feels like you can write for extended periods (read: a full work day or school day) without having cramps in your palm and fingers. Notetakers rejoice.

Assorted colors for uniqueness?

The pens come in assorted colors, like blue, green, black, purple, etc. and are compatible with any capacitive touchscreen device. They write smoothly both on screen and on paper. Each pen weighs almost nothing and is comfortable to hold. They glide on paper with a visible and quality black ink. The barrels are plastic with a metallic finish and the rubber grip is striped and easy to clean.

The type of person that would benefit most from this would be students using a borrowed Chromebook in school, professionals who work with Chromebooks, photo-editors, artists, or even avoid notetakers. I’d imagine they would get a kick out of this because of the efficiency it provides so you don’t have to switch pens between paper and laptop. Sketching, drawing, and photo apps would also work perfectly with this type of setup

Other than that, I don’t have much else to say. They’re cheap, you get a lot, and they’re highly rated at the time of this writing. They’re also cool to look at, I guess. Think of how cool you’d look when you switch between stylus and pen with just ONE device?


You’ll be the talk of the office or classroom.

Check out the SyPen pack on Amazon.

Did you find the perfect stylus for your Chromebook?

Well, that’s about it.

I hope this buyer’s guide helped you find the best style for your Chromebook. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

And if this guide helps you find the perfect writing companion for your digital screen, let me know as well.

Consider telling a friend about this guide! That’s the best favor you could do in return =].

Thanks for reading!

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