3 Best Chromebook Screen Protectors Reviewed – Buyer’s Guide (2023)

So, you want to protect your Chromebook’s screen.

You already know how- by getting a screen protector for your Chromebook.

The display is undoubtedly the most important part. I mean, it’s the only part you’ll be using (read: looking at) every time you use your Chromebook.

This is especially important if you have a touchscreen Chromebook. Getting fingerprint smudges, grease, oil, and ketchup all over your display isn’t ideal.

That’s why you need to protect it.

Whether your Chromebook is brand new or you’ve had it for a while (or maybe you’ve damaged it and learned your lesson the hard way), it’s a wise investment to purchase a screen guard for your Chromebook.

So, I compiled this list of the 3 best Chromebook screen protectors. I review each of them in detail.

No matter which one you pick, it’s better than no protection. They all have pros and cons (which are covered in this review), so choose the one that best suits your purpose.

Okay, let’s get on with this review already.

Last updated: 3/2/23. Updated for accuracy.

These are still the only few protectors that I currently use on my laptops since 2018 through 2023! You wouldn’t imagine how many protectors have been used.

Best Screen Protector #1: CaseBuy Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector Film

CaseBuy Chromebook screen protector will do the job.
The CaseBuy screen protector is a basic screen guard that’ll do the job. It’s cheap, affordable, and comes with two protectors.

If you just want an all-in-one solution and be done with it, go with the CaseBuy protector.

It’s a strong film that you apply to your Chromebook’s display just like the ones you see on smartphones. It has a few features worth mentioning.


For starters, this protector is one of the few that are anti-glare.

If you use your laptop outside in the sun or indoors where there’s a strong light, the matte coating of the film will reduce any annoying glares.

It also goes both ways: it helps reduce light emissions from your display so you won’t get eye strain or eye fatigue. That’s a win-win.

The film is very thin, but it’s very strong. I use this protector on most of my Chromebooks and it even works with touchscreens.

That’s actually the ultimate test in my opinion. If a screen film protector can handle a touchscreen laptop’s daily usage, then it’s deemed worthy of a purchase.

Works with all touchscreens

Touchscreen Chromebooks get fingerprints, smudges, and other oils all over them. And this protector stands up to the test. On my Acer R13 convertible, it handles everyday use without a hitch.

I can easily touch the display with dirty, dusty, or greasy fingers without a care (as long as I don’t touch the bezels). And then I just wipe it off after with some rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth.

Personally, I don’t like touchscreens at all specifically for this reason. They get dirty.

Before I got a protector, I’d always make sure my hands were clean before touching it. I hate dealing with smudges. They drive me crazy. You see a smudge under dim light and you try to brush it away with your finger, which only leaves another trail of smudge. It’s super annoying and if you’re OCD like me, you’ll gladly appreciate and see the value in a screen guard.

It makes it easy to clean your Chromebook’s display in a pinch. And you don’t have to worry about damaging it either when you brush it more abrasively with a cloth since the film adds a layer of protection.

Whether you’re using harsh electronic cleaners, a coarse cloth, or even using your sleeve to clean it, the film gives you confidence that you’re not damaging the screen (at least not directly).

It’s cheap enough to replace when you need to. That’s a good thing if you use harsh cleaners. If you have a touchscreen, you basically need some form of protector for those greasy finger stains.

Performance and maintenance

You’ll be glad to know that CaseBuy protector also protects your display from scratches. It’s made to protect against light scratches from daily use.

I also found that it protects very well against dust also. You can easily clean your Chromebook’s screen by just wiping it off with a cloth and you don’t even need any screen cleaner. Now that’s convenient.

It’s also very easy to install. It uses a self-adhering coating so you don’t need to deal with glue or any other sticky residue that can screw up your display. You can also remove it easily and it won’t leave any mess behind.

Though, it’s recommended for single use only because it’ll get dirty on the side that adheres to your laptop if you constantly remove it. This will trap dirt and dust between the layer.

Just be careful that the environment you’re applying it in is clean. Dust, cotton, dog fur and other floating debris can get caught between the protector and your laptop’s display. And it’s a pain to remove. You should work in a clean environment with no moving air for best results.

If you just want it work and don’t need any extras on the film (which some are hard to believe), this is a reliable, cheap, and easy choice.

Compatible a variety of screen sizes

The CaseBuy protective film protects your Chromebook’s screen and comes in an assortment of sizes to fit your laptop. Choose from the following screen sizes:

  • 11.6”
  • 14”
  • 15.6”
  • 17.3”

The majority of Chromebooks are either 11.6’’, 14’’, or 15.6’’ so you’re pretty much covered no matter which size you have.

Includes two protectors per pack

And a special bonus (probably my favorite thing about this product), you get two protectors per pack.

This means you can use one now and save the other one for later as a replacement.

Or if you have two Chromebooks you can protect both of them. Or you can use one on your Chromebook and the other on another laptop. They’re universal for any laptop that fits the size- not just Chromebooks. That’s pretty handy.

If you just want a quick solution to protect your Chromebook’s display, go for the CaseBuy protector film. It’s easy to install, anti-glare, anti-scratch, no residue, dust resistant, eye fatigue reducing, and cheap.

Update: I still use this brand for any new laptop I buy. Since I wrote this post, I’ve picked up at least a dozen new laptops (for work). The majority of them are protected by CaseBuy, especially since it comes in a bulk pack. Still no complaints other than greasy fingers leaving smudges! Cheap and easy to replace when you need to.

They do start to peel after some time. But will probably last if you don’t scrub them daily like I do. Germaphobes unite.

Check out the CaseBuy screen protector on Amazon.

Best Screen Protector #2: Belkin TrueClear Laptop Privacy Filter and Screen Protector 11.6’’

Belkin TrueClear protects your Chromebook's screen and privacy.
The Belkin TrueClear is a privacy filter and screen protector that works for Chromebooks. It’s also reversible between matte and glossy finishes.

Belkin is a popular brand in the electronic accessories industry.

So when I was looking for a good protector, I wasn’t surprised to see a screen protector made by them. I actually bought one of these just for a cheap netbook I got for free.

The TrueClear protector does two things:

  1. It filters your screen so that only you can see it
  2. It protects it from scratches, dust, and fingerprints

You know when you’re using your laptop in public and you hate the feeling of someone looking at what you’re doing from the side?

Perhaps you’re on the bus or sitting at a cafe, or you’re just in the classroom trying to send a message to your friend.

And the person to your left or right is obviously spying and watching your every move. Or you’re just not sure if they are and it’s making you paranoid.

Privacy filter

Well, that’s what this privacy filter is for.

It lets you and only you see your display. People from the side won’t be able to see anything- it’ll just appear blank for them. These are very popular among corporate laptops and business professionals who deal with confidential information. But you don’t need to be in some fancy business to own one of these.

They’re perfectly fine if you just want to get some privacy from people staring at your Chromebook’s display.

Note that it won’t hide your display from behind your shoulder- it only works from the side views. So you still need to watch out for that.

With many people now working remotely on their laptops, the privacy filter comes in handy for those who are working with sensitive materials (HIPAA compliance, etc.). This will make it harder for people to see what you’re doing from behind.

Reversible protection- choose between glossy or matte

Now, let’s talk about the protection. I mean, that’s why you’re here, right?

It features two sides for you to choose from. You can either have it applied as a glossy or matte finish. You’re probably asking what’s the difference between glossy and matte.

Here’s a brief summary of glossy vs. matte:

  • Glossy is where the screen has a glass-like finish. It usually results in better color fidelity and everything appears more vivid on screen. The drawback is that it reflects a lot more light and has glare. You’ll have trouble using it in a bright room or under the sun.
  • Matte is where the screen has a plastic-like finish and almost looks dull. It usually has fewer colors that pop and everything looks like it’s a little duller in color and not as sharp as glossy. However, there’s less glare and you can easily use it in a bright room or outside.

The Belkin TrueClear screen protector lets you choose which finish you want before you apply it to the display. If you don’t like it, you can easily remove it and flip it around to use the other side.

That’s a pretty awesome feature. If you’re going out in the sun, use the matte. If you’re staying indoors, use the glossy. If you’re somewhere in between, choose accordingly.

You always have the screen protection and privacy filter no matter if you choose the glossy or matte side.

Touchscreen compatible

The film is rated for use on touchscreen laptops, and I found that it works just fine.

The netbook I’m using is pretty dated but it still has a touchscreen. I did see that I had to press a little harder on the display, but it’s barely noticeable.

Swiping, dragging, and other gestures worked fine as if there was no extra layer of protection between the display and my finger.

Besides the touchscreen ability, the privacy filter works pretty well. I can only see my display when I’m directly in front of it or about half a foot to the left or right of the keyboard. From the sides, it’s completely blank. It works.

Now you can hide your display from onlookers. It hides your stuff from view right around 50 degrees to the left and right from the center axis (you).

In other words, if other people are at least an arm’s length away to the side, you won’t be able to see anything.

With people being so afraid of germs now, this thing makes your display safe for sanitizing with some sprays. It’s handy when you want to sanitize your Chromebook completely to get rid of dirt, fingerprints, debris, oils, food, grease, and more.

Easy installation

Installation was also pretty easy.

The film comes with these suction tabs that you stick on the edges of the screen (near the bezels). It fits firmly but it leaves a bubble if you don’t apply it correctly. You’ll probably fiddle with it a few times before you get it how you want it, but you’ll master it easily after the second or third try.

It also comes with a storage folder to keep it clean when you’re not using it. This protector is fully removable and reversible. When you don’t want to use it, just store it. That’s one option that you don’t get with the typical display guards nowadays. It’s nice to be able to remove it whenever you want- that’s freedom.


I found that that the film works well.

It protects against your basic stuff- fingerprints, smudges, scratches, oil, grease, dust, and all the other daily wear and tears on your Chromebook’s screen. It’s easy to clean with a cloth and some cleaning solution. Or you can just take off the protector and rinse it with water. That’s what I do. It’s a lot faster and easier.

The Belkin TrueClear works with the majority of 11.6’’ laptops. If you have an 11.6’’ Chromebook, it should work and fit firmly. The vast majority of entry-level Chromebooks are all 11.6 inches, so a lot of readers can benefit from this. Protect your privacy and your display at the same time.

Read reviews for the Belkin TrueClear privacy filter and screen protector on Amazon.

Best Screen Protector #3: iLLumiShield Crystal Clear Screen Protector (Anti-Bubble and Anti-Fingerprint) for 11.6” Acer Chromebooks

The iLLumishield is one of the best screen protectors for 11.6'' Acer Chromebooks.
The iLLumiShield screen guard is a laser-cut protector that offers superior screen protection for your Chromebook.

Okay, so besides the weird casing and spelling of “iLLumiShield,” these screen protectors are actually pretty nifty.

This is a premium way to protect your display if you have an Acer 11.6’’ Chromebook.

It’s made just for that specific size, so technically it should fit on any 11.6’’ laptop (but do you own research first).

But if you happen to own an Acer 11.6’’, this may just be the best screen protector for your Chromebook.

Quality materials

The film is actually made from PET materials imported straight from Japan.

If you didn’t know, quality screen guards are sourced from Japan (I…really didn’t know that either). So having it come from a location that’s a leading frontier in technology makes sense. I guess you can trust them as a source of quality materials.

Jokes aside, it’s noticeable in the material. Compared to the Belkin and CaseBuy, this one is very thick. The film feels a lot less flimsy and plasticky compared to the other two in my opinion. It feels a lot thicker and stiffer, so I guess the imported PET film does have a better grade of quality.

With working at home and video conferencing, spitting all over your screen is commonplace. This film is easy to wipe down after a 2-hour online call with your peers. No more dealing with those spit stains or “rainbow” pixels.

Yes, spit doesn’t do any permanent damage to your Chromebook, but it’s super annoying to see that smudge. Especially if the page background is white. Then it really shows up. Those gray dots. Those smeared smudges. The multicolored rainbow spit on your once clean display. Then you clean it and get another call after you’ve just purified it.

That’s why a screen shield will save you. Time. Energy. Frustration.


The film is actually comprised of multiple layers of protection.

And each layer has its own job that helps protect your display from damage. They all work together in a sandwich to offer a very nice product that offers a secure film to protect your Chromebook’s display.

If you compare this product to the majority of others, you’ll likely feel a difference in the construction. It feels superior to cheaper alternatives.

Simple installation

It’s easy to apply, though it does take a few extra steps compared to the CaseBuy and Belkin protectors.

The kit comes with a soft microfiber cloth and an application squeegee. The microfiber cloth is for cleaning your display before you apply the protector film. You need to use the squeegee to press it flat against your laptop’s display to get all the bubbles out. You’ll have to “rake” the bubbles in one direction until there are none left. Think steamroller.

It does require extra work, but it’s worth it to get all the fine bubbles out. If you’re using this on a touchscreen, bubbles will wreck havoc so it’s important to get them all out. There’s also a silicone resin layer which is adhesive. This is the layer that makes contact with your monitor.

It doesn’t require any gluing or spray solutions. Just apply it and it’ll stick. I found that it leaves little-to-no bubbles and the squeegee wasn’t even really required. But if you do get some bubbles trapped when applying it, just squeegee them out. The anti-bubble feature works.

Be sure that the environment is as clean as possible when you install it. If you get dog hair, dust, or cloth stuck between the display and the film, it’s nearly impossible to remove without getting it dirty. If this happens to you, try contacting iLLumiShield for a replacement.

Nearly invisible when applied correctly

Something worth mentioning is that the film is nearly invisible in a typical lit room.

If you apply it correctly, you can barely see it. You’ll have to touch it to notice there’s something there. It’s super clear and has a very smooth application when done properly.

Easy to clean

After I had this on for a few days, I found that it’s very durable and protects against all the common daily wear and tear.

I could use fingers, nails, and even pens on the screen and it would easily resist it. It feels like the film repels any objects and pushes them off like water on a windshield.

If you constantly have smudges on your screen or spit from talking over online meetings using your Chromebook, then this makes the display easy to wipe down. No more of those shiny rainbow pixels.


It’s advertised to be scratch resistant and protects against fingerprints, oil, bacterial elements, and other nasties.

I haven’t really attempted to take to the max yet for my Chromebook’s sake, but from everyday use and moderate wear, it seems to hold up just fine. It really seems to shine against fingerprints. You can touch the display and no smudges are left behind.

You really have to drag your finger across to leave a fingerprint (or finger trail). It works really well. It really is anti-fingerprint and repels them easily.

Ideal for 11.6” Acer Chromebooks

If you have an 11.6’’ Acer, this is definitely worth considering and I’d suggest this one over the CaseBuy as this protector is made just for the Acer 11.6’’ Chromebooks.

With the 11.6″ being one of the most popular models on the market, this screen film is made exactly for the size.

It doesn’t matter which model, as long as it’s an Acer and it’s 11.6 inches, this should fit perfectly. Read the reviews and see all the people with Acers that praise it.

Good value

The iLLumiShield screen protector is a worthy investment for protecting your laptop’s display. It also comes with a nice bonus two pack just like the CaseBuy protectors.

You can use one now and one later or both at the same time for two different laptops. You also get replacements if you mess up when installing it or if it doesn’t stand up to what’s been advertised.

These protectors are superior quality and definitely worth checking out. They’re affordable and you get two of them per pack. If you have an 11.6’’ Acer Chromebook and you want to protect the screen, give these a shot.

See the iLLumiShield screen protector on Amazon.

Choosing the right screen protector

All three of these are top-notch in quality and will do the job of guarding your laptop’s display.

Remember, it depends on your lifestyle, you may not need extra features like a privacy filter or a reversible matte/glossy design. It completely depends on you and your purpose for buying one.

You’ll also want to consider how easy they are to clean. If you have a touchscreen or constantly use your laptop, it’ll get dirty quick from finger oils and grease.

Clean freaks (like me) can’t stand smudges, dirt, and debris all over the screen. So getting one that’s easy to clean saves you time.

Did you find the best protection for your Chromebook’s screen?

And there you have it.

No matter which one of these you choose, they all do the job. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

If you have any awesome screen protectors for Chromebooks that aren’t listed here, go ahead and leave a comment and I’ll check it out.

Also, if you’ve found this buyer’s guide to be helpful, please leave a comment and let me know =].

Thanks for reading.

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