What Is a Chromebook? And Why Should I Get One?

You’ve heard about them. Now you’ll learn about them. Okay, so you’ve been hearing about Chromebooks a lot lately. Whether it’s on the news or reading an article online or from Word of Mouth you’re just hearing about these little machines everywhere. Maybe you’ve heard are cheap or maybe you’ve heard that fast or maybe … Read more

Bethesda gives Fallout 4 a nosejob with 1.3 Beta

Bethesda released a 1.3 Beta update fixing bugs, quest issues, and gameplay issues. That’s not it, though. It also adds some new features, such as GameWorks effects by Nvidia. FleX and HBAO+ were two new ones. The game now supports FleX, which is basically a simulation technique for particles for real-time effects and is usually … Read more

Dark Cloud 2 has been comfirmed

Dark Cloud 2 has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4. A blog post on the PlayStation Blog announced a release date of 1/19. Fans who have been anxiously waiting for this action RPG to be released can finally play it in full HD.   Dark Cloud 2, Dark Cloud, and Rogue Galaxy (the big 3) … Read more

A football helmet that can absorb the most powerful concussions is here

This helmet is a modern take on the football helmet made by self-proclaimed tech company Vicis. The NFL has admitted to the dangers of concussions and their negative impacts. They announced they want a solution. And would probably pay a nice dollar for it. Cue the Zero1. It’s basically your traditional football helmet with multiple layers … Read more

N64’s GOLDENEYE plus UNREAL 4 equals…?

Goldeneye on the N64. Who could forget? Screech of the rocket launcher Facility music Proximity mines Bathroom levitating trick Strafe diagonally to run faster Golden gun Duel with 006 at the Cradle One of the classic titles and the winner of many awards. A fan-favorite. Probably the best FPS on the N64 (more so than … Read more