Chromebook Prices May Jump Faster Than You Can Say “What?”

Chromebooks prices may soon have a higher price tag than you expect. What? Really? Y’all crazy. Well, crazy? Yes. But are we kidding? Probably not. [the_ad id=”2478″] As you may know, Chromebooks are mainly being used by schoolchildren, specifically in the K-12 grades in the United States. That’s actually the biggest consumer market for Chromebooks, … Read more

What Is a Chromebook? And Why Should I Get One?

You’ve heard about them. Now you’ll learn about them. Okay, so you’ve been hearing about Chromebooks a lot lately. Whether it’s on the news or reading an article online or from Word of Mouth you’re just hearing about these little machines everywhere. Maybe you’ve heard are cheap or maybe you’ve heard that fast or maybe … Read more