N64’s GOLDENEYE plus UNREAL 4 equals…?

Goldeneye on the N64. Who could forget?

  • Screech of the rocket launcher
  • Facility music
  • Proximity mines
  • Bathroom levitating trick
  • Strafe diagonally to run faster
  • Golden gun
  • Duel with 006 at the Cradle

One of the classic titles and the winner of many awards. A fan-favorite. Probably the best FPS on the N64 (more so than Perfect Dark).

Well, now creator Jude Wilson has designed, coded, and created a portion of the Facility map- giving it a complete facelift with updated everything. This has been a trending practice along with artists redesigning and making maps from Sonic and Mario with the Unreal 4 engine makeover for imagination.

Check it out for yourself:

Look at those walls. So. Much. Gloss.

Now, how ’bout we recreate the Frigate, Cradle, and Bunker?




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