Will Fans See a Female Link or Zelda Protagonist in Breath of the Wild?

No female Link is BoTW.

Why can’t the hero of the new Legend of Zelda be a girl? At E3, Nintendo delivered beyond expectations for fans and journalists with their new Zelda game- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, the producer of the Zelda series (which really needs no introduction), was interviewed and provided some questionable and … Read more

N64’s GOLDENEYE plus UNREAL 4 equals…?

Goldeneye on the N64. Who could forget? Screech of the rocket launcher Facility music Proximity mines Bathroom levitating trick Strafe diagonally to run faster Golden gun Duel with 006 at the Cradle One of the classic titles and the winner of many awards. A fan-favorite. Probably the best FPS on the N64 (more so than … Read more

Nintendo’s releasing an exclusive 3DS bundle…

Oh, February 27th is “Pokémon Day,” where Nintendo will be releasing a special 3DS bundle that comes with: Pokémon Red (pre-installed) Pokémon Blue (pre-installed) 2 cover plates download code for a Home Menu theme Pokémon Yellow (available for download in the 3DS eShop Nintendo also plans to bring back some of the fan-favorite amiibo characters- … Read more