Will Fans See a Female Link or Zelda Protagonist in Breath of the Wild?

Why can’t the hero of the new Legend of Zelda be a girl?

At E3, Nintendo delivered beyond expectations for fans and journalists with their new Zelda game- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, the producer of the Zelda series (which really needs no introduction), was interviewed and provided some questionable and “linear” answers regarding the possibility of a female Link or Zelda protagonist. Eiji Aonuma made some comments that show the actual intentions behind the game, rather than leaving it up to the fan’s imaginations and theories. And fans weren’t too pleased with the responses.

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Now, before I get started with this article, know that I’m a fan of the Zelda series. I’m not a hardcore fan. You can ask me what was the third Zelda game ever made and I wouldn’t know. You can ask me to name all the Zelda games I know and I’d name like 9. But, I do read and watch videos about Zelda games, and I do get excited about them. So, I’m a Zelda fan, but definitely not a hardcore fan.

The interview about female Link with Nintendo

Female Link won't be making an appearance in Breath of the Wild.
Female Link won’t be making an appearance in Breath of the Wild.

Kotaku and GameSpot interviewed Aonuma with a series of questions- specifically (for the purpose of this article), the possibility of having a game in the Zelda series starred by a female version of Link. Fans were tempted and teased with the possibility of having a female Link from the game’s previous trailer. Guess what Aonuma’s reply was?

Aonuma simply said that Nintendo…”can’t think of a way to do it.”

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This is Nintendo. They’re one of the world’s most driving and creative forces in the video game universe. It’s Nintendo. Let me say that again. Nintendo can’t think something up to have a female Link.

Aonuma said “We thought about it and decided that if we’re going to have a female protagonist, it’s simpler to have Princess Zelda as the main character…” to GameSpot through a translator. But then again, he states “…if we have Princess Zelda as the main character who fights, then what is Link going to do?”

Really? Nintendo? Really?

Nintendo’s creative process for a female Link, or lack thereof

You can’t think of what “Link is going to do” if Zelda is the main character?

How about role reversal? What about if Link were to be captured or needed saving? And it was simply Zelda’s turn?

I’m sure they can whip something up. How hard could it be? It doesn’t even need to be canon. It can be a spinoff if they’re just experimenting with the idea and testing reception from fans worldwide. In fact, even just launching a trailer that hints it is a good way play around with the idea. If it fails, they can simply just play it off as a teaser trailer, or even just scrap the idea. Nintendo can see how fans react to the trailer and idea of having Zelda star in a Zelda game. If it works, then go ahead and do it Nintendo. Release a trailer. Test it.

Oh wait, they did that.

Oh wait, fans did get excited.

What now Nintendo? No Zelda protagonist? No female Link? No main female character?

Oh wait, they didn’t make a female Link or Zelda protagonist because they don’t know how to fit that into the Zelda universe. Or maybe Nintendo can’t think of a proper way to implement it and make it canon. Or maybe Nintendo doesn’t want to make a spinoff. Or maybe Nintendo just isn’t creative enough to make a female Link. Heh. Who’d have thought? Now that Nintendo knows, maybe they’ll think of something. The Zelda canon is already confusing enough- does it matter to make it a little more?

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