5 useful and practical tips & tricks for your S6 (you’ll use these)

Just got a Samsung Galaxy S6? Use these 5 tips right out of the box to get more from your phone.

The S6 is loaded with many features that are overlooked.
The S6 is loaded with many awesome features that are overlooked. (Source)

1. Taking a screenshot

Taking a screenshot is useful for capturing exactly what you see on your screen and saving it as an image in your gallery.

Do it by pressing the Home and Power buttons simultaneously. You’ll see a brief animation to show you it’s been saved. You can also swipe your hand across the screen in a karate chop position as a shortcut (from left to right).

2. Smart Alert

Smart Alert is a nifty and overlooked feature. It vibrates your phone whenever you pick it up to let you know you have a call, text, or something else pending that you haven’t checked yet. You can “check” without even turning on the screen.

To enable it, go to Settings > Motions and Gestures. You can set exceptions from here as well.

3. Use the Fingerprint Reader

Registering your fingerprint is fast and easy. The reader has been improved over previous versions and works perfectly. Use it to secure your phone right away.

4. Choose the right screen

The S6 has several screen selections for you to choose from, such as Cinema, Photo, and Basic and they each have different tones and color vibrancy. Choose the one that fits whatever you’re doing for maximum pleasure.

Go to Settings > Display > Screen Mode to make your selection.

5. Camera Quick Access

In a pinch to take a picture? Just double tap the Home button. Bam. Ready to go.

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