Temporary Price Drop: Samsung Chromebook Plus (Best Buy)

Are you in the market for a Samsung Chromebook Plus?

It just got a huge price cut. You’re in for a great (limited time) deal, so act fast.

(The deal is active at the time of this writing and may no longer be active without notice.)

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Samsung’s Chromebook Plus on sale now

When it debuted, it came with a hefty price tag that was pretty freakin’ expensive. It rolled out at a whopping $450.

You got the newest and most advanced Chromebook on the market- complete with a touchscreen, convertible frame, Play Store integration, amazing pixel resolution, a stylus pen, a durable keyboard, and even a stylus pen.

Did the price justify the features? I’d say it would.

But then again, it was powered by an ARM-based CPU, which I’m not too much of a fan of. I’d rather stick to the tried-and-true Intel. But, that’s just being nit-picky.

You have to admit, shelling out that much cash on a Chromebook is a luxury. Only the most dedicated Chrome OS users would be willing to buy it. Or business professionals. Or those with money.

For the rest of us, an average budget Acer Chromebook for just $140 would do the trick. Besides, aren’t they supposed to be affordable?

But if you’ve been holding back on the trigger for the Chromebook Plus, now’s your chance to snag one. You can grab one from BestBuy for about $379. That’s a whole $70 off the regular price. That’s crazy.

That’s a steal. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on one of the best laptops in 2017, you’re good to go.

With a good chunk of money off the price tag, it’s not going to get any cheaper until Black Friday…or something along those lines. You know what I mean.

Here’s a video of it in action:

It’s a limited time deal

The deal is going on for a temporary amount of time, so go ahead and grab one if you’ve been waiting to get one of the newest and best Chromebooks on the market.

Sure, it’s not as powerful as the Chromebook Pro, but it still offers performance, innovation, and a design so slick you’ll be convinced it’s a lot more expensive than it looks.

If you’ve been waiting to get a Chromebook Plus deal, or if you’re even considering buying one, now’s your chance.

This deal’s a steal. If you want it, get it before it’s gone.

You can check it out on BestBuy here.

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