Google Play on Chromebook – Is Your Laptop Getting Them? (2022)

The Android apps are now available on the Chromebook Pixel 2.

It’s official. Google Play’s Android apps are coming (almost) to Chromebooks. Some good hackers (yes, the good kind) reported on Reddit how they found some code that stated or inferred how Google is bringing the Android-based Google Play Store to Chromebooks. You know the effect that would have? This is huge. It’s Google Play. On Chromebook. Seriously. Exciting. Update: The apps are … Read more

Chromebooks for Education Is a Very Smart Move by Google

Using Chromebooks for education is a smart move. The major market right now for Chromebooks it is actually in the educational district, used by teachers and students in many schools across the United States. In fact, there are more Chromebooks being used in educational systems than Chromebooks for consumers, like you and I. Since Chromebooks … Read more

Chromebook Prices May Jump Faster Than You Can Say “What?”

Chromebooks prices may soon have a higher price tag than you expect. What? Really? Y’all crazy. Well, crazy? Yes. But are we kidding? Probably not. As you may know, Chromebooks are mainly being used by schoolchildren, specifically in the K-12 grades in the United States. That’s actually the biggest consumer market for Chromebooks, more so … Read more

Buy the Best Samsung Chromebook with Your Hard-Earned Cash in 2022

Looking for the best Samsung Chromebook? Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of Chromebooks in the world today. Right up in the ranks with Acer, Samsung has their own very popular and successful line of Chromebooks on the market. Since a lot of you have been asking questions like: “What’s the best Samsung Chromebook?” “What … Read more

What Can a Chromebook Do Exactly? The 5 Most Common Questions New Buyers Have – Answered.

Chromebook stock image generic.

We often see the same common questions asked over and over about Chromebooks. These questions often entail things like what can a Chromebook do and can’t do, how much they cost, the difference between a Chromebook and laptop, are they useless without an Internet connection, how fast they are, can they run Minecraft, and more. And … Read more