Hide Your Chrome Tabs (Instantly) with Panic Button

What are you doing on your Chromebook there?

If you’re doing something that only you should know about, chances are that you’re tired of people snooping by and taking glances at your screen- even worse is if you have a big screen or you’re out in public.

Or both. Yikes.

Thankfully, there’s an app for that.

It’s called the “Panic Button,” as fitting as the name sounds.

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Let’s go over this useful app and see how it can help you.

Last updated: 7/21/17.

Hide your Chrome tabs in a flash

What the app does is exactly what it sounds like.

It’ll basically add an extra button to your taskbar (or shelf, on a Chromebook or device with Chrome OS).

When you click this button, all your open tabs in your Chrome browser will be hidden and your browser will show the “new tab” page, such as when you open a new tab.

If you click the button again, all your tabs will be restored. This is especially convenient so you don’t have to reopen the tabs all over again. It’s super easy to use.

You can close all your tabs and open them up again in an instant.

It’s programmable- keyboard shortcuts? Oh my…

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Yes, it’s completely customizable and programmable to get it to work exactly how you want.

You can also have it activated via a custom hotkey, or even make it open your choice of URLs.

Or you can have it basically run invisibly until you activate it, which is useful if others use your Chromebook. This way you can have a set of tabs to open on command. And you can also have it open a tab on command, sort of like a bookmark.

Panic Button hides your tabs and reopens them in an instant.
Panic Button lets you hide your tabs quickly with a click or keyboard shortcut.

You can even set a safe page to automatically visit when you panic. This is pretty much everything you need and more. Whether you want to use a keyboard combination to hide your tabs or open a set of tabs, this app can do it.

Password protect your Chrome tabs in your browser

This is probably the best feature about Panic Button.

You can store tabs, and then password protect them to keep them secure for an extra layer of security. This way, you can have a set of tabs that only you can access on demand whenever you want to.

This is useful if you have a set of tabs you want to keep hidden from view and only open them via password when you’re logged onto your Chromebook.

Anti-snooping options aplenty

The Panic Button app also has some nifty anti-snooping features, such as an option to hide the button itself from the shelf after you click on it so that it doesn’t look suspicious.

After the coast is clear, then you can restore the button and then restore your hidden Chrome tabs.

Panic Button isn’t completely secure

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If you have a determined attacker on your Chromebook, it’ll only do so much. Another user can see that you’ve installed this app from your app list and can easily disable it.

However, that’s not the main purpose that this app serves. It’s to protect your Chromebook from glances in public and other people catching a glimpse of your Chromebook’s screen.

If you really need to hide your Chrome tabs, Panic Button is the way to go. It’s completely free to install on the Chrome Web Store.

It works for any device that supports Chrome apps. It’s one of the best-rated “hide Chrome tabs” apps you get your hands on.

Download Panic Button for Chrome.

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