5 Best Chrome FPS Games – Browser Shooters for the Trigger-Happy (2023)

Looking for some awesome Chrome FPS games? Read on, my trigger-happy friend.

Shooter games have always been a favorite of mine- from the classics like Doom and Quake to modern-day works of art like Battlefield 1.

If you’re looking to get your FPS fix, you’ve come to the right place.

I compiled this list of my top 5 FPS games for Chrome OS.

I chose these games because I found them to be the most entertaining and addictive. They’re chosen based on reviews from the Chrome Web Store and my own personal experience and opinion with them.

A word of warning: These are all FPS games. For those not familiar, FPS stands for “first-person shooter” where the camera perspective is from your character’s eyes and not behind them. That would be third-person.

Anyway, let’s get on with the list already.

It’s time to lock and load.

Last updated: 3/2/23.

Game #1: BeGone

BeGone is a realistic FPS browser game for Chrome.
BeGone offers some intense multiplayer combat with realistic weapons and environments. It’s very fun and one of the best browser shooters with tons of guns and equips (via Chrome Web Store).

BeGone is probably one of the most realistic FPS games on the entire platform.

The graphics are very similar to Counter-Strike. They’re not super detailed, but they look amazing for a browser shooter.

If you’re looking for a quick shooter game to get into, BeGone is it. It’s an FPS built around online multiplayer matches. You choose to join a team and face off against the enemy team. It’s pretty much like any other modern shooter out there. Except that it runs completely in your web browser and requires no download (not that you could with Chrome OS- unless you’re running Linux.

It’s no Valorant or CSGO, but it’s pretty darn close for a free FPS in Chrome. No downloads needed.

(I wrote a guide about how to dual-boot with Linux on your Chromebook if you’re interested.)

BeGone offers a handful of modern weapons. You can load out with SMGs, pistols, and rifles. The game also features weapon attachments like scopes and muzzles, so it offers a deeper customization experience.

The game does require a sense of strategy and planning. You won’t be able to run and gun Rambo style. You’ll have to work with your team if you want to win. If you get a good team over Discord or Skype chat and communicate, you’ll have a good time taking out the enemy team.

There’s even a clan system if you really have a tight group of friends you play well with. It’s pretty deep and offers a lot of features that some other standalone modern shooters don’t even have.

There are a few different environments you can play in- from a farm, forest, and a shipping container yard just to name a few.

The game plays fluidly and the aiming system is decent. Some weapons need to be improved because the recoil is just unpredictable and crazy. You’ll feel like you’re spraying when trying to burst.

It’s highly recommended that you use a mouse while playing this. Using a trackpad is nearly impossible for this game- or pretty much any FPS game.

The UI is also intuitive and simple. It’s nothing pretty to look at, but it works. You have your chat in the bottom-right of the screen, your ammo, health, and cash in the bottom-left. And you have the score and kill updates in the top-left. It’s a little backward from modern shooters because it’s in reverse. But you’ll get used to it quickly. That’s one gripe I had when I first started playing it. But it’s just personal preference.

If you’re into currency, there’s a virtual economy where you can buy parts, weapons, and other equips to further customize your character. The customization is actually pretty deep and offers enough variation to make a unique character to test different builds with different weapons. If you like that kind of thing, this is your game.

There’s enough variety to keep you interested and gunning through (bad pun).

Some weapons are overpowered and break the game, but you don’t really see them too often. The developer behind it does keep the game updated often and listens to the community feedback, so they’re constantly improving the game.

BeGone delivers an intense FPS experience and is completely free to play. It runs straight in your browser without downloading. You don’t even need to sign up for an account. You can dive right in and get your FPS fix.

Get BeGone and dive into the gunfight.

Update: BeGone has been removed from the Chrome Web Store. You can still play it online at NPlay, however you’ll need to use another browser (which doesn’t work with Chromebooks).

A nice replacement that I’ve been playing for FPS sniping is Zombie Frontier 3. I know, it’s zombies. But the FPS is leaps and bounds above BeGone’s setup. Definitely worth a try for those who can get Play Store apps on their Chromebook.

Game #2: Gorescript Classic

Gorescript is an FPS game for Chrome that's similar to Doom.
Gorescript is a Chrome FPS game that reminds you of classic games like Doom (via Chrome Web Store).

Gorescript will instantly remind you of old classics like Doom.

You can easily see that the game is heavily inspired by Doom with the positioning, layout, and even the enemy selection. It’s like Doom in a twisted dimension with futuristic weapons and enemies.

Gorescript is primarily just a tech demo. You only get a few levels to play through, but man are they fun to play.

It’s a ‘90s first-person shooter with a very abstract art design. The graphics are made with voxel art in a 2.5D fashion. So, in essence, everything’s kind of blocky. But not like Minecraft’s level of blockiness. It’s more like if 8-bit were to be in HD. It’s difficult to explain. Just play the game and you’ll see.

This game is still super entertaining to play even after you’ve beaten it. You really get that sense nostalgia for those who grew up with the legendary classics.

Funny enough, Goresript is one of the only games that’s persisted through the beginning of when this page was written. It’s still available to play, for free, from the same developer. All the other games I’ve tried have been sold, taken down, or removed from the Web Store entirely.

The game has a slower pacing than Doom and Quake, but it’s still very fun to play. You’ll get a few weapons to use and you’ll have to take on enemies that look like floating triangles with eyeballs and giant tomatoes with mouths. The game is dark and gloomy and there’s a fair bit of platforming involved as well.

You have ammo and health counters just like Doom, and the game is pretty difficult at parts. You also non-regenerating HP and you need to scavenge for ammo so you can shoot down baddies. There are also tons of hidden areas for you to discover and an automap to help you find your way.

The levels are also not linear. You can take different routes to beat the game, which is something that classic FPS shooters didn’t have. You have some degree of freedom to get the green door with a huge “EXIT” neon sign above it- just like Doom.

The combat is fluid and works. The aiming is precise and not jittery. The guns are all fun to use. You can even strafe run and gun at the same time. Gorescript has some advanced features that would’ve been awesome to have in Doom. But again, it’s an updated game that’s paying tributes to the classics. And it does it well.

The sound effects are also pretty funny. The enemies make weird sounds when you shoot them. And the background music is awesome as well.

Gorescript is a very good FPS game for Chrome OS. It’ll run on any computer with Chrome Browser.

If you’re playing this on a Chromebook, you’ll need a mouse to play. It has very low requirements so any computer can run it smoothly without lag. Try it out. With the graphics being so pleasing to look at, even modern gamers can appreciate the game. It’s completely free to play and it’s a very good browser shooter.

You need to try it. It’s just that good. All it needs is a few more maps and it’s golden. That’s the only gripe I have with Gorescript.

And here’s a tip: If you need to exit the game, just press the “ESC” key and select exit. There’s no easy way to access the menu other than pressing the Escape key.

Gorescript has been listed on Steam and is also free to download. If you have Steam installed on your system, you can play the Steam version instead of the Chrome extension for a more immersive experience.

Want to get Steam? Check out this guide.

Get Gorescript here.

Game #3: Shoot Battle

Shoot Bottle is a simple flash FPS browser shooter.
Shoot Bottle is a basic arcade-style shooter where you need to target practice on bottles in the desert (via Chrome Web Store).

Shoot Battle is basically an arcade game for cheap thrills. It’s still an FPS though and the casual player will probably like it. Although I understand that not everyone will dig this type of shooter.

You have to do exactly as the title says- shoot the bottle.

You control a target on screen and you need to shoot the target until it blows up. It’s simple enough, right?

But there’s a catch.

If you can shoot multiple targets simultaneously and balance them, you can earn extra bonus points. The game runs on a timer and score counter. It’s super simple but pretty addicting. You can shoot the star bottle to slow down your timer and possibly rack up more points.

Shoot Bottle takes place over a few different environments all in the desert. They’re pretty pleasing to look at and the game controls and plays very well. There are no apparent glitches and the sound effects work perfectly.

It’s pretty addicting once you get into it and you can brag about your score to your friends. It’s perfect for people who aren’t hardcore gamers and just looking for a shooting game that they can play online right away. It requires almost no skill to learn but requires some skill to master. It’s a simple FPS game for Chrome that anyone can play.

If you’re just looking for some cheap thrills, try out Shoot Bottle.

Game #4: Rush Team 2

Rush Team 2 is a free browser shooter similar to Counter Strike.
Rush Team 2 is an FPS game similar to Counter-Strike with its bomb disposal game mode and regular team PvP mode. It has a ton of weapons, equips, and persistent leveling (via Chrome Web Store).

Rush Team 2 is another FPS based on multiplayer combat online with other players.

It’s an objective-based game where you join one of two teams (named Team 1 and Team 2) and you need to complete certain objectives. The game is similar to BeGone and Counter-Strike with the graphics and sounds. They’re not super realistic or anything, but they work.

You get new weapons by leveling up. There’s a persistent level system where you need to rank up in order to unlock the good stuff.

You earn experience by playing games, killing enemies, or completing objectives. Some of the weaker weapons for lower levels are OP and can rival these unlockable weapons. The game has balance issues, but it’s always being patched by the developers. You will see some bugs here and there, OP weapons, player glitching, and other stuff, but the developers do seem responsive in their support and are always working on improving the game.

The weapons are pretty awesome as well. Rush Team 2 adds a bunch of new weapons and equipment that take on modern games like Counter-Strike. You can wield basic equips like a knife for melee combat, a pistol, an assault rifle, grenades (smoke, flash, and frag). You can even use sniper rifles as well, but I found the sniping to be pretty difficult because the aiming isn’t precise with the scope.

It seems to miss even when you’re right on target. It seems like the player targeting has some inaccurate hitboxes.

Besides that, Rush Team 2 offers a variety of game modes like Bomb Defusal. And you can also play regular PvP in teams as well if you don’t want to play with an objective.

The layout of the UI has your stuff all over the place just like BeGone. Both games aren’t set up to “standard” layout and it can cause some confusion. But you do get a sweet minimap in the top-right corner that proves to be pretty handy. That’s kind of awesome.

The game is decent, and similar to BeGone in many ways. But I still prefer BeGone over Rush Team 2 because of the playerbase. BeGone has a lot more players and is a better experience overall.

However, if you want to play objective, Rush Team 2 has you covered. So it depends on what you’re looking for.

It’s still a fun FPS overall. It’s fast-paced and offers nonstop action. I’d suggest for you to try out both and see which one you prefer.

This game is most similar to Counter-Strike and will definitely remind you of it if you’ve played it before.

Try out Rush Team 2 and blast some baddies.

Game #5: Doom

Doom is one of the best shooters ever made and is available on your browser.
Doom is an all-time classic and is one of the best FPS games ever made (via Chrome Web Store).

Yup, it’s classic FPS shooter…Doom. Need I say more?

I’ve already written about this game before because it’s just that freakin’ awesome.

If you’ve never played Doom, you’re missing out on one of the best FPS games of all time. It’s the classic shooter of 1993 that revolutionized the video game industry. This game is where a lot of today’s modern shooters got their roots from. Doom was a groundbreaking game when it came out and a lot of other games took snippets from it and went their own way. That transitioned into other games also becoming popular.

And some of the features from the original Doom are still used today. It was just that amazing.

Now you can play it right in your browser. For free. You have no excuse, not the relive the experience. Sure, if you’re used to modern shooters or if you’ve never played the original Doom, you may think the graphics are bad, the sound is bad, the aiming is bad, the game isn’t fun, or it’s dumb how you can’t look up and down.

But even with all these opinionated negatives about the game, it was still revolutionary back then. And you owe it to yourself to at least try the game that possibly could’ve inspired your modern shooter.

It’s Doom. If you’ve never played it before, all you need to do is navigate through the levels and make it to the exit. You have ammo reserves, healthy reserves, and armor. You have 7 different weapons to select (on hotkey) and your only mission is to blast baddies. You’ll fight everything from Imps to Zombiement to Lost Souls. Some are easy to take out. Others will require tons of bullets and can take you out in just a few hits.

You have a map that overlays your screen and you can move while looking at the map simultaneously. You’ll have to scavenge for ammo and health as it’s tucked away in different areas in the game. There are lots of secret areas with tons of loot for you to grab. It’s always awesome to find these areas. There are also tons of locked doors and some platforming.

You’ll need a keycard to open doors and navigation skills to get across fiery pits and toxic waters. Some enemies are also freakin’ scary. They’ll pop out at you for a jumpscare. But it’s okay, you’ve got a pistol, a shotgun, and even an explosive rocket launcher to take them out. The game is just a Rambo style shoot-em-up in a first-person perspective. It’s a non-stop action packed FPS with some parkour and some puzzles here and there.

The game isn’t easy. Some parts are very difficult, but that’s how games were like back then. If you can’t handle it, you can choose an easier difficulty to play on, so it’s got you covered. Try it out.

Pair that with the sounds effects which are gratifying. The music will send nostalgia down your spine (if you grew up with this). And the gameplay is just awesome. Words can’t describe this game. It’s one of the greatest games of all time and it runs right in your browser. And it’s free.

Play it now. If it doesn’t launch for you, use a different browser and it should work. You’ll need to enable Flash for it to launch at the beginning of the game. Then you’re on your way to playing one of the best FPS games of all time.

Oh, and the cheats work as well =]. You can’t beat the classics like Doom, Quake, and Serious Sam. These were the legends that defined quick-action FPS back in the day. And they continue to be relevant even in today’s modern video game genre. That’s why I suggest everyone who likes first-person shooters to try out DOOM!

For those that have never experienced this legendary masterpiece, it’s available for download. Free.

Get DOOM here.

Honorable mention:  Cartoon Strike

Cartoon Strike FPS game for Chrome OS.
Cartoon Strike is a free-to-play game like CS: GO.

Cartoon Strike is another shooter that was suggested by a reader (thanks kingsley!)

After playing it for about three hours, I’ve decided that it’s a decent game that’s worthy of being mentioned.

It plays very similar to CS:GO or BO2 and puts you in an arcade-style first-person shooter. The game is very basic but also very fun to play. It doesn’t really focus on realism as much as it does on a twitch-level shooter.

You get to use a few weapons like an AK-47, SMG, M16, and an unnamed generic sniper rifle and the game throws you into a team-based combat arena with the Terrorists against the Militia. You kill other players to rack up cash in order to purchase weapons just like CS:GO.

The game also has a spectator mode as well.

You can also choose from a primary and secondary equip as well so you have both weapons for combat. You can switch between them when you’re out of ammo so you don’t miss a shot. You also get a special equip as well.

The game is heavily focused on sniping out your enemies from the other side of the map. The majority of players choose sniper rifles and it becomes pretty much a snipe fest.

The UI is basic. You see your HP, cash, and ammo on-screen at all times. And you get your basic game timer, FPS, and kill updates as well. The game does allow chatting as well. The sniper rifle does have a scope and allows you to aim down the sights with a laser dot target.

However, I found that the aiming is rather very difficult due to performance issues (probably lag on their server). Since most people use snipers, it’s just a bunch of people trying to snipe each other in a laggy game. That’s the only bad part.

Cartoon Strike also allows you to adjust a lot of settings in-game like mouse sensitivity and even the graphics quality (it’ll run fine on lower-end Chromebooks).

Overall, it’s a pretty fun game if you’re looking to just play a casual FPS game that’s not too serious and non-competitive. It’s worth a play. Don’t want to install or download files? This is it.

Cartoon Strike is free and you can get it from the Chrome Web Store here.

Honorable mention: Shell Shockers

This is an online FPS where you play as a team of eggs trying to “shell shock” another team of eggs. All your favorite weapons are in it- rocket launchers, ARs, pistols, the whole shebang. But they’re all themed with eggs.

It’s pretty basic- get the most frags and your team is victorious. There’s a matching system, friend system, and even text chat.  It’s like Counter Strike, but 100% free and supported microtransactions.

Shell Shockers is extremely popular. It’s cross platform for phones and computers, so you can play against other people no matter what device you’re on. Chromebooks included.

The graphics are basic. The gameplay is fast-paced. The weapons are hilarious. It’s completely browser-based, so no downloads required. Play it on your Chromebook when you need to get your FPS fix. Play with friends on phones or have a party in the classroom.

This game may lag when you run it, so be sure to disable hardware acceleration to make it smoother on your Chromebook. You can even save your progress if you create a free account, but it’s not required to play it.

Check out Shell Shockers. You can install it from the Play Store or play it online.

Did you find your new FPS game?

Well, there you have it.

These are the top 5 best FPS games I could find on the Chrome Web Store.

Surprisingly, there really aren’t that many FPS games. A lot of them are either side-scrollers or third-person. So I had to eliminate a lot of the potential games just to specifically list first-person shooters only.

(Need more games? Check out these 22 other awesome games.)

Try them out. They’re all free to play and will probably satisfy your need for some shooter goodness. They should all be compatible with Chrome Browser, but if not, you can try an alternative like FireFox. Also, if you’re on a Chromebook, they should work with no issue if Chrome supports it. I had no problem running them with Chrome and FireFox, but some of them are pretty dated so they could have compatibility issues depending on your version of Chrome.

If you have any other FPS games to suggest, leave a comment and I’ll check it out. Try out some of these games with a friend. BeGone is pretty fun with a group of people to play together with.

And if you found this guide helpful, tell a friend about it as well =].

Thanks for reading.

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  1. so none of these games are working for me but it is probaly because my cromebook is managed by my school so any other sugestions?

    • Pretty cool. Web-based, no download required, and works with Chrome.

      For anyone who wants to give Shell Shockers a try, you’ll have to directly to their site. I didn’t find a dedicated app for it on the Chrome Web Store nor the Play Store.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Doom won’t work it just is giving me a theme of the classic doom I can’t play it please notify me back to help me with my issue.

    • Hey kingsley,

      I’ll look into it! Thanks for the suggestion =].

      Let me know if you have any other awesome ones.

      Thanks again.


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