iPhone 7: audioless, waterproof, and wireless


Apple has been rumored to axe the audio jack in their next installation of the iPhone.

Now it’s pretty much confirmed.

They want to make a thinner phone than the iPhone 6, and the only way to do it to get rid of the audio output in the phone. Without an audio output, the next iPhone will be able to have a waterproof design and wireless charging.

So, how are you supposed to listen to music?

Wirelessly, of course.

It’s likely that every iPhone 7 will ship with a pair of EarPods connected via Lightning or Bluetooth.

Given that many people will want to use their own earbuds, you can probably connect via a Lightning adapter, which many manufactures already make and sell.

Eliminating the audio output will make it possible to make a super thin phone. The phone is also rumored to be fully waterproof, which is simple to do via a special coating.

The phone will also sport wireless charging, a feature that’s common with Samsung phones. It’s not clear how Apple wants to implement this feature, but it’ll probably be via a wireless pad- unless Apple has another revolutionary idea, which is to be expected. It’s Apple.

These are all rumors, other than ridding the audio, so there’s still plenty of room for surprises.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be due this Fall.

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