Can you guess how small the world’s smallest drone is?

The Axis Vidius is a quadcopter that fits in the palm of your hand — it’s roughly 1.5 inches square — yet it’s able to live stream and record video in 420p. Axis says its Vidius model is the smallest-ever camera-equipped drone, and it’s so tiny that users don’t have to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration (meaning it weighs less than .55 pounds).

Meet the Axis Vidius. A tiny, tiny drone that’s less than 2” square. It can do all the things the bad boys can do- on a tiny scale.

  • It can livestream and record in 420p and has a flight time of 6 minutes.
  • It charges in 20 minutes via USB.
  • It come with a 2.4gHz controller.
  • It can be guided with a smartphone as well.
  • It costs $75 as of now, however it’ll raise $20 soon.

The best part? It doesn’t need to be registered with the FAA since it weighs below the requirements. Yes, the FAA requires all drones more than half a pound to be registered for about $5. It’s the “drivers license” of droning, and it’s required to bring a copy of the license with you. This program launched in December, but if you register now, you can waive the registration fee. All pilots must have their drone registered by mid-February- or else you’re flying illegally. Do it now to waive the fee. The FAA allows up waived fees up the 20th of January. Do it now to avoid the fees. Get it while it’s “free” to do so.

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