Get a Chromebook if You Work From Home

Working from home?

If you’re thinking about buying a Chromebook exclusively for online work, this article will go over the main things you should consider.

Whether you’re working from home as a call center rep, doing some freelancing, or even just taking some online surveys, Chromebooks can handle most tasks.

I even wrote about how you can make money online with just a Chromebook.

So without further blabbing, let’s dive in.

Tons of web apps

Chromebooks have both the Google Play Store and the Chrome Web Store. This makes it easy to customize your Chromebook to suit your needs.

You can add whatever apps suit your productivity workflow- this is partly why they’re so versatile. It’s just like a smartphone. You get the apps that you need.

Versatile for every purpose

There are multiple types of Chromebook models to choose from that suit your needs perfectly.

For example, you can get a convertible Chromebook, which can transform between a tablet or standard laptop. If you like to walk around while working, perhaps tablet mode would be more suitable

Then when you’re done and ready to get back to it, you can flip it back to clamshell mode. There’s even an “in between” tent mode. This is perfect for meetings or watching the latest memes on TikTok.

Or if you just want the standard Chromebook, those exist too. How about durable bumpers? Check. Spill resistant keyboard? Check. Backlit keys? Check.

Or if you really want to get crazy, what about dual cameras? Yeah, you can get that too.

If it runs in Chrome, it probably works on Chromebooks

Most modern web apps run directly on the web with no download needed.

If you’ve been using the web-based version of pretty much anything these days, it should work on Chromebooks as well.

Chromebooks have Chrome installed by default. If you’re using software through Chrome right now, it should work seamlessly on Chromebook.

Easy to use

Chromebooks are extremely easy to use. If you’ve used ANY sort of modern tech in the past decade, you’re good to go.

The interface is built just like a phone or tablet. Just think of it like a giant phone. It’s easier to use compared to Windows or Mac (having tried all of them). So you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Did you know Chromebooks are the most commonly used device in school districts in the US?

A lot of students these days get a loaner Chromebook or use them in the classroom. This is because they’re so versatile, secure, and friendly. If you’ve never used a Chromebook, that’s fine.

You’ll be zooming between apps, switching between tabs, and looking up info in a snap. If you’ve never used a Chromium based device, you’ll find that it’s very intuitive.

There are large, relevant icons for everything. The search function actually works too. So you can find what you need with ease.

Built in updates

Hate updating your phone? Dread Windows updates? Chromebooks will update on their own at your convenience.

Whenever you restart it, it’ll update to the latest version without having to stop your work.

This keeps them secure, quick, and equipped with the latest features. If you hate updates stopping your work, then fear no more with a CB.

Chrome extensions

There are millions of extensions fo rChrome that you can add. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re basically apps for Chrome just like apps on your phone.

There’s something for every task you may come across in a remote environment- keyboard macros, screen snapshots, meetings, image editors, to-do lists, calendars, email marketing, and more.

Edit/sign PDFs, get office suites, save web media, check your spelling, and even download videos. Everything’s there.

You can really increase productivity with Chrome apps to make your WFH job easier.

(See the list of apps you need to get for your Chromebook.)

No monitor needed

Since it’s a Chromebook, you obviously don’t need a monitor. Yes, it’s a laptop.

Yes, they come with displays. You can be extra portable when working remotely.

Whether you’re working in your office or in the kitchen, you have the freedom with these lightweight devices. If you’re clumsy with electronics, it’s okay too.

Some are water resistance, drop resistance, or even dust resistant.

There are some durable Chromebooks that are equipped with everything from liquid drainage in the keyboards to bumpers around the edges of the device.

Remember that they’re made for students, which may not always take care of their gadgets.

Cloud connectivity

Chromebooks are well integrated with Google Drive- a free to use cloud service provided by yours truly.

You can drag and drop pictures, videos, documents, slideshows, projects, notes, and pretty much everything else right into your Drive. It shows up in the Files app right in the menu like it’s an integrated hard disk.

This makes it extremely convenient.

When you need your files, you can get them on your Chromebook anywhere you go with a WiFi connection. You can also get them on your phone, desktop, or other device.

Transferring pictures, files, or other media between devices couldn’t be easier.

Plus, given the limited storage space of most Chromebooks models, you can prevent junk files from clogging up your precious storage space!

(See how to free up space on Chromebook.)


Chromebooks can be cast to other devices with a single click. If you need a larger display, like your TV, you can easily mirror your Chromebook screen to other displays.

You can do this with a Chromecast or Chrome Remote Desktop. Whether you’re working with Excel sheets or team meetings (or just enjoying your favorite videos).

Video calls, conferencing, and more

Does your work require you to video call or have virtual meetings online? Be glad to know that Chromebook has your back!

You can use MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, or other popular software straight from the web or through the Play Store. Some even have extensions you can add to Chrome.

Every Chromebook has a built-in webcam so you can give presentations, chat, or record yourself if you need to.

You can even connect external webcams if you need higher quality video. There’s also a built-in mic for communication.

Connectivity with everyday apps

Chromebooks now come bundled with the Play Store. If you have a Google-based device, you’re already familiar with it! The app store!

You’ll have the same apps available on your Chromebook so you can do social media, edit photos, look up info, or even order food straight from your Chromebook.

This makes it extremely easy to stay productive in a remote environment. If you use your phone as part of your workflow, you can skip having to pick it up every time to use the apps built in to it.

You can just download them to your CB and use them there. You can even send messages from it.


You probably already know this one. Chromebooks are cheap. There’s no question about it. These are some of the most affordable devices you can possibly get.

That’s why they’re so popular with the student demographic- they’re hard to break, they’re secure, and they do the majority of what people need them to do. If you’re serious about WFH, then give Chromebooks a try.

It doesn’t cost much to try it. If it doesn’t work for you, return it or keep it as a backup device. You can get used Chromebooks for cheap. Or you can even find new ones under $200.

Virus protection for security

While virus protection exists for Chrome, Chromebooks don’t need it. They have built in security right into the core OS. You don’t ever need to buy malware 

Chromebooks are excellent for remote work

Is Chromebook good for remote work?

So there you have it. These machines may not look that powerful, but they pack a plethora of features that are excellent for WFH environments.

If you want something that can accomplish the majority of online tasks as your remote work computer without spending a lot, consider Chromebooks!

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