Find the Perfect Chromebook Size – a Handy List of Sizes, Weights, Dimensions, and More

Finding the right Chromebook by size is a tough choice- especially when there are now dozens of models to choose from.

Many manufacturers are now making Chromebooks, which resulted in a wide array of laptops of all shapes, sizes, weights, dimensions, and designs. Sorting through them all can be a daunting task, especially when you want a very specific screen size with no room to budge.

Since there are a lot of them on the market, you have a ton to choose from.

This table will help you make your decision much easier, but even then, it’s up to you to make sure you do proper research and read reviews. So do your duty.

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Whether you’re looking for a convertible like the Acer R13, or a performance laptop like the Dell 13, or maybe even a full-metal one like the Acer 14– I’ve got you covered. This list should include all the popular ones on the market so you’ll have an easy time finding the right one.

If you’re narrowing your search by the screen size, or by the dimensions of the laptop itself, you’ll be glad to see this neat little table I’ve put together…just for you.

This list of Chromebook sizes should make your purchase decision easy.
This list of Chromebook sizes should make your purchase decision easy.

Are you looking for the perfect fit?

I have no idea why you’d want to or your reason for shopping by size, but perhaps you’re looking for the perfect fit for your bag, case, backpack, sleeve, or maybe even your work desk. Or maybe you’re just looking for something small and lightweight to carry around. Or perhaps you want a one with a big screen? Or maybe you want to know how big is a certain model is? Or the specific dimensions of a certain model?

Just use this chart, or table, or whatever you want to call it and get your answers now.

Whatever the case, this should help you out and make your purchasing decision much easier.


It’s updated whenever I hear news about a new, confirmed model, which is actually quite often. So you can be somewhat assured that these metrics are accurate. Please let me know if you spot any errors and I’ll fix ‘em up.

There are tons of Chromebooks, but so little organization.
There are tons of models, but so little organization.

So, without further delay, here’s the table. It sorts the laptops by their screen size in ascending order (from the smallest to largest screen), and it also lists the manufacturer, model, and also the dimensions of the laptop so you can make a proper assessment if it’s the right fit. I’ve also decided to go all out and even list the weight- for those who want to make a buying decision based on portability and how easy it is to carry and lug around. There are also links to amazon so you can read reviews conveniently. I even included if it’s a convertible (two-in-one laptop) or not.

The big list of Chromebooks by screen size, dimensions, and weight

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Chromebook Sizes

A table of the most popular Chromebook models with screen size, weight, dimensions, convertible options, and touchscreen input. Need something added? Found an error? Leave a comment.

Updated monthly. Last update: 1/5/17.
Product ImageBrand/ModelScreen Size (inches)Dimensions (inches) (length x width x height)Weight (pounds)See it on Amazon.comConvertible/Touchscreen?
Asus Flip10.1''10.4'' x 7.2'' x 0.6''2.00 lbViewYes/Yes
Asus C20111.6''11.3'' x 7.6'' x 0.7''2.00 lbViewNo/No
HP 11 G511.6''11.3'' x 8.1'' x 0.7''2.5 lbViewNo/Yes
Samsung 311.6''11.4'' x 8.0'' x 0.7''2.50 lbViewNo/No
Samsung 211.6''11.4'' x 8.1'' x 0.8''2.60 lbViewNo/No
Hisense C11NB11.6''11.4'' x 8.3'' x 0.8''2.60 lbView
Asus C20211.6''11.6'' x 0.9'' x 7.9''2.2 lbViewNo/No
Acer R1111.6''11.6'' x 8.0'' x 0.8''2.80 lbViewYes/Yes
Acer CB3-13111.6''11.6'' x 8.0'' x 0.7''2.40 lbViewNo/No
Dell 1111.6''11.6'' x 8.6'' x 0.8''2.70 lbViewNo/No
Lenovo 100S11.6''11.8'' x 8.2'' x 0.8''2.60 lbViewNo/No
Lenovo N2211.6''16.6'' x 10.7'' x 2.8''2.65 lbViewNo/No
HP 11 G411.6''17'' x 10.2'' x 3.0''2.80 lbView
HP 13 G113.3''12.6 x 8.64'' x 1.0''2.69 lbViewNo/No
Toshiba 213.3''12.6'' x 8.4'' x 0.8''2.90 lbViewNo/No
Acer R1313.3''12.8'' x 9.0'' x 0.6''3.30 lbViewYes/Yes
Acer 1313.3''12.9'' x 9.0'' x 0.7''3.30 lbView
Asus C300SA13.3''13.0'' x 9.1'' x 0.8''3.10 lbViewNo/No
Dell 34F2C13.3''18.0'' x 12.0'' x 3.0''5.10 lbViewNo/No
Acer 1414.0''13.4'' x 9.3'' x 0.7''3.40 lbView

HP 14 G414.0''18.5'' x 11.7'' x 3.0''7.20 lbViewNo/No
Acer 1515.6''15.1'' x 9.7'' x 1.0''4.80 lbView

You can see more at Google’s official promo page as well.

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