Make Your Chromebook Louder – Boost the Bass and Treble. No Money Required.

Make Your Chromebook Louder – Boost the Bass and Treble. No Money Required.

So, your Chromebook’s speakers just aren’t loud enough for you, huh? Want to make your Chromebook louder?

Personally, I think Chromebooks come with decent sound from their onboard speakers. However, sometimes the bass is too low or the treble is too high, and you may want to adjust the sound to tweak the music, or just turn it up to make your Chromebook even louder so you can jam to your favorite tunes.

You’ve been probably asking yourself:

How do I make my Chromebook louder?

How do I adjust the sound levels on my Chromebook?

How can I get louder sound besides using the volume controls?

How can I get more bass from my Chromebook?

If any of these questions went through your mind, well, I have an answer for you.

Last updated: 4/27/17.


Turning up the volume

It’s not a super secret setting or anything. It’s just pretty much a simple download that’ll fix all your sound problems on Chrome.

You’re probably really wondering what it is now.

Well, I found a way to get amazing sound from your Chromebook without needing to buy speakers, take it apart, or work with complicated programs.

And of course, it’s an app on the Chrome web store. You know what that means? Simple install and you’re good to go.

The best part?

It’s completely free.

It’s called Ears. And it’s an awesome app for any Chrome-powered device.


So, let’s get your Chromebook to make some noise. Louder noise.

The Ears app from Chrome lets you make your Chromebook louder and adjust the bass and treble.
The Ears app from Chrome lets you make your Chromebook louder and adjust the bass and treble.

Here’s how to make your Chromebook louder:

We’re going to be using an app called “Ears.” It’s basically an equalizer app that lets you adjust the bass, treble, and volume on your Chromebook for each tab individually. It’s free to use and works on any Chromebook. It’s also able to make your Chromebook’s speakers louder- it even says “loud audio will damage hearing” so yeah, it can get pretty loud. Be careful when tuning it. I tried it out and it works very well. I found it to be quite useful.

Anyway, here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome web store. (Or go directly to it by clicking here, and skip to Step 4.)

Step 2: Search for “ears” in the search field on the top left.

Step 3: On the search results, you’ll find an app called “Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio!” This is what you want.

Step 4: Go ahead and add it to Chrome. Note that this works on Windows/Mac devices running Chrome browser as well. But for most people, I assume you’re on a Chromebook.

Step 5: After it’s been installed, launch it the Ears app. Get familiar with the settings.

Step 6: Open a new tab in your Chromebook’s browser, go to whatever music or audio source you want to boost, and click on the app. It should be installed and appears at the top right of the Chrome browser.

Step 7: You’ll see a pop-up that’s labeled “Ears Audio Toolkit” when you click on the app button. You’ll see a graph-like interface with a bunch of dots on it. Basically, the values on the y-axis (left) are the gains (volume) and the values at the bottom (x-axis) are frequencies. The left-side has lower frequencies (bass) to higher frequencies (treble) as you go across the graph to the right.


Make your Chromebook louder, boost the bass, or dim the treble

So, how you adjust the volume is like this:

If you want to boost the bass: Drag the dots on the left-side of the graph up.

If you want to boost the treble: Drag the dots on the right-side of the graph up.

If you want to boost the overall volume: Drag all dots across the graph up.

You can adjust each dot to whatever position you want to adjust the bass and treble to your liking. This is also known as an equalizer.

Here’s a video demonstrating Ears in action.

Remember: You can adjust audio from any websites on any tab- each with their own adjustments using Ears.

That’s about it. Now you know how to turn up the bass or treble, and make your overall music and audio from the web louder on your Chromebook. Consider showing your friends and other Chromies this article if it helped you.

Now, go jam out on your tuned Chromebook.

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