Don’t Like Twitter’s New Design? Go Back to the Old One.

Not a fan of Twitter’s new redesign?

Sources around the web call it the “bubbly” design.

Personally, it looks more like Pinterest to me. I don’t really see the whole “bubble” effect other than the font and big buttons. But apparently, this is what’s hot right now. And that’s the style that a lot of the giants have all gravitated towards.

Google Images, eBay’s featured collections, Amazon’s “unique finds” and now Twitter’s homepage.

People like scrolling through their posts in a grid-like fashion. People like endless scrolling. People like images that arrange themselves beautifully into a masonry brick wall. I think Pinterest was the one who started this and now it’s pretty much everywhere.

Anything that has a lot of posts or images are arranged this way. It’s like the new standard.

It’s just ingrained into people’s minds to browse that way.

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You can thank Instagram, which probably was the first major network to use that kind of design (where the images are perfectly shaped into a grid). And you can thank Pinterest, which was the one who popularized masonry design (where the images are irregularly shaped into a grid.)

But then again, I’m not a social network person, so what do I know?


Twitter’s redesign

Twitter has a new "bubbly" design.
Twitter has a new “bubbly” design.

I think Twitter is changing their site design to keep up with the times.

Their design was getting “outdated” so they shuffled a few things around, changed a few colors, changed some buttons, redid the homepage, and changed the font. and there you go.

A fresh new Twitter design to give a fresh look. And to make it blend into the same category as any other site design these days.

I gave it a quick glance but just looking at it I could tell from some of the details on the page.

They have a clear, large font now which is very modern. The site is clean with a grid-like design to display tweets on the homepage.

They’re using “bubbly” text with big buttons, just like any other modern site.

Again, this isn’t a bad thing. But in my books, it really does push Twitter into the void.

Now it just looks like any other site rather than standing out. I don’t think it matters if the site looked ugly or old-fashioned. If it stood out, that’s fine.


Function over looks?

Although I’m not a web designer, I’m a strong believer in functionality over aesthetics.

So, if the new Twitter makes things less functional (other than getting used to where everything is again), then that’s a fail.

But if it’s faster, easier to use, or offers more features or improves upon existing ones, then that’s a win.

If function didn’t change and just the design did, then it really depends on how good it looks. Does it stand out? Is it pleasant to read on all devices? Is it easy to access what’s’ important?

So a lot of readers didn’t like the “bubbly” design.

Thankfully, if you’re using Chrome, there’s an app for that.

It’s called Twitter Deububbler (appropriately enough) and it’ll revert Twitter back to how it used to look.

It’s like it never changed in the first place. It doesn’t change anything important- you don’t lose your account settings, functionality, or anything else.

It’s just going to change the look of Twitter back to “normal.” Nothing else.

In web developer speak, I believe all it does is it just changes the .CSS stylesheet. That’s about it.

So, if you want the old Twitter back, get Twitter Debubbler here.

That’s all you need to do to get the old version back. Awesome.

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