Neverware Releases CloudReady for Microsoft Office 365. (Turn Your Old Computer into a New Chromebook.)

Turn Mac or Windows computers into Chromebooks.

A software company well-known in the Google world…ditches Google. Kinda. Do you have a computer or laptop that’s just lying around because you’ve upgraded? Turn it into a CloudReady computer. Turn it into a Chromebook. You may have heard of a little company called Neverware. Specifically, that’s Neverware for Chromebooks. It’s a software company that’s built … Read more

Roku’s New App for the Universal Windows Platform Isn’t Fully “Universal”

Roku for Windows offers new features.

Roku announces a new build of their app via universal Windows platform (UWP). (However, it’s not really “universal” at all.) As any Windows Phone user knows, the Windows mobile version of the Roku app is basically a bare-bones version, despite being universal on all Windows platforms. The Roku app is made for laptops and tablets exclusively- or … Read more