Linux User? OneDrive User? Slow Service? Not Anymore. Get Microsoft’s Word on the Issue.

Microsoft OneDrive slow on Linux issue fixed.

Microsoft clears the air with Linux users (and some Chromebook users as well). Users of Microsoft’s cloud service, OneDrive, have reported slow service when used on Linux-powered devices. This includes any computer running any distro of Linux. Affected users said that the service runs extremely slow on their machines, and some speculated that Microsoft is … Read more

Chromebooks or Windows? Who’s The “Cool” Kid in Class?

Should you get a Windows laptop or Chromebook for a student?

How do Chromebooks compare to Windows in the classroom? You may be surprised… Chromebooks have been often compared to Mac devices in the classroom. Personally, I think this is a strange combination because I’ve always grown up with Windows computers in my schools. I don’t know if it varies depending on the area, but all … Read more