Google’s Chromebooks Take a Bite out of Apple

Chromebooks are beating Mac sales shown by this graph.

Google’s Chromebooks beat Mac’s iOS…it’s now confirmed with stats. At least in sales, that is. Google has been focusing on their Chromebooks for Education program with a laser-targeted demographic- students. It’s already been noted that these cheap laptops are stealing Apple’s market share of K-12 students, but now it’s even more apparent. Based on a … Read more

Enter the Lenovo Miix 320. Will It Take over Google’s Chromebook?

The Lenovo Miix is to compete with Chromebooks.

A new challenger approaches. It’s a challenger to the Chromebook- announcing the Lenovo Miix 320. It’s a cheap, $199 laptop running Windows OS that’s made to compete with Chromebooks for the “cheap and affordable laptop” market share. Before the Miix, there’s the HP Stream. It’s a decent laptop but it’s seriously underpowered. It had trouble … Read more

What Happened to Google’s Chromebook Pixel 2? It Got Botched.

Are you waiting for the Google Chromebook Pixel 2? Well, you’ll be waiting for a while… Google has recently announced that they’ve stopped production and development of the next Google Pixel. They’re leaving the reputation and name reserved for Pixel phones and tablets. As you may have heard, the Google Pixel phone is their newest … Read more