Chromebooks Beat Mac Sales in the Classroom

Chromebooks dominate the classrooms over Mac.

Apple may be panicking right now after what happened to their Macs… Specifically, what happened with the back-to-school sales. They got crushed. Guess who?   By Google.   That’s right. Chromebooks literally crushed Mac sales in the back-to-school shopping quarter. Research firms IDC and Gartner stated that Mac sales fell a whopping 13%, according to … Read more

Your Browser Choice Predicts Your Habits – Get the Best Web Browsers for Productivity

Which are the best web browsers?

What browser do you use? Did you know the browser you use can predict how hard of a worker you are? How happy are you with your job? How happy your customers are? How committed are you to your job? How likely are you to be punctual? And how about even your browsing habits? How … Read more