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Chrome OS – coming soon to your tablet

Google’s Chrome OS is probably coming to tablets. But, are you surprised?   With the constant push for convertible Chromebooks in the current market, a tablet with Chrome OS will be just like a Chromebook in tablet mode. There’s’ not really much to get that excited over, other than people who dig tablets over laptops.… Read More »

Write to, talk to, and emoji your Chromebook- updates to Chrome OS

Handwriting, voice input, and emoji functionality may be added to Chrome OS. These functions have previously been available tied to the on-screen keyboard, but now they’ve also been added to the other location as well. These three functions have recently been added to the settings dock (the bottom right widget) in the Developer Channel, which… Read More »

Yoga Books and Chrome OS – a perfect pair?

Yoga Books will be running Chrome OS. And it’ll be huge…based on Lenovo’s boast about the merge. Lenovo is a leading manufacturer of higher-end Chromebooks. While not all models are affordable, like Acer Chromebooks, Lenovo is known for their quality parts, build, and design. They’ve had many different types of laptop designs that revolutionized the… Read More »