“Unseen” Lets You Hide Your Facebook Read Receipts – Be “Seen” No More

Hide your read receipts ("seen") messages on Facebook with Unseen.

Want to read Facebook messages without the other person knowing you’ve “seen” them? You can hide your read receipts- or “seen” messages on Facebook Messenger with Unseen. Apparently, leaving a read receipt is a horrible thing. In this day and age, showing the other person that you’ve read their message is a bad thing. We’re … Read more

Own an HP 13 G1 Chromebook? Get the Play Store (Android) Update Now (without Knowing a Line of Code).

Get Android apps on your HP 13 Chromebook.

If you’re an owner of an HP 13 G1 Chromebook, you can play around with Android apps now. Like, right now. Of course, this whole process is still in beta. But you can access Android apps easier than ever now. Before, you had to do some major legwork just to mess around with getting these … Read more