Verified Access Beefs up Chrome OS Security for Businesses

Verified Access is an innovative way to boost security for Chrome OS.

Chrome OS is getting a security beef up for enterprise devices via Verified Access. For most people who use Chrome OS or use Chromebooks, they probably won’t care about this feature, nor even understand what it does. After all, Chromebooks and Chrome OS itself are already very secure with automatic updates, PIN unlock, and even … Read more

Yoga Books and Chrome OS – The Perfect Pair?

The Lenovo Yoga Book will run Chrome OS.

Yoga Books will be running Chrome OS. And it’ll be huge…based on Lenovo’s boast about the merge. Lenovo is a leading manufacturer of higher-end Chromebooks. While not all models are affordable, like Acer Chromebooks, Lenovo is known for their quality parts, build, and design. They’ve had many different types of laptop designs that revolutionized the … Read more

Unlock Your Chromebook with Your Fingerprint – But Is It Necessary?

Fingerprint reader code has been found in the Chromium repo.

You may be using your finger to unlock your Chromebook soon. Recent reports on the Chrome Unboxed site found some lines of code discovered by some Unboxers that basically shows the coming fingerprint unlock function. The real question is- do we really need another way to unlocking the laptop? Fingerprint reading is nothing new You … Read more

Google Play on Chromebooks Is Confirmed – But Not All Models

Asus Flip and Acer R11 are the first two Chromebooks to get the update.

It’s finally happening. Google Play on Chromebooks is official. Before, this was merely a rumor with some speculation. There was some commotion going on over at reddit about some group of (good) hackers finding code that basically stated the Google Play store would be coming to Chromebooks. I wrote about this in another article stating … Read more