22 Best Chromebook Games You Can Play Offline. No WiFi Required! All Free! Play Now!

22 best games that work offline on your Chromebook. Play now.

So you want to play the best offline games for your Chromebook. I’ve gathered just that. In this list, I go over some of most addicting games I’ve come across on the Chrome Web Store. I know that you and I may have different tastes. For example, I like shooters, platformers, and virtual worlds. You … Read more

Own an HP 13 G1 Chromebook? Get the Play Store (Android) Update Now (without Knowing a Line of Code).

Get Android apps on your HP 13 Chromebook.

If you’re an owner of an HP 13 G1 Chromebook, you can play around with Android apps now. Like, right now. Of course, this whole process is still in beta. But you can access Android apps easier than ever now. Before, you had to do some major legwork just to mess around with getting these … Read more

“Hey, These Android Apps Now Actually Work on My Chromebook. Thanks Android O!”

Android O will make keyboard navigation on a Chromebook for Android and Play Store apps easier to navigate.

As you may know by now, Android apps don’t work too well on Chromebooks… That’s probably why Google’s Android O release is coming. If you haven’t heard about it before, it’s an improved implementation of keyboard navigation on Chromebooks. Google has been slowly adding more and more Chromebooks to its list of devices capable of … Read more