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How to capture and record your Chromebook’s screen – fast and easy

So, you want to record your Chromebook’s screen while you do something. Thankfully, this is very easy to do.   Recording your screen serves many purposes, including: Record a tutorial or guide Hold a conference (CEOs) Give a presentation (students) Delivery a sales pitch (startups) Tutor a student (teachers) Give a walkthrough of your business… Read More »

Google Play on Chromebooks is confirmed – but not all models

It’s finally happening. Google Play on Chromebooks is official.   Before, this was merely a rumor with some speculation. There was some commotion going on over at reddit about some group of (good) hackers finding code that basically stated the Google Play store would be coming to Chromebooks. I wrote about this in another article… Read More »

Google Play on Chromebook- coming soon to a laptop near you

It’s official. Google Play’s Android apps are coming (almost) to Chromebooks. Some good hackers (yes, the good kind) reported on Reddit how they found some code that stated or inferred how Google is bringing the Android-based Google Play Store to Chromebooks. You know effect that would have? This is huge. It’s Google Play. On Chromebook. Seriously. Exciting. Why infuse Google Play on Chromebooks?… Read More »