Own an HP 13 G1 Chromebook? Get the Play Store (Android) Update Now (without Knowing a Line of Code).

Get Android apps on your HP 13 Chromebook.

If you’re an owner of an HP 13 G1 Chromebook, you can play around with Android apps now. Like, right now. Of course, this whole process is still in beta. But you can access Android apps easier than ever now. Before, you had to do some major legwork just to mess around with getting these … Read more

Android Studio on Your Chromebook? Build, Test, and Run Apps on Chrome OS.

Android Studio for Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

Are you an Android app developer? If so, then you’ve definitely heard of Android Studio. Well, guess what? It’s about to get a lot easier to make them apps on your favorite (most likely) platform- Chrome OS. Okay, so for most of us, Android Studio bears no interest. But for the amazing developers that make … Read more

Chrome OS update will bring a new menu, icons, and material design

New menus, icons, and startup screens. Material design comes to Chrome OS.

Chrome 56 is expected to have some massive updates that you’ll be able to see- literally. First up, we have material design. Chrome OS has undergone changes already to make it appear “flat” which is the direction many developers, apps, and operating systems are moving towards. Material design makes UI easier to navigate for touchscreen, phone, … Read more