Think your phone is expensive to replace? Think again.

The world’s most expensive phones- top 5 edition.   5. GoldVish “Le million” – $1,200,000 Coming in at number 5 is the GoldVish “Le million” phone. Known as the world’s most exclusive phone, it’s only available upon special request. Studded with diamonds. 4. iPhone 3G King’s Button – $2,500,000 A handcrafted phone encrusted with diamonds … Read more

Thinking About Getting a Chromebook in 2017? The Pros and Cons May Surprise You…

Want a super fast laptop for under $199? Heard about Chromebooks and their awesomeness? Don’t even know what a Chromebook is? We don’t care. Read on and learn. We’ll tell you all about ’em. They’re populating the educational market. Many schools in the US now have replaced their pricey Windows or Macs with these simple, fast, and affordable laptops. … Read more