Chromebooks beat Mac sales in the classroom

Apple may be panicking right now after what happened to their Macs… Specifically, what happened with the back-to-school sales. They got crushed. Guess who?   By Google.   That’s right. Chromebooks literally crushed Mac sales in the back-to-school shopping quarter. Research firms IDC and Gartner stated that Mac sales fell a whopping 13%, according to… Read More »

Write to, talk to, and emoji your Chromebook- updates to Chrome OS

Handwriting, voice input, and emoji functionality may be added to Chrome OS. These functions have previously been available tied to the on-screen keyboard, but now they’ve also been added to the other location as well. These three functions have recently been added to the settings dock (the bottom right widget) in the Developer Channel, which… Read More »

Android update released for three more Chromebooks

Another batch of Chromebooks can now receive the Android update in the Canary channel. Initially, there were a trio of Chromebooks that were planned to be the first to receive the Play store update. They were the Acer Chromebook R11, ASUS Chromebook Flip, and Google Pixel (2015 edition). The update just recently went into the… Read More »

What is Google Andromeda? And why should I care?

Google’s new Andromeda OS will be debuted very soon. Google should be spilling the beans on their new OS, along with possible details about their “Pixel 3” convertible laptop. This is exciting news. A lot of people don’t seem to know about Andromeda, or they just don’t really care about it. It’s Google next operating… Read More »

The Acer R13 Chromebook is here – get specs and pricing

The first Chromebook to use a chipset that’s never been used before is here. That’s the Acer Chromebook R13- powered by MediaTek’s MT8137C Quad-Core ARM Cortex processor. That’s a mouthful of words. If you’re not familiar with Chromebooks, or computer processors parts in general, Intel is the most popular brand on the planet. And Chromebooks… Read More »

Houston School District gets more Chromebooks for their students

The Houston School District has added more Chromebooks to its inventory. This is just more proof that Chromebooks work for schools. Houston School District, Texas has acquired a huge amount of additional Chromebooks- a whopping 180 units. More Chromebooks for more students in the Houston School District These Chromebooks came from the annual “Give Ozarks Day”… Read More »

The Android Play store update is now officially released

The Google Play store has finally graduated. The update is now finally available to the first few Chromebooks, but only two out of trio. Gasp. That’s right. Google announced that it’s bringing Android apps over to Chromebooks via the Google Play store. The update however, has always been in the developer channel because it was… Read More »

Verified Access beefs up Chrome OS security for businesses

Chrome OS is getting a security beef up for enterprise devices via Verified Access. For most people who use Chrome OS or use Chromebooks, they probably won’t care about this feature, nor even understand what it does. After all, Chromebooks and Chrome OS itself is already very secure with automatic updates, PIN unlock, and even… Read More »

Yoga Books and Chrome OS – a perfect pair?

Yoga Books will be running Chrome OS. And it’ll be huge…based on Lenovo’s boast about the merge. Lenovo is a leading manufacturer of higher-end Chromebooks. While not all models are affordable, like Acer Chromebooks, Lenovo is known for their quality parts, build, and design. They’ve had many different types of laptop designs that revolutionized the… Read More »