Guess how well Android apps run on the Samsung Plus

Did you ever wonder how Android apps really run on a Chromebook? Maybe how the experience is like? Well, if you’re like me and you haven’t had the update yet, and you’re just too lazy to switch to the Developer Channel to get the update early, the most you can do is read or watch… Read More »

Want a Samsung Plus Chromebook? Good deals await. Get it now.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus is now available on the Google Store, with a bonus. If you’re looking to get your hands on the Samsung Plus, it’s a perfect time to grab one right now. On launch day, the Plus sold out of units on both Newegg and Amazon. It was still available on Samsung’s store,… Read More »

Fingerprint reading coming to Chromebooks confirmed

So, it looks like Chromebooks are finally able to read fingerprints. A while ago, I wrote a post about how fingerprint scanning is coming to Chromebooks. Now, it looks like it’s solidified and it’s finally happening. It first made news around September of 2016, and now it’s basically confirmed. Your Chromebook can soon read your… Read More »

6 hand-picked Chromebooks with the best screens reviewed

So, you’re looking for the Chromebook with the best screen. You’ve done your research. You’ve decided that a Chromebook is right for you. Now you’re on the hunt for the one with the best screen overall, and possibly the best resolution while you’re at it. After all, the display is what you’ll be staring at… Read More »

Chromebooks 101: How to right-click & perform ALL gestures

Okay, so you just got a brand new Chromebook and you’re looking for instructions on how to do one of the most basic things- right-clicking. Don’t be ashamed. On a traditional desktop computer, you simply use your mouse to left-click, right-click and middle mouse scroll or click. In fact, I’m assuming you came from a… Read More »

Chrome OS – coming soon to your tablet

Google’s Chrome OS is probably coming to tablets. But, are you surprised?   With the constant push for convertible Chromebooks in the current market, a tablet with Chrome OS will be just like a Chromebook in tablet mode. There’s’ not really much to get that excited over, other than people who dig tablets over laptops.… Read More »

It turns out the Samsung Plus Chromebook is a big hit

Samsung’s new Chromebook Plus is a major hit. Online retailers Amazon and Newegg are both officially “sold out” as of this writing. They have options for notifications for when the Samsung Plus Chromebooks are back in stock, however, who knows when that’ll be. You can find estimated stock dates on their respective sites. But just… Read More »

“Immersive mode” for apps coming to Chromebooks

What if I told you “immersive mode” was coming to Chrome OS? Are you happy with your full-screen mode on your Chromebook? It’s not bad, right? But how about those who have convertible Chromebooks?   Now you’re (probably) getting what I mean. It’s an absolute pain to switch to full-screen mode on a convertible, especially… Read More »

AOpen’s Chromebook Mini first look – get price and specs

A manufacturer known as AOpen has announced a new device for the Chrome OS gang. They’re making a new device called the Chromebase Mini. If You’re not familiar with Chromebase, they’re basically reputed as desktops that run Chrome OS. So you have the laptops known as Chromebooks, and you have the desktops known as Chromebases. The Chromebase… Read More »