22 Best Chromebook Games You Can Play Offline. No WiFi Required! All Free! Play Now!

22 best games that work offline on your Chromebook. Play now.

So you want to play the best offline games for your Chromebook. I’ve gathered just that. In this list, I go over some of most addicting games I’ve come across on the Chrome Web Store. I know that you and I may have different tastes. For example, I like shooters, platformers, and virtual worlds. You … Read more

“Unseen” Lets You Hide Your Facebook Read Receipts – Be “Seen” No More

Hide your read receipts ("seen") messages on Facebook with Unseen.

Want to read Facebook messages without the other person knowing you’ve “seen” them? You can hide your read receipts- or “seen” messages on Facebook Messenger with Unseen. Apparently, leaving a read receipt is a horrible thing. In this day and age, showing the other person that you’ve read their message is a bad thing. We’re … Read more