Chromebooks dominate the classrooms over Mac.

Chromebooks Beat Mac Sales in the Classroom

Apple may be panicking right now after what happened to their Macs…

Specifically, what happened with the back-to-school sales. They got crushed.

Guess who?


By Google.


That’s right. Chromebooks literally crushed Mac sales in the back-to-school shopping quarter. Research firms IDC and Gartner stated that Mac sales fell a whopping 13%, according to MarketWatch. Even though Apple was proud that their iPhone 7 sales beat the Note 7, they aren’t too happy about their Macs over Chromebooks. Probably.

Chromebooks beat Mac sales in the classroom

Why the change? It seems that consumers are opting-in for cheaper laptops with the bare basics, rather than a full-fledged laptop with “all the things.” Chromebooks being multitudes cheaper than Macs, gained sales over the popular Macbook Pro and Air line. The PC market is currently in a slump, and with Windows and Apple fighting over desktops and laptops offering everything you could want in a computer, Chromebooks are winning the budget market with a simple machine that can do all the essentials- offering many benefits versus Windows and Mac.

Chromebooks beat out Mac sales due to their low price and usability.
Chromebooks beat Mac sales due to their low price and usability.

Gartner Analyst Mikako Kitagawa states:

While our PC shipment report does not include Chromebooks, our early indicator shows that Chromebooks exceeded PC shipment growth…”

In the computer world, Macs are usually more expensive than PCs- offering a premium experience. Even though purely based on specs, Macs are usually less powerful and more expensive compared to Windows. However, it seems that Apple users don’t mind paying more for the Apple experience. Why? I don’t know. Must be the operating system. However, when you add Chromebooks into the mix, you get a stripped-down, fast, and simple system that dominates the price wars. Schools, students, and even regular consumers are the target demographics for Chromebooks, as many schools have made the switch to Chromebooks and resulted in Chromebooks dominating the educational market.

Why are consumers turning to Chromebooks

Chromebooks appeal to consumers because of their simplicity, yet the ability to perform essential tasks like type documents, work on spreadsheets, make slideshows, browse the Internet, watching videos, and of course, play games. There are tons of apps available on the Chrome web store, and according to the Chrome blog, the Play store will be coming over on much more Chromebooks to unlock even more potential, it’s like a laptop that acts as a smartphone. You can basically customize your Chromebook to do whatever you want. Chromebooks are highly cloud-based machines. You do most of your work online. Although, you can still do plenty of things on a Chromebook offline.

(Want to know if a Chromebook will get the Play store update? Check out this list for a particular model.)

Apple has tried to get into the classroom by preparing tablets such as the iPad Pro, but sadly, hasn’t updated the tablet in a while. The market is a competitive space. Apple and Google aren’t the only ones, as Microsoft also has a huge share of the market due to their Windows omnipresence. But, Chromebooks are dominating regardless pretty much because they offer a product that fit the needs of kids and students perfectly- a laptop that does everything a kid or student could want…without the high overblown price tag.

Chromebooks currently dominate schools and classrooms. If Apple wants to get in, perhaps consider making a minimalist laptop? You have the software and reputation, now just make it more accessible.

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