Chrome update lets you resize your images using the built-in photo editor within Chromebooks.

Chrome Update Allows You to Resize an Image Natively

Want to learn how to resize images on your Chromebook?

Well, you can’t really. At least not yet.

Chrome’s native image editor can’t resize images

Chromebooks are the bare basics of what you need in a laptop to make it work. They’re not known for monster specs, or innovative design, or super crazy design. Chromebooks are simple. They’re fast, efficient, and secure.

Being so, they’re not really suited to run the high-end image editors out there, nor do they have the best native editors built-in. (But then again, Chromebooks will be able to run Photoshop soon as Adobe states it’s working on a cloud-based version of it for Chrome OS. And Chromebooks have a ton of photo editors on the app store available as well.) However, for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on the built-in native image software.

New Chrome OS update adds image resizing

If you’ve played around with it before, you may notice that you can’t really resize the image. You can perform basic manipulations- colors, brightness, contrast, etc. But resizing the image wasn’t possible.

Now, with a coming update, resizing images in Chrome OS will add the ability to resize images in a manner that keeps the aspect ratio automatically. This means your image won’t be hard-cropped, where a portion of the image gets cut off. Your photos will be cropped like how you expect them to. The pictures can be resized to maintain the original horizontal and vertical proportions of the image, as well as unconstrained which allows you to stretch the image in any direction.

This doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a nice addition to the image editor. If you’ve played with it, you’d understand. It improves the editor with a much-needed function that you’d expect from any image editor. Hooray.

Download image editors from Google Play

Google Play is coming to Chromebooks, which means you'll have access to the dozens of photo editor apps available.
Google Play is coming to Chromebooks, which means you’ll have access to the dozens of photo editor apps available.

Of course, you can always install photo editing software from the Google Play store, which is coming to Chromebooks- assuming your Chromebook is eligible for the Play Store update. If not, then use the Chrome web store and you’ll find a whole bunch of image editors there that can do what the built-in program can do, and a whole lot more- such as collages, stamps, layers, adjustments, and more. They’re basically Photoshop alternatives for Chromebooks.

Chrome OS has been constantly improving and has gone from a bulky, ugly laptop with high-Internet dependence to a sleek, fast, and omnifunctional device.

How do I resize an image on a Chromebook?

So, to answer your initial question- how do you resize images on a Chromebook?

You can do any of the following to get your images to the size you want:

  1. Wait for the Chrome OS update to add this feature
  2. Download an app from the Play Store if your Chromebook is eligible
  3. Download an app from the Chrome web store (all Chromebooks should be eligible)

Of course, you really can’t do it natively without downloading an additional app, at least for now.

Well, there you have it. Another thoughtful update for Chromebook users. When Google can work on both important updates as well minor updates like these, or adding an interactive Dinosaur game, it shows that they’re actually striving to improve their product instead of constantly patching security holes. That’s innovation.

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