The top 5 best Chromebook mice – these ain’t squeakers

By | 08/26/2016

So, you just got your new Chromebook (or maybe you’ve had it for a while) and now you want the best mouse to complete the set.

Thankfully, a computer mouse for Chromebooks work pretty much the same way as any other mice. A basic USB-powered mouse will work on most Chromebook models, or you can go with a wireless mouse as well.

I’ve gathered the top 10 best mice for Chromebooks to make your search easier. This list was made from a few different inputs, such as personal experience and reviews from trusted sources around the web. You can’t go wrong with any of these mice on this list.

However, note that not every mouse works for every Chromebook. Be sure to do your research (which if you’re reading this article, you already are). The mice on this list should work for the majority of Chromebooks.

Every single mouse for Chromebooks on this list is the best of the best. Take a gander and see what fits your needs.

Right, let’s get on with the list. We’ve got a lot to cover.


The top 5 best mice for Chromebooks

Best Chromebook Mouse #1: AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver

It's your basic wireless mouse that just works.

It’s your basic wireless mouse that just works.

This is the mouse I use with my Chromebook, and is probably the best one I’ve tested so far if you want a basic Chromebook mouse that just works. It’s branded under AmazonBasics, which is basically amazon’s generic brand. But generics don’t have to be cheap quality- in fact, this mouse is probably the most accurate one out of this entire list.

This mouse features your basic optical tracking with left and right mouse buttons, along with a smooth-scrolling center wheel. You get a nano receiver that you plug into your Chromebook’s USB port for the wireless connectivity. Your Chromebook will detect it automatically and requires absolutely no additional setup.

The receiver is rated at a 2.4GHz speed, which is powerful and reliable. There’s no lag that you can detect between your movement of the mouse and the cursor on screen. You can definitely game with this mouse on your Chromebook. The receiver is tiny and easily fits into any USB port, and also stows into the mouse itself for storage.

If you’re new to wireless mice, you may dread the fact that most models require batteries to operate. This mouse is no exception. However, the batteries last much longer than you’d expect. You can get over a month of constant usage with this mouse without ever turning off the device. If you turn it off when you don’t use it, you can easily double the use. Considering that going wireless makes it a lot more convenient for laptop owners, it pays for itself.

However, if you still can’t stand wireless, consider going wired with the other mice on this list.

What I liked best: The mouse wheel is super silent. Some wheels make an obnoxious noise when you scroll the wheel, but this mouse is almost silent. The precision is also on-point and accurate.

Check it out on amazon.



Best Chromebook mouse #2: AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Mouse

The AmazonBasics wired mouse is as basic as you can get for your Chromebook.

The AmazonBasics wired mouse is as basic as you can get for your Chromebook.

This is the exact same mouse as the wireless model above (mouse #1), however, it’s wired.

If you don’t want to buy batteries or deal with replacing them, I highly recommend this mouse. It offers the same smooth and accurate scrolling, along with a 1000dpi optical tracking laser. What this means is that it provides a highly responsive cursor to your hand movements that’s accurate and pressie.

It comes with your basic standard left and right button setup, along with a mouse wheel. The mouse wheel is silent just like the wireless model. The wired USB plug fits into your Chromebook’s USB ports and is about 1.5 meters long. Your Chromebook will automatically detect it and you’ll be ready to go.

What I liked best: I use this mouse on my Windows desktop since I don’t need the wireless capability since I obviously won’t be moving my desktop around much. However, after using both the wireless and wired ones, I much prefer the wireless AmazonBasics mouse (mouse #1 above) as I don’t have to deal with wires at all. Either way, it offers excellent precision for a cheap price.

Take a gander on amazon.



Best Chromebook mouse #3: TeckNet 2.4G Nano Wireless Mouse (5 Buttons)

The TeckNet wireless mouse comes with 5 buttons and a mouse wheel- convenience at its finest.

The TeckNet wireless mouse comes with 5 buttons and a mouse wheel- convenience at its finest.

If you’re more a poweruser and use your Chromebook for more than just browsing, you may want to check out TeckNet’s 5 button mouse.

It’s loaded with a 2.4GHz wireless receiver that’s super tiny and fits into any Chromebook’s USB port. It has a working distance of up to 15 meters, which is more than you’ll probably need. The USB receiver is so small that I misplaced it twice while writing this review.

The mouse itself is finely-tuned for optical tracking. It’s super accurate and definitely a contender for some serious gaming. I play a few MMORPGs on my Chromebook and I’ve noticed my game improve during some PVP skirmishes. Plus, you can set the dpi to 1000, 1500, or 2000dpi depending on your use. It’s the most accurate mouse you can get on this list for your Chromebook.

It also has a Tru-Wave technology, which is basically TeckNet’s engine that gives the mouse control and accuracy over many surface types. It also has a Co-Link technology, which is another feature that automatically links your mouse if your signal is gone or your Chromebook shuts off. Both are handy features, but I didn’t really get to test out the Co-Link tech. I tried using the mouse on my desk, bed, and cardboard. It performs pretty well, but you still notice a decrease in accuracy if the surface is too smooth, like you would with any mouse, so I can’t really say if the Tru-Wave works or not.

The TeckNet mouse sports 5 buttons- your left and right buttons, your middle mouse wheel, and back/forward buttons for quick browsing. All the buttons feel right at home and the mouse wheel is silent. If you’re not used to having 5 buttons, you’ll quickly appreciate it as it’s a super convenient feature.

The mouse also has auto power-off feature which turns off the mouse when the receiver is disconnected or when your Chromebook is off. A single AA battery lasts 18 months. It also has a battery level indicator, which you’ll hardly look at since the mouse is super efficient.

What I liked best: The look and feel of the TeckNet mouse makes it comfortable to use and looks awesome. It offers some of the pro-gaming mice features at a very cheap price. Accurate, efficient, and sleek.

You’ll want to see some more pictures of this beast on amazon.



Best Chromebook mouse #4: Logitech M325c Wireless Optical Mouse

The M325c comes in an array of colors.

The M325c comes in an array of colors.


When it comes to computer mice, Logitech is a leading brand. This mouse is sort of a basic mouse mixed with premium features.

What you get is your standard 3 button mouse- left/right buttons with a mouse wheel. It has an ambidextrous design, so you can use it whether you’re left or right-handed. One special feature to note is the tilting mouse wheel. It can tilt to allow quick navigation between web pages and documents by going back and forth. It’s similar to the two extra buttons offered by the TeckNet mouse (mouse #3 above), however it’s built into the wheel itself.

You get your standard nano receiver which connects to your Chromebook’s USB port.

The tracking for this mouse was spot-on. Logitech is known for their advanced optical tracking feature. The M325c has an improved LED light positioning which makes this mouse a lot more responsive and accurate compared to traditional standard mice.

What I liked best: The color of the mouse. It’s available in over 12 different color combos and they all have a mix of shades and tones of color themes. It really stands out from the black, gray, and white mice you see.

Check out all the colors on amazon.


Best Chromebook Mouse #5: iKross Wireless 2.4 GHz Mouse

The iKross wireless mouse can play music and take phone calls from your Chromebook.

The iKross wireless mouse can play music and take phone calls from your Chromebook.

Last on the list is the iKross wireless mouse. This mouse is one of those weird ones that have a lot more functionality than most people need, but for those that like the weirdness, this is for you.

The iKross wireless mouse comes with a 2.4GHz wireless connection, along with a receiver that plugs into your Chromebook’s USB port. You get your basic 3 button standard setup with optical tracking.

What’s special about the iKross mouse is that it has a built-in speaker and microphone, which means you can use it during your Skype calls on your Chromebook, without using the Chromebook’s built-in inputs. The speaker function also works with not just Chromebooks, but tablets and smartphones as well, so it acts as a portable speaker to play your music or videos. Say you’re traveling and you want to use a speaker instead of the output from your phone or Chromebook. All you need to is plug in your mouse and it’ll act as a portable speaker. The sound quality is decent- it’s definitely clearer than any smartphone you see on the street with the lack of bass. You could be listening to music and it’ll automatically pause when a call comes in.

How cool is that? I’ve never seen a mouse like that until I checked this one out. Or maybe I’m just oblivious.

Again, this mouse isn’t for everyone. But for those who need the functionality, it’s worth taking a look at.

What I liked best: It’s Bluetooth 3.0 enabled, so you can connect it with pretty much all your modern devices as well.

Check out all the features on amazon.


Did you find your mouse?

Well, that about sums it up. This list was composed from reviews and sell-through rates across amazon and the web, as well as personal experiences. If you have a mouse that you’d like to recommend, leave a comment and I’ll take a look.


You can also browse amazon for even more mice.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if this helped you in your quest to choosing your mouse.

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